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&AUDITION - The Howling -
今回は「&MISSION in SNACK BAR」に挑戦!! メンバーの前に準備されたお菓子🍭🍫 しかし!これをGETするにはミッションが…?! 3チームに分かれて挑戦です💪 視聴はこちら👇 🔗 https://t.co/yn0ypZsnOb 🔗 https://t.co/mOBix3wZxw 🔗 https://t.co/00zDDQINJC #andAUDITION https://t.co/NpJh2QpMUk
12 Aug, 09:00 AM UTC
&AUDITION - The Howling -
📢&AUDITION - The Howling - Episode 6 will be aired in 30 minutes!! Click here to check the Episode 6 👇 https://t.co/UBJLkwBbhU #andAUDITION
13 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
&AUDITION - The Howling -
📢このあと13:30より &AUDITION - The Howling - 第6話放送です!! 視聴はこちら👇 https://t.co/Y8a4GM8tRf #andAUDITION
13 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
&AUDITION - The Howling -
|◤&オシゴトプロジェクト◢| 6話お楽しみいただけましたか? ここで突然ですが振り返りクイズ💡 Q1.#TXT と一緒に踊ることになったのは誰? Q2.#BTS ミッション課題曲は? →全部分かった人はRT🔁 →もう1度見て確かめる人はいいね❤ #andAUDITION
13 Aug, 05:40 AM UTC
Hulu Japan
「&AUDITION - The Howling -」 <Hulu完全版 第6話>独占配信中! 4ラウンドはなんと…"BTSミッション" #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER が登場🥰 #BTS からはスペシャルメッセージ💜 さらに!緊急告知の内容に全員へ衝撃が走る⚡️ 視聴はこちら▷https://t.co/gmWnDF9ldS @and_audition #andAUDITION
13 Aug, 04:30 AM UTC
Daydream ✘ loves txt so much
"Just take care of your mental state" I love how txt are so reliable as seniors. The way they understand their emotions and motivates their juniors to focus on mental health before anything else...my best boys 🥺 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER  @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/C2WvTlVSzf
13 Aug, 05:17 AM UTC
AlessandraMM ✘ - HYUKA DAY ❤️
"I don't think you need to try hard to find your own colour. You end up with your own thing as you go" - #BEOMGYU "there's no need to think 'I'm the worst' or 'I'm so bad'. Just think 'I can do it'."- #YEONJUN TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER  @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/mtn8reveoU
13 Aug, 05:37 AM UTC
😭😭😭 #andAUDITION #GAKU https://t.co/Q6lqeTRSQy
12 Aug, 09:33 AM UTC
huening kai and jo playing imaginary basketball is so funny 😭 #andAUDITION https://t.co/IbKc5R4fnT
13 Aug, 05:06 AM UTC
i want to throw hands at hybe #andAUDITION https://t.co/HhcXuWsC3E
13 Aug, 05:43 AM UTC
— 𝐶𝑜𝑐𝑜 ✘ 𝑘𝑎𝑖'𝑠 𝑏𝑑𝑎𝑦
txt mandó un video mensaje diciendo que no podrían asistir a &AUDITION, pero luego de ello hicieron repentinamente una aparición sorpresa 🥹 Taehyun: "¿Cómo podríamos faltar?" TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/tZ8IZa2NIp
13 Aug, 04:56 AM UTC
Daydream ✘ loves txt so much
"As long as you communicate with sincerity" Taehyun describing txt's bond is so precious. It's all about being comfortable, being sincere in a group and txt has always shown us that TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER  @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/29kq6Bm91g
13 Aug, 05:22 AM UTC
Daydream ✘ loves txt so much
Can we talk about txt was so supportive and friendly here??? The way they made Minhyung the center in Runaway. And Minhyung being all shy, this is so cute. I loved the interactions 😭 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER  @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/NnCPRCERtq
13 Aug, 05:27 AM UTC
kenie | txt @summersonic
ah this is so funny 😭 gaku’s new nickname : ongaku!! which means music and since gaku is doing music,, its perfect! taehyun 💙 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/hx89EN0UZf
13 Aug, 05:18 AM UTC
TXT Trends
Let's start trending the tags! ▶️https://t.co/oDFBZyjj1o TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/506zMeeXno
13 Aug, 04:04 AM UTC
this jo and nicholas <3 #andAUDITION https://t.co/jbVINfJzoz
13 Aug, 05:40 AM UTC
WOAH yeonjun knows EJ. the crumbs i didn't know i needed 🫶🏻 #andAUDITION #TXT https://t.co/KkXiqNikAy
13 Aug, 05:49 AM UTC
hourly fuma
&mission 🫶🏻🫰🏻 #andAUDITION #FUMA #フウマ https://t.co/RjnMxtxr7U
13 Aug, 12:39 AM UTC
ongaku, the new member of &audition 😭 #andAUDITION https://t.co/zddxbKJPAo
13 Aug, 05:15 AM UTC
ˏˋ k♡̷i ˊˎ
that's why with tubatu, i feel so loved and welcome.. their love for moas are genuine and sincere 💗 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/UzkE9h7a1F
13 Aug, 05:23 AM UTC
nana 🐨
K looks so pretty in silk pajamas ✨️ #andAUDITION https://t.co/hhRN76ZBlV
13 Aug, 06:01 AM UTC
ah so this is the reason why only them who took off their shoes 😀 #andAUDITION https://t.co/ss5kgYU5AB
13 Aug, 04:50 AM UTC
My boys be mentoring their hoobaes😍 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/X0MPEQcCsU
13 Aug, 04:12 AM UTC
K dancing to BTS - Dope is just so satisfying to watch ❤️‍🔥 #andAUDITION_K #andAUDITION https://t.co/DaRR2mgAWh
13 Aug, 06:00 AM UTC
this photo sequence TT ( #jo #andAUDITION ) https://t.co/LaVWSnIOp3
12 Aug, 11:13 AM UTC
most attractive man ever #nicholas #andAUDITION https://t.co/oz8yf0dGbE
13 Aug, 05:58 AM UTC
เรื่องช็อควันนี้ หนิงไคที่สูงท็อปๆในทีเร้กยังเตี้ยกว่าน้องโจหลายเซน น้องโจสูง2เมตรเหรอ #andAUDITION https://t.co/Vxl8SMGGlp
13 Aug, 05:07 AM UTC
jo and his little headband today ૮₍ >⤙ < ₎ა ( #JO #andAUDITION ) https://t.co/r6b5tpXc3j
12 Aug, 12:17 PM UTC
still in awe that the boys who grew a horn in their head in 2019 are the same boys that will give their sincerest advice as a sunbae 🥺 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER #andAUDITION @TXT_members https://t.co/19Y5lwoDgA
13 Aug, 05:24 AM UTC
kenie | txt @summersonic
i loved how yeonjun kept encouraging minhyung to be the center and to do the ending fairy 🥹 TXT AT &AUDITION #TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER @TXT_members #andAUDITION https://t.co/XBnnbclawK
13 Aug, 05:22 AM UTC