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JUST IN - Andrew Yang has announced that as mayor he will sign a decree forcing everybody in the city to do this with him once a year. He said to those who refused to do so that he would "blow your goddamn head off," then he pulled out a .44 and started pointing it at journalists @jesusdelsupajew's photo on Andrew Yang
13 May, 02:41 PM UTC
Julia Salazar
Andrew Yang in NY1 debate was the only candidate to say he did not support a city-wide composting program. He said, “We should roll it out in certain neighborhoods first.” 1. Somebody tell Yang that we’ve already done that 2. “Certain neighborhoods” is never OUR neighborhoods
14 May, 12:21 AM UTC
Joan Walsh
No no no Andrew Yang do not take credit for the Warnock/Ossoff wins in GA...that was terrible.
14 May, 12:01 AM UTC
Opinion Haver
Andrew Yang just said his plan to fight crime is to have people give the police a list of people they think are going to commit crimes at some point?
13 May, 11:22 PM UTC
Emma G. Fitzsimmons
Andrew Yang brings up an important issue that doesn't get a lot of attention: students with disabilities. He wants to create a $1,000 education fund for families to pay for things like speech therapy. Yang has a son who is on the spectrum and says it's "deeply personal" for him.
14 May, 12:49 AM UTC
Chantay Berry 💛
Eric Adams just gathered Andrew Yang. For the last goddamn time, he did NOT help turn Georgia blue. It was Stacey Abrams and LaTosha Brown. Period. #NYCMayoralDebate
14 May, 12:02 AM UTC
Tom Nichols
You can all stop dragging me over masks and get over to dragging Andrew Yang for saying he swung the Senate races in Georgia.
14 May, 03:34 AM UTC
erin taylor
wow andrew yang reminds me of that guy in social studies in high school who always spoke the loudest and knew the least
14 May, 02:52 AM UTC
David Freedlander
I really don't understand the notion of attacking Andrew Yang for volunteering in Georgia
14 May, 12:04 AM UTC
Read Mutual Aid by Dean Spade
At this point I really don’t understand why anyone is considering Andrew Yang. His one selling point, UBI, is for 6% of New Yorkers. And it’s $2,000 for the whole year, in NYC. Plus he’d cut social services to fund it. I honestly don’t see why anyone is still considering him.
14 May, 04:24 AM UTC
Maya Contreras
Andrew Yang, “I helped swing the two Senate races in Georgia.” 🤦🏽‍♀️ Eric Adams, “You keep taking credit for Black Women’s work Andrew.” Thank you, @ericadamsfornyc P.S. @errollouis called Andrew Yang out for not voting in 2020. #NYCMayoralDebate
14 May, 12:12 AM UTC
The Future of New York City Is in Question. Could Andrew Yang Be the Answer? This week on Freakonomics Radio:
13 May, 11:15 AM UTC
Chantay Berry 💛
Andrew Yang is NOT the reason why Georgia turned blue. It was BLACK Women. Period.
14 May, 04:12 AM UTC
The Matt Skidmore Show 🌹
Andrew Yang didn’t “take credit” for the Warnock/Ossoff win in GA. If you watch the full clip, he says “I give full credit to Stacey Abrams and the Black and Brown organizers on the ground.” Yang himself helped by creating an organization with MLK3 to boost those organizers.
14 May, 03:17 AM UTC
🥣 Jon Munitz @PeoplesBasics
Andrew Yang uses his 1 question for the other candidates on Dianne Morales on her stance on cash relief. Dianne Morales says she does temporarily, but not any permanent cash programs. Look at how far she has changed since January when she had a Guaranteed Minimum Income plan.
14 May, 12:25 AM UTC
The Matt Skidmore Show 🌹
“There is no recovery without public safety.” — Andrew Yang #YangForMayor
13 May, 11:21 PM UTC
Syahredzan Johan
One thing I noticed this time is that more people are openly calling out Israel’s actions, compared to before. Especially international celebrities and public figures. Even someone like Andrew Yang can be ratio’ed badly for his tweet.
13 May, 03:44 PM UTC
Bloomberg Opinion
If @AndrewYang were to become mayor of New York City, he has a bold goal: "I want to be a mayor who combats poverty at every turn."
13 May, 09:27 PM UTC
Leah Nanako Winkler
dont vote for Andrew yang
14 May, 03:12 AM UTC
Andy Kropa
My ranked choice ballot: 1. Andrew Yang 2. Shaun Donovan 3. Kathryn Garcia 4. Eric Adams 5. Dianne Morales
14 May, 12:42 AM UTC
New York Magazine
Andrew Yang was the only mayoral candidate to answer all three fact-based questions correctly during the New York Times' editorial-board interviews. Some of his rivals are (without evidence) accusing him of cheating. @freedlander reports
14 May, 03:13 AM UTC
Hyunsu Yim 임현수
If you think you are having a bad day, think of Palestinians reading Andrew Yang’s tweets
13 May, 08:47 AM UTC
Andrew Yang is offensive. I will not vote for him. Period.
14 May, 02:05 AM UTC
Chantay Berry 💛
The fact some of the candidates were gonna sit there and let Andrew Yang get away with saying he flipped Georgia makes me even more concerned about their agenda. #NYCMayoralDebate
14 May, 05:38 AM UTC
Andrew Yang's six innovative new ideas for policing: 1. snitches 2. rat finks 3. narcs 4. tattletales 5. stool pigeons 6. dime droppers
14 May, 06:09 AM UTC
🧢 Amy 林桂怡 🌈💜 UBI
Watching Andrew Yang debate is a breath of fresh air... I wish more candidates would drop numbers and talk about the factors that impact issues rather than oversimplifying and moralizing issues.
14 May, 12:59 AM UTC
Andrew Yang isn't the only Asian American running for NYC Mayor, there's also Art Chang. Chang is pro-Palestine, so is Dianne Morales.
14 May, 05:47 AM UTC
Chantay Berry 💛
This is why Andrew Yang will not be mayor of NYC.
14 May, 06:12 AM UTC
Fweedom Walker
Andrew Yang doesn’t have a basic understanding of...anything.
14 May, 05:59 AM UTC
🥣 Jon Munitz @PeoplesBasics
Dems be so petty sometimes. They try to drag Andrew Yang for mentioning he helped canvass in GA for Dems senate races, raising funds to support local organizers and moving along with many in #YangGang to go canvass that received thanked from local organizers/the Senate candidates
14 May, 06:10 AM UTC