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Adam Jahns
The officials have missed two facemask penalties on the Cowboys defense. #Bears WR Anthony Miller and TE J.P. Holtz both have had their facemasks grabbed after catches.
06 Dec, 02:15 AM UTC
Aaron Leming
That Anthony Miller drop is going to cause this game to look much closer than it actually was... #Bears
06 Dec, 04:13 AM UTC
David Helman
We had a really great view of that throw from the press box. Two different defenders, Jaylon Smith & Jourdan Lewis, had fantastic positioning to intercept or at least break up the pass. Instead, it's a crucial pickup for Anthony Miller.
06 Dec, 02:35 AM UTC
CBS Sports HQ
Mitchell Trubisky and Anthony Miller just broke this game wide open. (via @NFL) @CBSSportsHQ's photo on Anthony Miller
06 Dec, 03:09 AM UTC
Larry Mayer
Mitchell Trubisky throws his third TD pass of the game, hitting Anthony Miller for 14 yards to give the Bears a 24-7 lead midway through the third quarter. The Bears have scored on four straight possessions after opening-drive pick.
06 Dec, 03:07 AM UTC
Anthony Miller bursts into the end zone! #Bears up 24-7 👀 #DALvsCHI | #TNF (via @NFL) @PFF's photo on Anthony Miller
06 Dec, 03:11 AM UTC
Aaron Leming
#Bears had the 3rd down conversion but Anthony Miller drops it. They'll punt.
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
Robert Schmitz
I find myself just chuckling about Anthony Miller’s 3rd down drop. Maybe that’s just who he is — a talented playmaker that’s just gonna drop a ball per game. Not awesome, obviously we want that fixed, but tonight? I think we’ll survive. The 1st & 15 and the TD were awesome.
06 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Gilles Gallant
Cowboys-Bears TNF Anytime TD Scorers and Props RECAP: Anthony Miller +225✅ Blake Jarwin +700 🤞 Mitch Trubisky +1000✅ Bears 1st drive turnover +400✅ Finish up +15.25 units and Jarwin pending with 8 min to go. Done watching the Cowboys get scorched. I’m out!
06 Dec, 04:04 AM UTC
Matt Clapp
Gonna let that Anthony Miller drop slide for tonight. He had no business scoring a TD on the play he did earlier and has been balling lately.
06 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Dead Ass Reply Guy
That Anthony Miller drop would have sealed the game. Cmon kid gotta catch that! #DALvsCHI
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
@AaronLemingNFL Wouldn’t be a Bears game without a signficant Anthony Miller mistake
06 Dec, 04:14 AM UTC
Payton Havermann
I will not tweet mean things about Anthony Miller because he’s been good
06 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Charity Gray McSwain
Troy better quit talking shit about Anthony Miller!
06 Dec, 04:08 AM UTC
King Mac
Anthony Miller I wanted another TD
06 Dec, 04:04 AM UTC
the blue doodlebop
Anthony Miller has to catch that fucking ball
06 Dec, 04:06 AM UTC
Anthony Miller is so talented yet so inconsistent. Kind of maddening. #DALvsCHI
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
Rowan Thicc Appreciator
I mean if Anthony Miller could catch an easy throw this would be moot.
06 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
Aleks Kins DaBears!
Touchdown number three for Mitchell Trubisky. This one to Anthony Miller. Going to be another long week in Dallas. #Bears 24, Cowboys 7. #NFL #Chicago #DaBears
06 Dec, 04:15 AM UTC
If Anthony Miller makes that easy catch, ballgame is over. Now Dallas cuts lead to 10.
06 Dec, 04:14 AM UTC
Colton Smith
Remember that Anthony Miller drop, would have milked at least another 2 minutes off the clock if that ball is caught on 3rd down. Guys a bum.
06 Dec, 04:14 AM UTC
Alexander Rodriguez
Man Troy trying to take any shot he can on Anthony Miller so Joe can stop asking him about the Cowboys. You hate to hear it. #Bears
06 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Hey Anthony Miller maybe catch the damn ball
06 Dec, 04:07 AM UTC
Blake Van Poucke
Anthony Miller needs to get past his drop issues. It's really held him back this season. #Bears
06 Dec, 04:06 AM UTC
Andrew Harshaw
Michael Gallup and Anthony Miller sharing drops
06 Dec, 04:06 AM UTC
Colton Smith
Anthony Miller drop again!!! People forget the Bears receivers have the most drops in the NFL.
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
Donnie Shea
@FISTFootball @ChicagoBears I tend to agree with you, though as a WR coach and Memphis/Anthony Miller fan I wish I didn’t lol
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
Jason Davis
If you had the Anthony Miller yards prop, that just killed you
06 Dec, 04:05 AM UTC
Connie Carberg
Amazing how Anthony Miller drops a perfect third down pass that would really put Cowboys away and they then score. Not over yet! #bearsvsCowboys
06 Dec, 04:16 AM UTC

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