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Bevan Shields
Constitutional expert Anne Twomey says if the government claims the refugee bill is a money bill, and the House votes for that bill, that is a sign the government has lost control of Parliament and could be grounds for snap election #auspol
12 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
Constitutional expert Anne Twomey is telling me that the Givernor General may force Mark Latham to buy a washing machine. Unprecedented
12 Feb, 07:32 AM UTC
Karen Middleton
Professor Anne Twomey tells Sky that by arguing this medivac bill is a money bill, the Solicitor-Gen's legal opinion ups the political stakes. If the House still decides to pass it - the defeat of a money bill leads directly to the argument that the govt has lost control of Parlt
12 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
Katharine Murphy
If no independents fall out of the cart, and this bill passes, the government (as Anne Twomey points out) has raised this to a confidence issue #auspol
12 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
Karen Middleton
If constitutional expert Professor Anne Twomey is right, this medivac bill vote - if it proceeds - may have just become a defacto vote on confidence in the government. #existentialthreat
12 Feb, 06:03 AM UTC
Laura Jayes
Wow! Anne Twomey says the Govt has raised the stakes. By raising the constitutionality of this bill it has also made its own position even more tenuous. Losing a ‘money bill’ = losing grip on power. @David_Speers
12 Feb, 05:57 AM UTC
Josh Taylor
This parliament truly is the Anne Twomey parliament.
12 Feb, 05:54 AM UTC
RN Drive
.@PatsKarvelas: Do [the Coalition] have to implement the law? Anne Twomey: Well, if it's a law, it's a law of the land & the law applies to govt as much as everyone else, that's the whole principle of the rule of law, so yes. #RNDrive #auspol
12 Feb, 07:32 AM UTC
James O'Doherty
If the house votes on a money bill against the government's wishes, Anne Twomey says - that could constitute a vote of no confidence, @SkyNewsAust
12 Feb, 05:49 AM UTC
Lisa Visentin
"Get Anne Twomey on the blower" really is the refrain of this Parliament
12 Feb, 05:56 AM UTC
sophist’s choice
easily the best thing about having gone to Sydney Law School is that I know exactly how excited Anne Twomey is today: i guarantee her whole body is vibrating at an audible frequency
12 Feb, 08:50 AM UTC
RN Drive
Listen back to constitutional expert Anne Twomey and Senator Nick McKim on the historical passing of the #medivac bill, as it happened RN Drive's photo on Anne Twomey
12 Feb, 07:59 AM UTC
Josh Butler
4pm: government tables advice saying the refugee bill is unconstutional 5pm: Anne Twomey says the parliament can still pass the bill anyway and that if the government loses then maybe they've lost control of parliament Josh Butler's photo on Anne Twomey
12 Feb, 06:20 AM UTC
Guardian Australia
Passing bill a potential 'no confidence' in government, constitutional expert Anne Twomey says. Follow the #politicslive blog for the latest: Guardian Australia's photo on Anne Twomey
12 Feb, 06:11 AM UTC
James O'Doherty
I've spoken to constitutional law expert Anne Twomey, who agrees with SG advice that bill is unconstitutional - but says the house can decide to vote on it if it wants @SkyNewsAust
12 Feb, 05:47 AM UTC
There’s absolutely nothing I love more than seeing Anne Twomey trending bc confusing shit has gone down in Parliament, bless her
12 Feb, 08:52 AM UTC
dunking dad
[to red hot chili peppers’ “give it away”] 🎤 when I got a constitutional conundrum / I call Anne Twomey
12 Feb, 09:51 AM UTC
Tony Dun
@jeremy_gans @politicsabc @kevinbonham @tomlowrey Anne Twomey explained that removing the remuneration requirements for the medicos meant it was no longer a money bill
12 Feb, 07:58 AM UTC
Charles Harvey
@BevanShields @ktibus What a fine mind Anne Twomey has!
12 Feb, 09:31 AM UTC
Karen Middleton
Anne Twomey told Sky the Sol-Gen's advice is fair & balanced. She said the High Court has ruled s53 of Constitution non justiciable - in other words, Parlt & not the court must decide if bill goes to a vote. But deeming it a money bill raises the confidence issue if it's passed.
12 Feb, 06:10 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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