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Peter Daou
Whoa. I just watched the 'body language' segment about #Bernie on #AMJoy (clip below). It is deeply disturbing and MSNBC owes him an apology. @peterdaou's photo on #AMJoy
18 Jan, 08:57 PM UTC
Keith Boykin
“Black girls are pushed out of the classroom for how they wear their hair. I have colleagues who have been pressured...not to allow their hair to go gray, colleagues who have been told that they should straighten their hair..Hair is political.” - @AyannaPressley on #AMJoy @keithboykin's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 05:49 PM UTC
Joy Reid
Cosigning this 100 percent. @AyannaPressley is an inspiration! 🙅🏿‍♀️ #amjoy https://t.co/8NqUVNxT0m
19 Jan, 04:59 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
Poll of Black Americans: Do you think President Trump is a racist? #AMJoy @amjoyshow's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 03:32 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@RepPressley speaks on her having alopecia and opening up about her hair loss, telling @JoyAnnReid, "Hair is political. So far as who won the week it's the millions... that are living daily with the trauma and stigma of hair loss." #AMJoy @amjoyshow's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 06:03 PM UTC
Bill Madden
Hugh Hewitt, a Trumpist telling Chuck Todd he'll vote in the Democratic Party in VA for Bernie Sanders: If this doesn't signal that Trump, and Republicans consider the Vermont socialist to be the perfect sacrificial lamb, nothing will. And you know what? They're right. #AMJoy
19 Jan, 04:11 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@TheRickWilson: Policy isn't going to win this election. Nobody's going to make a decision in this election based on Medicare for All vs. #Obamacare. Or the candidates' climate change plans. It's gonna be a reality TV show with #DonaldTrump as either the star or the heel #AMJoy @amjoyshow's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 03:46 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@TheRickWilson: Bringing in some of those Republican women, suburban women, independent men in the suburbs. Remember. Game of small numbers. You don't have to crush #DonaldTrump by 5 million votes... You need to crush him by 271 electoral votes. #AMJoy @amjoyshow's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 03:51 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@DrJasonJohnson: With what just happened with @mkraju... Sen. McSally was being asked... "Do you want witnesses in the #impeachment hearing?" That's a pretty easy question. It wasn't a hack question, wasn't a red meat question... So it doesn't look very good for her. #AMJoy @amjoyshow's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 04:12 PM UTC
Richard Angwin
Sunday funnies... #SundayThoughts #Resist #Trump #1u #tcot #maga #kag #AMJoy #Obama #RemoveTrump https://t.co/gP7IiLZ8v3
19 Jan, 01:21 PM UTC
Kurt Bardella
"Democrats right now are in a knife fight, it’s a street fight...Everything rides [for @realDonaldTrump] on keeping the Republicans in line and that’s why he’s put together this Fox News legal team to defend him in prime-time." #AMJOY #Reiders @kurtbardella's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 01:37 PM UTC
AM Joy w/Joy Reid
.@MidwinCharles: ...[W]ith respect to... witnesses not being able to appear in the Senate trial I find it bizarre. When my clients come to me with something they want to prove they come with a list of 20-30 witnesses... They want the truth told. You don't see that here. #AMJoy @amjoyshow's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 04:49 PM UTC
Welp @BernieSanders landing the 😏 coveted Hugh Hewitt endorsement tells you all you need to know. #AMJoy #Election2020 https://t.co/bIW9gBageT
19 Jan, 03:54 PM UTC
Emoluments Clause
