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George Takei
I’ve lived during ten different decades in America. The economy comes and goes, is up, is down. But our fundamental freedoms? When those slip, it leads to very dark places. To Jim Crow. To internment. Vote to protect your freedoms. Or they will be taken from you.
27 Jun, 04:19 PM UTC
Lakota Man
The U.S. slaughtered millions of buffalo, the way it massacred millions of Indigenous people. America’s never ever been “pro-life” — I feel an urgent need, to make this abundantly clear. @LakotaMan1's photo on America
27 Jun, 06:07 PM UTC
aespa opening Good Morning America’s Summer Concert Series on 8th of July! @GMA #aespaOnGMA https://t.co/QC0ebQGVmU #aespa #æspa #에스파 #GMA #GoodMorningAmerica #LifesTooShort #LTS #aespa_LTS #Girls #aespa_Girls @aespa_official's photo on America
27 Jun, 09:00 PM UTC
Nolan Peterson
Imagine the reaction in America if in the span of 2 days ISIS bombed an apartment building & a shopping mall on US soil.
27 Jun, 07:22 PM UTC
Andrew Weinstein
An 8-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed a 1-year-old girl and injured a 2-year-old girl in Florida yesterday, but you might not have heard about it because it’s the sort of thing that happens every single day in America. It’s long past time we did something about that.
27 Jun, 10:04 PM UTC
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene🇺🇸
Democrats claimed stolen election every time they lost. Democrats rioted & burned cities costing the American people $2+ billion in damages & dozens dead. Pres Trump exposed the swamp & showed us how to put America first. And they hate him for it. @RepMTG's photo on America
27 Jun, 01:55 PM UTC
Margot Robbie and America Ferrera rollerskating on the set of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. 🛼💓 @letterboxd's photo on America
27 Jun, 07:21 PM UTC
sarah murphy
295 Tories voted to break international law, ignore the wishes of NI, smash up trust with the EU, destabilise cooperation on Ukraine, risk the GFA, annoy America, shaft our economy even more and generally be utter arses on the world stage. Quite an achievement for one evening.
27 Jun, 10:10 PM UTC
Daily Mail Online
The mummified baby woolly mammoth was discovered in Yukon, Canada. Experts say it is 'the most complete find' in North America. 🤯 https://t.co/vybXQuNrxr
27 Jun, 01:51 PM UTC
Nadir Ghazal
Números finales de Salvio en Boca: 50 frases vendehumo sobre River 1 semi de América perdida contra River 0 goles a River 0 títulos internacionales Uno más de la lista de charlatanes que se va por la puerta de atrás.
28 Jun, 03:08 AM UTC
Paul Bedard
'Big rig man' Clarence Thomas gets away from it all Have fan belt, will travel, Ginni Thomas tells @MarkPaoletta of her trips with the judge in their cool RV. Couple choose Real America and truck stops for their summer breaks. https://t.co/zyfPkroYzM @SecretsBedard's photo on America
27 Jun, 02:26 PM UTC
Obianuju Ekeocha
Norwegian woman living in Uganda,is disheartened☹️that the overwhelmingly pro-life Ugandan people(like most people across the continent of Africa)are celebrating the end of abortion totalitarianism in America. Africa is pro-life and this “disheartens” our western “superiors”. @obianuju's photo on America
27 Jun, 04:51 PM UTC
Good Morning America
JULY 8: We're kicking off our @GMA Summer Concert Series with @aespa_official! @GMA on America">https://t.co/0gWBjkwO8L #aespaOnGMA #aespa #Girls #aespa_Girls #LifesTooShort @GMA's photo on America
27 Jun, 04:58 PM UTC
John Frankensteiner
Scorsese's 1993 op-ed on America's cultural intolerance for world cinema How it started/How it's going https://t.co/bMr0hm94nQ https://t.co/tdP21dONOe
28 Jun, 03:55 AM UTC
Ultra Maga Squirrel Mama
Rhino Bret Baier and Fox got torched by Rep Candidate Kari Lake https://t.co/s5uVkh0QYB
27 Jun, 11:18 PM UTC
Nick Adams
Here is my plan to save America: Bring Trump Back
28 Jun, 04:17 AM UTC
Joe Sanberg
What does class warfare in America look like? It’s keeping the min wage at $7.25 for 13 years while CEOs make over 350X the average worker. If the min wage had increased at the rate of worker productivity since 1960, it would be $25 today. No one can live on $7.25. No one.
27 Jun, 12:33 PM UTC
Yooo no one is doing it like ateez. Their lore is one thing but they're involving us irl with realistic posters in korea, europe, and america and airdropping a qr code to those in line for the prerecording??? https://t.co/BtLdPh0srG https://t.co/tGiKma3Kl9
28 Jun, 02:28 AM UTC
Deputado Giovani Cherini
Bolsonaro fala da possibilidade de comprar DIESEL mais barato da RÚSSIA e sobre o Brasil ser o país mais digital da América. "Só tem coisa boa hoje!" 🚀🇧🇷 https://t.co/1Pdg8Fz3z2
28 Jun, 01:19 AM UTC
Twelve years ago today, as part of Operation Ghost Stories, @FBI arrested 10 deep-cover Russian SVR operatives ("illegals") in the U.S. Weeks later, they pleaded guilty to conspiring to serve as unlawful agents of the Russian Federation in America. @NCSCgov's photo on America
27 Jun, 01:12 PM UTC
ai | med school 📚 🩺🌸
CARATs, this is the one circulating about the presales but this is from North America. For Asia, kindly wait for official announcement for the presale details. What were announced so far are the member application for presale ticketing and tix prices. Nothing more, nothing less. https://t.co/59Bwl9ZFoZ
28 Jun, 06:17 AM UTC
Charles Booker
If you are tired of the hate and vitriol, know that you are not alone. If you are struggling to make ends meet, know that you are not alone. Together we will rebuild Kentucky and we will rebuild America.
27 Jun, 02:38 PM UTC
Ryan Struyk
.@VP to @DanaBashCNN: "The Court actually took a constitutional right that has been recognized for half a century and took it from the women of America. That's shocking."
27 Jun, 08:55 PM UTC
stuart stevens
19 terrorists attacked America for two hours and we, aided by NATO, went to war for 20 years. https://t.co/UYkYBbtlH0
27 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC
Hind Hassan
As an Iraq-born Brit I’m not entitled to a US visa waver so this morning I attended a visa appointment at the US embassy and the only question I was asked in the interview at the counter was, I shit you not: “Are you Saddam Hussein’s son?” America babe, u ok?
28 Jun, 08:08 AM UTC
Kari Lake for AZ Governor
Inflation is at record levels, riots are breaking out across America, the world is plunging into War… Maybe we should ask Hollywood Celebrities to sing John Lennon’s “Imagine” again It worked SO well last time… 🙄
28 Jun, 07:23 AM UTC
tara strong
America has become the biggest laughing stock of a country in the world, and none of it is remotely funny. https://t.co/dxpKPjgUUv
27 Jun, 08:41 PM UTC
Dominic Sandbrook
An essay for @unherd about how Britain isn't America and why it's demented to pretend that "it's coming ... it's going to happen here", and so on. It really isn't. https://t.co/qAFuZGJ5Ff
28 Jun, 06:54 AM UTC
Dinesh D'Souza
Leftists say the Supreme Court cannot tell women what to do with their bodies, and this is precisely the Court’s reason for overturning #RoeVsWade. The abortion issue is returned to the people to be decided democratically, in accordance with the values & preferences of each state
28 Jun, 09:59 AM UTC