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kieran 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇧🇪
Darwin Nunez to Joachim Andersen @kieran_ashton1's photo on Andersen
15 Aug, 08:22 PM UTC
A masterclass from Andersen. Núñez so easily rattled. @ReubenPinder's photo on Andersen
16 Aug, 07:51 AM UTC
Talk Crystal Palace
Andersen completely and utterly dominated Nunez all game yesterday https://t.co/PthlUZvXgh
16 Aug, 06:51 AM UTC
Joachim Andersen getting huge amounts of abuse for getting headbutted and having a brilliant game, the worlds gone crazy… https://t.co/PWPnl1DVx7
16 Aug, 12:38 PM UTC
Michael Blaque
The systemic mannerism employed by Andersen to frustrate Darwin Nunez into getting a red card is a testament of what the EPL is all about. Nunez had better learn from that Follow for more Sosa Mr Macaroni Patrick Viera Mbappe McOluomo https://t.co/zrjLbFjM5N
16 Aug, 08:58 AM UTC
Joachim Andersen’s Instagram messages after last night are an absolute horror-show. These people astound me. Imagine writing any of that to another human being. https://t.co/D2Pqbj7KK2
16 Aug, 11:46 AM UTC
La VAR du foot 📺
15 Aug, 08:18 PM UTC
Alex Howell
Joachim Andersen says he’s been sent 300-400 messages of abuse online after yesterdays match. He’s posted examples on his Instagram story. Some of them include death threats #CPFC @iamAlexHowell's photo on Andersen
16 Aug, 10:17 AM UTC
Cerfia Foot
🍿 Pendant Liverpool - Crystal Palace (1-1), Joachim Andersen est littéralement entré dans la tête de Darwin Nuñez. 🤯 Masterclass de vice du défenseur danois des Eagles. 🦅 (🎥 ESPN/Premier League) https://t.co/QvQE8EXy4B
16 Aug, 10:12 AM UTC
Joachim Andersen received death threats on social media following his clash with Darwin Nunez. @ESPNUK's photo on Andersen
16 Aug, 01:00 PM UTC
If you’re sending abuse and death threats to Joachim Andersen because he did what he did to help his team get a result against us, then you’re not a football fan and a absolute disgrace. End of the day it’s a game of football and should NEVER go beyond it.
16 Aug, 11:04 AM UTC
The thinker man
One of the best performing centre backs in the EPL, yet hugely underrated.. Joachim Andersen of Crystal Palace https://t.co/pTKK3mHW3S
16 Aug, 12:25 PM UTC
Not Match of the Day
Darwin Nuñez to Andersen tonight. https://t.co/fANYX6chzB
15 Aug, 09:36 PM UTC
Fede Sampayo
"Núñez entró como un caballo", resumió 'Bambino' Pons en los relatos de #Liverpool vs #CrystalPalace luego de la roja para el uruguayo🇺🇾 No fue casualidad: #Darwin y #Andersen se fueron midiendo todo el partido, como aquí se ve en este compilado Fuente: ESPN/Premier League https://t.co/opSDiTmzUP
15 Aug, 11:42 PM UTC
George 🦅
Joachim Andersen on Instagram. This is disgusting https://t.co/IA4qYgkxDM
16 Aug, 10:40 AM UTC
Extra Time Indonesia
Joachim Andersen mengungkapkan jika ia mendapatkan 300-400 pesan makian bahkan ancaman pembunuhan seusai laga vs Liverpool dini hari tadi.. 😳 https://t.co/v8l12AqQT2
16 Aug, 11:51 AM UTC
Times Sport
🔺 JUST IN: Crystal Palace are expected to report to the police the “3-400” death threats Joachim Andersen and his family received in the wake of Darwin Núñez being sent off for headbutting him https://t.co/VWx25OfghB
16 Aug, 12:05 PM UTC
Citi Sports
A masterclass performance by Joachim Andersen on how to frustrate Darwin Núñez 😎 Show this video to all the Black Stars defenders. #CitiSports @CitiSportsGHA's photo on Andersen
16 Aug, 09:53 AM UTC
Anfield Watch
Joachim Andersen on Darwin Nunez: "The whole game I sat really close to him, I annoyed him a lot and did well against him. I think that’s why he was angry with me." #lfc [evening standard] @AnfieldWatch's photo on Andersen
16 Aug, 08:50 AM UTC
‘Iyawo Bruno Fernandez’ 𓃵
Joachim Andersen frustrated Nunez all day before he was sent off 😂 this is the PL when a opponent sense you get angry easily they try and get you sent off 😂 Martial will be the best man to explain… Tom and Jerry sound track made it even more interesting 🤣 https://t.co/SAC1sHeW16
16 Aug, 07:59 AM UTC
La Media Inglesa
Joachim Andersen ha comentado a través de sus historias de Instagram que ha recibido mensajes de odio y de amenaza después del partido ante el Liverpool. Ha pedido a la propia red social y a la Premier League que hagan algo. https://t.co/lA01UhETGR
16 Aug, 10:56 AM UTC
LFC Transfer Room
Here’s a look at the confrontations between Andersen and Nuñez. Andersen was clearly instructed to annoy him and get in his head, but it’s football Nuñez will learn from this, as he will encounter many defenders like that in the Prem. 🎬 @Michaelblaque07 https://t.co/VhlEKLL38k
16 Aug, 02:54 PM UTC
Viaplay Fotboll
Joachim Andersen ⚔️ Darwin Núñez 57 minuter av närkamper innan det brast för Liverpool-anfallaren https://t.co/SIliuaWWNM
16 Aug, 09:04 AM UTC
He was sick and tired of this Andersen guy😭😭😭 https://t.co/3fUjqzebxU
16 Aug, 10:10 AM UTC
Fútbol Fichajes
Así fue como Darwin Nuñez 🇺🇾 termino yéndose expulsado en su duelo interno contra Joachim Andersen 🇩🇰. El uruguayo del #Liverpool se ganó la roja directa y 3 fechas de suspensión por el "cabezazo" contra el central del #CrystalPalace 🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/RL4HUVs3MB
16 Aug, 01:34 PM UTC
Joachim Andersen, defesa do Palace, denunciou que foi alvo de abuso e de centenas de ameaças após a agressão de Darwin. @B24PT's photo on Andersen
16 Aug, 03:47 PM UTC
If you’re one of the thousands of individuals who sent Joachim Andersen a hate message or death threat. Just know, you’re a bad knob head
16 Aug, 03:32 PM UTC
F4ST 🐍
Remember that Danish account that posted the Braithwaite booing video? Wonder why I haven’t seen another viral tweet from them defending fellow Danish player Andersen from the abuse of Liverpool fans??
16 Aug, 01:53 PM UTC
Le traitement réservé par Joachim Andersen 🇩🇰 à Darwin Nunez 🇺🇾 dans le Liverpool - Crystal Palace hier... ...WELCOME TO THE PREMIER LEAGUE 💥🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Carton rouge mérité ou pas pour le petit Darwin ? 🔴 🎥 : ESPN / Premier League https://t.co/i5vXDvi2BN
16 Aug, 01:02 PM UTC