#BREAKING:Now we find out courtesy of #AMJoy, that even though #Trump SWEARS HE DOESN'T KNOW Lev #Parnas, HE AUTHORIZED his former lawyer John Dowd to represent Parnas in his criminal case. Folks,... #TheResistance #CNN #MSNBC #FoxNews #Yahoo #Google #SaturdayThoughts #FBRParty https://t.co/HzUY2xtz8J
19 Jan, 03:23 AM UTC
Fernand R. Amandi
Don’t know about you, but I think @AyannaPressley looks even MORE stunningly beautiful now than she did before. Kudos to @JoyAnnReid & #AMJoy @amjoyshow for spotlighting the unquestioned #WinnerOfTheWeek, the fearless Ayanna Pressley 👏🏼👏🏼 @AmandiOnAir's photo on #AMJoy
19 Jan, 05:43 PM UTC
Hugh Hewitt & his fellow Republicans are TERRIFIED of Joe Biden winning the electoral college. Plain & Simple. #AMJoy #Reiders https://t.co/Atbh8TSbAS
19 Jan, 04:14 PM UTC
Daphne L Portis🌊🌊🇺🇸
Good morning, Please don't forget to call your Senators during the trial. 👍🏾 AREA CODE (202) #Amjoy #MSNBC https://t.co/VWWbHU6uG6
19 Jan, 03:07 PM UTC
NY For Sanders #Bernie2020
Just so we’re on the same page: @JoyAnnReid platformed a “body language expert” who characterized Bernie as The Happy Merchant while saying he’s lying in the feud w/ Warren. No rival campaign said anything, so I guess they’re OK with anti-Semitism when it helps them? #AMJoy
19 Jan, 05:00 PM UTC
On Senate Republicans: "It is clear they have not taken an oath to the Constitution. They have taken an oath to Donald Trump" <<--- Republicans have totally abdicated their duty to the country but for what? What does Trump (or Russia) have on these folks? #AMJoy https://t.co/nACvKz5ywW
19 Jan, 06:41 PM UTC
GratefulAmerican Watching Democrat Party Suicide
#SundayThoughts #SundayFunday #SundayMorning #SundayBrunch #AMJoy #CNNSOTU #meetthepress #facethenation Don't become a useful idiot. Don't believe propaganda Wake up and smell the coffee!!! https://t.co/qQZPdppL0t
19 Jan, 12:22 PM UTC
GratefulAmerican Watching Democrat Party Suicide
#SundayThoughts #SundayFunday #SundayMorning #SundayBrunch #AMJoy #CNNSOTU #meetthepress #facethenation Word up. https://t.co/HeZIQboJhD
19 Jan, 04:44 PM UTC
Ted Cruz: Impeachment trial will be 'the beginning of the end of the abuse of the Constitution' https://t.co/aUBJ1VBYtK #AMJoy #Maddow #CNNSOTU #ThisWeek #MeetThePress #MAGA #SundayMorning #Trump2020🇺🇸
19 Jan, 03:15 PM UTC
🏳️‍🌈 BOSS CED.
VIDEO We Are Officially Under A Dictatorship #Uppers #CNNSOTU #AMJoy #MeetThePress #ThisWeek #SundayThoughts https://t.co/xFLTVQIDHW
19 Jan, 04:39 PM UTC
Emma Goldman🆘
'This Is Why No One Trusts the Media': MSNBC Slammed for Featuring 'Body Language Expert' Who Calls Sanders a Liar | Common Dreams News #AMJoy #WomenForBernie https://t.co/oD48dptVMX
19 Jan, 02:16 AM UTC
Cowboys Coffee Chew
It's a Good Morning & Breakfast is Served 👉 @FarOutFoodz 👈 ☕ Coffee Infused ☕ Sizzlin' Steak on Steak 🥩Eggs🥚Potatoes🥔 #SundayMotivation #AMJoy 💪☕🤠👍 https://t.co/VjQ4aGMRJj
19 Jan, 04:42 PM UTC
ICYMI: DNI doesn't want "agency chiefs to be seen on-camera as disagreeing with the president on big issues such as Iran, Russia or North Korea." When will we admit we're no longer a democracy? #AMJoy https://t.co/rnxU3jc6jl
19 Jan, 04:51 PM UTC
Snoop Bailey - text TRUMP to 88022
@amjoyshow Poll of ALL Americans: Do you think #AMJoy is a:
19 Jan, 06:07 PM UTC
Lon J Fiala
#AMJoy congratulations on an authentic and moving conversation with @RepPressley https://t.co/GpbfG5LGea
19 Jan, 05:01 PM UTC
Y. Marie Carter
Noteworthy...Republican pundit Hugh Hewitt said that he’s voting for Bernie Sanders in the Virginia primary as part of an Operation Chaos campaign. #AMJoy
19 Jan, 04:16 PM UTC
Lady Bridge
@amjoyshow #AMJoy @AyannaPressley #AyannaPressley Yes, Joy, Ayanna does look like a gorgeous Wakanda Warrior because she is our warrior fighting for us--Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley. Thank you ! https://t.co/cEenaq2yDc
19 Jan, 05:16 PM UTC

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