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Barstool Sports
Amir Garrett may fight the entire Cubs team tomorrow @barstoolsports's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:26 AM UTC
Jared Carrabis
Javy Baez walks it off against Amir Garrett and chirps the whole way down to first base. There is some BAD blood here and I can’t imagine this is the last we’ll see between these two dudes. @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Jomboy Media
Javy Baez records the walk-off hit against Amir Garrett a couple months after a benches clearing incident in Cincinnati Baez immediately yells at Garrett after the hit, and Garrett continues to yell from his dugout as the Cubs leave the field @JomboyMedia's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
Jared Carrabis
Javy Baez threw the damn bat at Amir Garrett after the walk-off. Keep in mind, AG fought an entire team by himself. This was only the first of a four-game series😬 @Jared_Carrabis's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:13 AM UTC
Jared Carrabis
There are multiple players in Major League Baseball who you can taunt and they probably won't do anything about it. Amir Garrett is not one of those players. I, for one, will be watching the rest of this Cubs-Reds series.
27 Jul, 04:16 AM UTC
Barstool Carl
Javy Baez I absolutely love you. Sorry in advance though about 6 Cubs are about to get drilled tomorrow. Whatever. Soak up the win Amir Garrett sucks
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Barstool Chicago
JAVY WALKOFF. SUCK IT AMIR GARRETT @barstoolchicago's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Baseball Fight Club
Javy Baez vs. Amir Garrett @mlb_fights's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Eric Hubbs
The moment Javy Baez made contact and walked this off he began screaming at Amir Garrett 😂😂 @BarstoolHubbs's photo on Amir Garrett
27 Jul, 04:10 AM UTC
Baseball Bros
Javy Baez walks it off and chirps Amir Garrett 😂
27 Jul, 04:09 AM UTC
Barstool Sports
27 Jul, 04:24 AM UTC
Ryan Castellanos
Amir Garrett will be suspended tomorrow. Book it
27 Jul, 04:14 AM UTC
Steve Mancuso
Will MLB wait until Nick Castellanos comes back before they suspend him for Baez throwing his bat toward Amir Garrett?
27 Jul, 04:08 AM UTC
Matthew Iverson
@DOM_Frederic Javy throws bat onto the ground Reds broadcast: “And then he throws the bat right at him” Almost as much of a joke as Amir Garrett himself
27 Jul, 04:18 AM UTC
Sam Phalen
Javy Baez screaming at and taunting Amir Garrett after he hit a routine fly ball to center field, while hitting .245 for a below .500 team is laughable in more ways than one
27 Jul, 04:29 AM UTC
Bally Sports Cincinnati
Javier Báez had some words with Amir Garrett after hitting a walk-off in the bottom of the 9th.
27 Jul, 04:12 AM UTC
Russell Dorsey
He will face Amir Garrett with the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth and one out. If you like Baseball Theatre, you got it.
27 Jul, 04:04 AM UTC
Derek Terry
I'm gonna guess Reds fans feel the exact way toward Javy Baez that Cubs fans feel toward Amir Garrett.
27 Jul, 04:08 AM UTC
27 Jul, 10:53 AM UTC
Great American Dynasty
Reminder: Nick Castellanos and Amir Garrett were suspended multiple games earlier in the year for this exact same thing @MLB
27 Jul, 11:28 AM UTC
Nick Teerlinck
*Remembers when Javy Baez came onto the field to yell at Amir Garrett for celebrating less than 3 months ago*
27 Jul, 11:39 AM UTC
@WVREDMEAT Amir Garrett acted like an asshole earlier in the year. This was excessive but what goes around comes around
27 Jul, 11:35 AM UTC
@mmg49072 But so is Amir Garrett and most other Rods players so I’m here for the beef😂
27 Jul, 11:44 AM UTC
Lefty specialist
@Jared_Carrabis Amir Garrett is a loser
27 Jul, 11:44 AM UTC
@BigRedTweeter @ParkyB24 Hahaha ok Amir Garrett throws batting practice. Don’t let the Cubs remember they are the Cubs
27 Jul, 11:42 AM UTC
El Domi EneBeA 🇩🇴
Javy Báez se lambe con tó y perréo a Amir Garrett. ⚾️🔥🔥🔥🔥 🇵🇷💪🏼 #20kParaElDomi #ElDomiEneBeA
27 Jul, 11:40 AM UTC
Will Franklin ;
Is there a better rivalry in all of baseball right now than Javy Baez and Amir Garrett?
27 Jul, 11:38 AM UTC
B1G Ernie
@Jared_Carrabis Amir Garrett cares more about fighting division rivals than closing out games
27 Jul, 11:37 AM UTC
El Kevo
Good morning Amir Garrett is still a bitch
27 Jul, 11:36 AM UTC
@AbdiOmerr I think the fact that it was against Amir Garrett is what makes this extra special 😂😂😂
27 Jul, 11:34 AM UTC