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Ok petition for us to stop trending celebrities names during this time because I'm tired of having a mild heart attack every time I open Twitter and see someone like Jackie Chan or Andy Samberg trending
25 Mar, 11:21 PM UTC
abbi 184
me running to see if andy samberg was okay when i saw his name trending @fallawaybandito's photo on Andy Samberg
26 Mar, 03:01 AM UTC
don’t worry andy samberg is only trending because people keep tweeting about how much they love andy samberg. anyway here’s the greatest scene in television history. @kathleen_hanley's photo on Andy Samberg
26 Mar, 03:35 AM UTC
andy samberg is trending .. don’t scare me w that shit ever again. @ihopparkinglot's photo on Andy Samberg
25 Mar, 11:43 PM UTC
Allie DeVore
The dumbest shit of Twitter is that Andy Samberg is trending, so I click on it and it’s just 10k people saying omg twitter don’t scare me I thought he had the corona, and I still don’t fucking know why he’s trending.
26 Mar, 03:01 AM UTC
Llama Drama
.@Twitter can you please be more specific when someone is trending. Thanks to #COVID19 I panic every time I see a famous person trending. Andy Samberg and Sam Rockwell are fine btw. @basicqueen69's photo on Andy Samberg
25 Mar, 11:43 PM UTC
best of andy
feels like a good time to share one more gif now that andy samberg is suddenly trending. enjoy 🥰👀
26 Mar, 12:00 AM UTC
Sudipta 🌥💫
i saw Andy Samberg is trending and my heart fucking dropped please ..thank god he is safe and didn't do anything problematic
26 Mar, 02:47 AM UTC
katie 2019 edition
26 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
andy samberg is trending in usa omg yess watch b99 every thursday on nbc❤️
26 Mar, 12:04 AM UTC
David M
Exact representation of me clicking on every celebrity trending like Natalie Portman Sam Rockwell Andy Samberg and Leonardo DiCaprio Seriously we need EXACT descriptions on Twitter. My heart can’t take it no more
26 Mar, 03:26 AM UTC
Isabella Steele 💙
Goes to see why Andy Samberg is trending only to scroll through why Leonardo DiCaprio is trending only to scroll through why Natalie Portman is trending.
26 Mar, 03:19 AM UTC
Scott Hanson
@LightsCameraPod Michael Bay shooting a war pic with Jessica Chastain and Andy Samberg. Huh. “Transformers 9-9: Seal Team 6”
26 Mar, 02:29 AM UTC
Andy Samberg (as Jake Peralta, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) explaining my current mood.
26 Mar, 03:23 AM UTC
n e wayz stan andy samberg the mf king .
26 Mar, 02:51 AM UTC
Film School Rejects
From Buster Keaton to Andy Samberg, we present a road trip through the history of comedy cinema.
26 Mar, 04:24 AM UTC
Mines Tarantino Di Caprio Andy Samberg Drama @RamboFYI's photo on Andy Samberg
26 Mar, 09:43 AM UTC
Lu ♢ @ Commissions Closed!
@CesarArroyoS @mierdadenombres EL DESASTRE la mía suena a algo posible pero con Andy Samberg y necesito verlo
26 Mar, 09:40 AM UTC
Greta Gerwig directing a Leonardo DiCaprio and Andy Samberg romance flick, won’t lie I’d watch it
26 Mar, 09:16 AM UTC
César Arroyo
@harleyquinky @mierdadenombres Si tuviera que elegir cualquiera de las 3 que nos han salido... A la mía directamente le prendía fuego. La tuya con Andy Samberg creo que es la que se salva jajajjaja
26 Mar, 09:43 AM UTC
feelsbad spaceman💫🪐
michael bay directing a war movie (fitting) staring adam sandler with andy samberg. iconic.
26 Mar, 09:25 AM UTC
Robb Sheppard
DiCaprio and Andy Samberg in a Scorsese Drama? Cool, cool, cool, no doubt, no doubt!
26 Mar, 09:22 AM UTC
Maggie Harcourt
A drama directed by Scorsese, starring Nic Cage & Andy Samberg. I don’t know what’s going to happen but I am HERE FOR IT. (HERE FOR IT should also be the title. Of the *film*, obviously.)
26 Mar, 09:21 AM UTC
A drama directed by Shyamalan, starring Awkwafina and Andy Samberg. Sounds absolutely terrible
26 Mar, 09:20 AM UTC
Joe Apai
@adonismuir a Tarantino war movie starting Andy samberg and awkwafina 😳🤔
26 Mar, 09:43 AM UTC
Nicolas Cage and Andy Samberg star in the next Tarantino instalment. 2020s Romance of the year! 🤨
26 Mar, 09:42 AM UTC
Fadila Ferrah
Pour moi ce sera une romance de Michael Bay avec Awkwafina et Andy Samberg 😳.
26 Mar, 09:41 AM UTC
Alana (Frew) Jenkins
A Michael Bay drama starring @awkwafina & Andy Samberg. 🤣🤣 Not a Michael Bay fan, but I would solely watch this for the cast.
26 Mar, 09:39 AM UTC
sabrina warren
@LightsCameraPod war movie directed by tarantino featuring dicaprio and andy samberg
26 Mar, 09:38 AM UTC
Head Full Of Animal Crossing--COMMISSIONS CLOSED--
@Capt_Slappywagg A drama directed by Tarantino starring Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg.......................................
26 Mar, 09:37 AM UTC