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mr pretzels
amy poehler’s oscar winning performance
07 Apr, 03:49 AM UTC
Amanda Gorman invented poetry
SNL sending a Covid test to Amy Poehler as we speak for this weeks show
07 Apr, 08:27 AM UTC
Lisa Puy
Amy Poehler logging on to Twitter this morning: @Lisa_Puy's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 01:11 PM UTC
amy poehler's publicist and the snl writers room rn @amy_poehIer's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 01:33 PM UTC
me: oh god why is amy poehler trending? when i learn why: @marchmourns's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 06:46 AM UTC
♡ ☆
the snl writers room figuring out how to get amy poehler to nyc for saturday @SITCOMMILFS's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 01:37 PM UTC
Anson Ling
Me finding out why Amy Poehler is trending @ns0n's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 07:04 AM UTC
parks and recreation gifs
amy poehler trending? now let's commemorate this iconic line by leslie knope @gifspawnee's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 01:04 PM UTC
David Burge
If you think the past year has been tough on you, consider what it's done to Amy Poehler @iowahawkblog's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 03:45 PM UTC
Richard Jeter
Ron Swanson after figuring out why Leslie Knope lookalike Amy Poehler is trending. @MilesToGo13's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 01:40 PM UTC
#AmyPoehler Me after seeing what Amy Poehler is trending for
07 Apr, 10:07 AM UTC
President Kamala’s Hand (STILL)
Florida lady who looks like Amy Poehler fighting off those cop
07 Apr, 02:21 PM UTC
Late Night with Seth Meyers
Amy Poehler reveals a surprising misconception people have about her. @LateNightSeth's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 01:00 AM UTC
lorne michaels outside amy poehler's house rn:
07 Apr, 03:12 PM UTC
Ann is still European ♥️ Not a CUN Tuesday
Yes, this stripper has mad skills apparently. No. She doesn’t look like the gorgeous Amy Poehler. NO. She doesn’t. Shut up.
07 Apr, 12:44 PM UTC
amy poehler after receiving another text about why she’s trending on twitter
07 Apr, 03:32 PM UTC
Amy Poehler has a collection of fake foods that look real
07 Apr, 03:08 PM UTC
❌ Heads up: That headline with the Amy Poehler look-alike comes from the well-known satire site World News Daily Report. @snopes's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 03:29 PM UTC
Mark J. Burton II
When WAP first came out- you knew it was a bop. Your father knew it was the End Times. And Amy Poehler knew it was an Anarcha-Feminist insurrectionist rallying cry to arm the female body against the state sanctioned agents of white male supremacy. Interpretation is everything.
07 Apr, 05:05 PM UTC
Deadline Hollywood
‘Duncanville’ Renewed For Season 3 At Fox
07 Apr, 01:01 AM UTC
Michael Medrano
can’t believe amy poehler did this
07 Apr, 06:45 AM UTC
Jayson Slade
SNL staff on their way to the writers' room after seeing Amy Poehler trending @JSladeShow's photo on Amy Poehler
07 Apr, 04:41 PM UTC
hey Google, why is Amy Poehler trending? 👀
07 Apr, 05:51 PM UTC
haley o'shaughnessy
@aherman2006 i am amy poehler in mean girls rn filming the jingle bell routine and dancing along
07 Apr, 06:16 PM UTC

@scxiuto #MrPerfectlyFine twenty one pilots #shyaway COVID-19 Khloe Amy Poehler Eric Trump #TikTokBop i would pay someone to write this essay
07 Apr, 06:16 PM UTC
Amy Poehler is trending today because they say this stripper looks like her.....Weekend update joke? @colinjost
07 Apr, 06:12 PM UTC
I regret innocently clicking to see why Amy Poehler is trending on Twitter
07 Apr, 06:11 PM UTC
Dejah Thoris A Princess of Mars
@BeckyBunzy I thought it was Amy Poeler, but then I saw this....
07 Apr, 06:11 PM UTC