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me waking me up in the morning
12 Feb, 05:46 AM UTC
John Aravosis
Amazing to hear former Bush WH chief out staff Andy Card defend John Kelly lying about how he mishandled the Rob Porter domestic abuse claims by trotting out John Kelly’s dead son. A tragic loss that has zero to do with how sickeningly bad Kelly handled this affair.
12 Feb, 04:23 PM UTC
Norman Ornstein
Andy Card has let his tribal identity turn him into an embarrassing apologist for Trump and Kelly
12 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC
• Proud Navy Veteran
.@AliVelshi, listening to Andy Card try to defend John Kelly was nauseating. For Card to say the media reports of Kelly's behaviors are a 'distraction' is absurd. Kelly's position in this unethical administration has exposed his dark side, biases, & weaknesses. #KellyResign • Proud Navy Veteran's photo on Andy Card
12 Feb, 04:22 PM UTC
Sylvain Metz
.@MSNBC Andy Card is embarrassing himself again defending the old white guys in the White House who belittle women, embrace abusers and the like. He needs to go home.
12 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC
Steve Cardamenis
#VelshiRuhle Andy Card is a Trump liar. Get him off the air immediately as he is no different than Kellyanne Con Job
12 Feb, 04:11 PM UTC
Important issues? Sexual harassment and assault are pretty big f'ing issues for women! What an ass Andy Card is! #VelshiRuhle
12 Feb, 04:12 PM UTC
Congratulations @MSNBC. In Andy Card, you hired a John Kelly apologist. #VelshiRuhle
12 Feb, 04:16 PM UTC
Fred wanger
Very disappointing noise from Andy Card!#VelshiRuhle
12 Feb, 04:13 PM UTC
Geri Rodriguez
.@SRuhle having Andy card on to discuss mishandling of intelligence is not a great choice. He worked for Bush/Cheney who outed a CIA agent, Valerie Plame. Quit giving these enablers a platform.
12 Feb, 04:11 PM UTC
Mme. de_Mhore
@VelshiRuhle Andy Card, former WH Chief of Staff and Floor Painter, on John Kelly. Mme. de_Mhore's photo on Andy Card
12 Feb, 04:20 PM UTC
(((Evan Shapiro, Lifelong Eagles Fan.)))
Seems some people needed a reminder that Andy Card has always been a self-serving, corrupt misogynist.
12 Feb, 04:29 PM UTC
If Andy Card thinks Trump is paying attention to anything other than his golf clubs he is insane Trump is his own distraction #VelshiandRuhle
12 Feb, 04:21 PM UTC
Marilyn Garis
Andy Card is a Republican first @AliVelshi @sruhle. If it was his daughter, would he be saying the same thing? Where are Hope Hick’s parents? John Kelly is lying, like he did about the Gold Star widow! The President is a habitual liar Andy Card!!
12 Feb, 04:13 PM UTC
Every word out of Andy Card’s mouth was a disgrace. Domestic abuse is not a distraction from “real” issues. Domestic abuse is a worldwide problem.
12 Feb, 04:33 PM UTC
Mary Alice Bishop
@VelshiRuhle @AliVelshi @SpaceX @MSNBC @MSNBCPR @elonmusk And on Andy Card, geez! The President may hire Kelly's position but by God WE pay for it and when they put our National Security at risk IT IS our business and WE DO have a say in it and WE say ENOUGH!
12 Feb, 04:57 PM UTC
Please keep Andy Card off my TV. No one over 25 needs to be told he thinks a WH COS should defend a shady, inept president. #MSNBC
12 Feb, 04:22 PM UTC
@SylvainMetz56 @MSNBC For sure. Andy Card pretending again to have moral high ground when he has anything but that!!
12 Feb, 04:18 PM UTC
Tom Vanderwall
@aravosis Wow the segment was to show how people can’t separate the man from his action. They ask Andy Card to comment on his lying and minimizing about a serious subject. He was oblivious, “we weren’t there” doesn’t believe women. What a buffoon!
12 Feb, 04:54 PM UTC
Gertrude Ramona #FBPE
@IAmMardikins @Digbylj Yes the mindless optimism card beats all others
12 Feb, 03:15 PM UTC
@SRuhle @AliVelshi On show today Andy Card defended Kelly because he lost a son. Trump said Sen McCain was not a hero because he was captured. Both pathetic. Chief of Staff job no longer looks difficult. Card is a GOP hack.
12 Feb, 05:43 PM UTC
Tim Schwarzer
@SylvainMetz56 @MSNBC Andy Card trying to say it’s alright for Kelly to lie because his son gave his life for the country??? Are you serious wow!
12 Feb, 05:23 PM UTC
Tom Vanderwall
@TTNWS Wow the segment was to show how people can’t separate the man from his action. They ask Andy Card to comment on Gen. Kelly’s lying and minimizing about a serious subject. He was oblivious, “we weren’t there and Israel are the real issues” he doesn’t believe women. What a buffoon!
12 Feb, 05:49 PM UTC
Lovina Box
@aravosis It was strange to hear Andy Card defend his lies. For him it didn’t seem to matter that he is a liar as long Trump wanted him. Truth no longer matters in this White House. The President lies, his Chief of Staff lies, his WH Secretary lies, who is left?
12 Feb, 06:16 PM UTC
Police State
@naretevduorp @masg66 @AliVelshi Andy Card is a uniquely amoral snake. It's a distraction for the GOP taking their focus away from robbing the treasury and stealing from the American people.
12 Feb, 05:35 PM UTC
@MSNBC Andy Card not worthy of seeing ever again. Now I see why Cheney ran everything in the Bush Whitehouse!
12 Feb, 05:59 PM UTC
Caroline Pearce
@RoyalMail Thanks Andy. Worse things happen at sea, it was just frustrating - and I’m a tiny bit worried I mightn’t have chance to get back before the deadline, but will figure it out. The card vs sign tho does need a tweak. :)
12 Feb, 06:39 PM UTC
Ellen Kittner
Andy Card, another Trump apologist. Sad.
12 Feb, 06:24 PM UTC
Cindy Lugo
WTF! Andy Card! Former Bush chief of staff defends John Kelly's handling of abuse allegations via @msnbc
12 Feb, 06:00 PM UTC

See top twitter trends from United States.

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