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AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@PamKeithFL on how if Russians were able to breach election systems in any Florida county, her assessment is it is possible they could have accessed "all 67 counties." #AMJoy AM Joy w/Joy Reid's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 03:00 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@mehdirhasan on Michigan Congressman @justinamash being the first Republican lawmaker to say #Trump is impeachable. #AMJoy AM Joy w/Joy Reid's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 02:29 PM UTC
La Femme Nikita
“Iran is a competent, large-scale military with 3 million men. They have been preparing for a defensive war with the United States. As a nation, 83 million people will stand up against us. They will savage the oil fields of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar & Kuwait” @MalcolmNance #AMJoy La Femme Nikita's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 03:18 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@MidwinCharles on how Roe v. Wade "really changed how women were able to control their lives" and what could happen to this precedent now that Brett Kavanaugh is on the Supreme Court. #AMJoy AM Joy w/Joy Reid's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 02:15 PM UTC
Jason Johnson
Soooo the nonsense continues post #AMJoy @TiffanyDCross told the driver to take off without me...then stop then keep driving whenever I got close... This is why she can't win the week cause she's always co-opting others into her shadiness.... #reiders Jason Johnson's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 04:09 PM UTC
Joy Reid
This happened ... and now @ashleyn1cole and @ewarren are my bonus #whowontheweek #amjoy #postshow https://t.co/9GqyB9uSTQ
19 May, 06:51 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@tparsi: The Iranians have prepared for more than 30 years to fight the U.S. unconventionally, asymmetrically, in case the U.S. invades. ... #Trump saw based on the intelligence that Iran was absolutely ready to fight back and defend itself if the U.S. attacked. #AMJoy AM Joy w/Joy Reid's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 03:13 PM UTC
Ron Asher
If Donald Trump 'thought' starting a hot war with Iran would be 'good' for Donald Trump, he'd start a war. If Tiny Trump thinks NOT starting a hot war with Iran will be good for Tiny Trump, he won't. It's not about Iran. It's about Trump. #MalignantNarcissism #IranWar #AMJoy
19 May, 03:18 PM UTC
Bill Madden
I'm trying to understand the attraction that Bernie Sanders supporters have for their 'dear leader', when whatever credibility and genuineness he possesses, Elizabeth Warren has it over him in abundance. Seriously, beyond a circumsized penis, Sanders has NOTHING on Warren. #AMJoy
19 May, 04:29 PM UTC
If we #ImpeachTrump we set up a clear decision all Americans must make in 2020 You're either: For the rule of law or Against it For the Constitution or Against it For United States or Against it For honesty or a serial lying criminal oligarch #AmJoy #RepublicansDontCare
19 May, 02:49 PM UTC
La Femme Nikita
Iran will launch every ballistic missle they have into Saudi oil fields, they’ll bomb every base within their range, they’ll use their 1M man commando force in small boats to blow up every oil rig in the Gulf. The entirety of the Middle East will be on fire. @MalcolmNance #AMJoy La Femme Nikita's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 03:27 PM UTC
Ron Asher
A bunch of extremists on the fringes of the evangelical community, mostly men, weird, obsessive, evil little men, have dedicated their lives to controlling women's bodies & stripping women of their reproductive rights. They must be stopped. They WILL be stopped. #Resist #AMJoy
19 May, 02:24 PM UTC
Geoff Campbell (MiamiGator)
Who is this grifter? I’m blocked even though I’ve never interacted w/@activist360. Often his tweets show up under the #AMJoy hashtag & I’ve noticed he gets boosted by all the top centrist accounts. Today he claimed Bernie lacked genuineness, calling his stump speech a “schtick.” Geoff Campbell (MiamiGator)'s photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 04:50 PM UTC
🏳️‍🌈 BOSS CED.
These Farmers Have Turned On Trump Over His High "China Tariffs" #Uppers #CNNSOTU #AMJoy #MeetThePress #ThisWeek 🏳️‍🌈 BOSS CED.'s photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 03:02 PM UTC
Truth Tweeter
49 years in public office: Name an accomplishment by Joe Biden(D)? #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #CNNSOTU #AMJoy #ThisWeek #NPR #cltv #tcot #tlot #maga #nyc #boston #chicago #milwaukee #detroit #baltimore #atlanta #orlando #miami #houston #dallas #denverTruth Tweeter's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 01:35 PM UTC
Freelance Auntie 🍬🍸🥧👵🏽
The Democrats are under the impression that a whole bunch of white Obama voters switched to Trump. That is not true. Obama is the only President who won losing the white vote. He lost it by 30 points. Dems need to increase the base (POC, young, 1st time) turnout to win. #AMJoy
19 May, 02:51 PM UTC
Economics Geopolitics Tech
Who’s #1 in the world in: Manufacturing Exports PPP GDP Foreign Exchange Reserves Scientific publications Patents Skyscrapers High-speed rail Electric cars Supercomputers and more? #CNNSOTU #AMJoy #MAGA https://t.co/QpFpIQbNbp
19 May, 05:30 AM UTC
Winners' Chapel Int'l Washington
Choir Ministration. Sunday, May 19, 2019. https://t.co/jDMFvHE5yG via @YouTube #WorstBabyNameIveHeard #GameOfThronesFinale #RepublicansDontCare #AMJoy #TheFinalEpisode #winnerschapel #
19 May, 06:39 PM UTC
@ Black Jesus com
#amjoy #msnbc #MalcolmX #Blacktwitter Trump calls Haiti & Africa "shit hole countries." Omali Yeshitela explains how America's white supremacy & Islamophobia seeks to disrupt African and non white countries it can't control. People Lie Facts Don't. https://t.co/HuHi66SQ2V
19 May, 03:23 PM UTC
Bill Wong
Every Democrat who appears on @FoxNews outside of a fairly covered hard news story only raises ad dollars & gains advertisers to pay for Hannity, Pirro, Carlson, F&F. Watching Fox only rewards them #AMJoy
19 May, 03:43 PM UTC
Richard Jarzynka
#RepublicansDontCare? -- -- LIBERALS have MURDERED 60 Million Babies in the womb since 1973 #SundayMorning #SundayThoughts #AMJoy #AmashResign
19 May, 06:34 PM UTC
#AMJoy IS OVER! Spyke's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 07:00 PM UTC
Chris Fredrickson
@TimInHonolulu #AMJOY Deutsche Bank Staff Saw Suspicious Activity in Trump and Kushner Accounts @nytimes Whoops 😬 #TrumpCrimeFamily Chris Fredrickson's photo on #AMJoy
19 May, 06:57 PM UTC
Jennifer Coleman
@DrJasonJohnson @TiffanyDCross Y'all two though. 😂😂 I don't always agree with y'all but I respect your work and hustle. Both great journalists, in a CRITICAL time in American history. We need your voices in the media. Much respect, Jason Johnson and Tiffany Cross. #AMJoy @amjoyshow @JoyAnnReid @MSNBC
19 May, 06:55 PM UTC
Ms. Net
I generally enjoy #AMJoy.. but it’s nerving 2c panelist ramble what’s wrong w @TheDemocrats in Congress not doing enough to get Trump. Well hell r they out getting ppl registered to vote or candidates 2 run to flip Senate Blue? @TomPerez s/b fired! @MSNBC https://t.co/gwzPG3ibfR
19 May, 06:54 PM UTC