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You know I ♥️ a fashun bathroom mome 🚽 Turned the #AmericanIdol bathroom into a my own runway 💅🏻Dont be a pooper, and tune in to the 2nd part of solos + celeb duets tonight https://t.co/G0aeLMJW5p
05 Apr, 09:14 PM UTC
Us trying to come up with memes every commercial break 😅#AmericanIdol @katyperry's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 12:16 AM UTC
Good luck voting America, glad it’s not on us anymore! #AmericanIdol @katyperry's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 02:02 AM UTC
Just @avaaugust SLAYING “drivers license” before she’s even old enough to get her drivers license NBD 😲🐣 #AmericanIdol @katyperry's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 01:21 AM UTC
Dont forget to make that stage YOUR BITCH🤘🏼@thecaseybishop #AmericanIdol @katyperry's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 02:01 AM UTC
I don’t know which shined brighter the sequins or the harmonies 🤩@maryjoyoung @jeweljk #AmericanIdol @katyperry's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 12:48 AM UTC
Katy Perry Daily Brasil
Katy Perry durante as gravações do próximo episódio do #AmericanIdol que será exibido hoje à noite. https://t.co/yeXxhVQaE2
05 Apr, 11:02 PM UTC
Ava August
What a DREAM!!!! It was such an honor to share the stage with the the one and only @joshgroban!! Thank you for making this such a fun and easy duet!! @AmericanIdol #AmericanIdol #Avaaugust #JoshGroban @avaaugust's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 01:32 AM UTC
Luke Bryan
Quote tweeting because everyone needs to see this. #americanidol https://t.co/h1Cd84Yyxz
06 Apr, 01:12 AM UTC
Katy Perry Charts⚡
.@katyperry looks stunning for the next episode of #AmericanIdol! https://t.co/qCAgWnmLfz
05 Apr, 09:34 PM UTC
Ryan Seacrest
.@katyperry wins best advice of the night #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
Portal Katy Perry
Extremamente linda! Katy Perry divulgou novas imagens nos bastidores do #AmericanIdol https://t.co/Nmw7RPzoTI
05 Apr, 09:16 PM UTC
Luke Bryan
We were all feeling like @katyperry after that performance from @avaaugust and @joshgroban. Y’all she’s 15. #AmericanIdol @LukeBryanOnline's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 01:26 AM UTC
Singers in the audition rounds of #AmericanIdol can't get enough of #HarryStyles' hits. https://t.co/KgNjCP5NB6
06 Apr, 04:00 AM UTC
Katy Perry Today (Media)
.@katyperry, @LukeBryanOnline and @LionelRichie for today's #AmericanIdol episode. https://t.co/fjmZX4xqzO
06 Apr, 12:07 AM UTC
Ryan Seacrest
@katyperry @colinjamieson_ Throwback to KP’s warped tour era #AmericanIdol @RyanSeacrest's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 01:07 AM UTC
.@beanemusic has become one-to-watch on #AmericanIdol after tonight's incredible duet with @joshgroban. Watch the performance now! https://t.co/YZxm0snZyX
06 Apr, 01:16 AM UTC
Lionel Richie
.@thecaseybishop completely OWNED the stage tonight. Congratulations. #AmericanIdol @LionelRichie's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 01:59 AM UTC
Lionel Richie
If you thought last night was a tough vote, wait until you see tonight's talent 🤩! West Coast, #AmericanIdol is on NOW! @LionelRichie's photo on #AmericanIdol
06 Apr, 03:00 AM UTC
Trinity Rose
I just voted for @avaaugust on @AmericanIdol! Vote for your favorites now! #AmericanIdol https://t.co/3A6xeI0AHJ
06 Apr, 06:05 AM UTC
American Idol
Only a few hours left to vote! 1️⃣ Go to https://t.co/zflQXnK76e⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 2️⃣ Use the #AmericanIdol App ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣ 3️⃣ Text contestant's number to 21523
06 Apr, 07:30 AM UTC
She deserved one more chance. #NigeriaIdol has a lot to learn from #AmericanIdol where people and their mental health are prioritised over unnecessary rules. https://t.co/OaaGZBMUHG
05 Apr, 05:43 PM UTC
I love that @torikelly is now a mentor on the very show that rejected her. #americanidol #ai #wonthedoit
06 Apr, 01:02 AM UTC
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06 Apr, 08:10 AM UTC
Technical Master
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06 Apr, 08:46 AM UTC
She’s got it down I’m not too bad of a trainer #fitness #abs #body #discipline #ChronicPain #bodypositivity #bodybuilder #BeastMode #AmericanIdol #couplegoals https://t.co/IAADL3xPwL
06 Apr, 08:35 AM UTC
Julie Aguirre
Dear #AmericanIdol Thanks for giving me #loveactually #jonimitchell vibes 💔😭 @avaaugust loved your performance!!! ♥️♥️♥️ https://t.co/OMnHFyX56j
06 Apr, 08:09 AM UTC
Liahona Olayan American Idol 2021 "Just Friends", "Say So", Season 19 All Star Duets PJ Morton WATCH: https://t.co/uFZt46hmeM #americanidol #katyperry #lukebryan #lionelrichie #liahonaolayan #audreymika #pjmorton
06 Apr, 08:06 AM UTC