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12 hour stream tomorrow. Fortnite into apex solos into fortnite scrims. 1000 gifted subs to whoever you guys want if I don’t wake up.
13 Aug, 06:49 AM UTC
Apex Legends
Tune in tomorrow as your favorite streamers go head-to-head to battle it out for the right to wear the crown in the Twitch Rivals Apex Solos Showdown! The action begins at 1PM PST: https://t.co/OFhxyh5QWU @PlayApex's photo on Apex Solos
13 Aug, 11:18 PM UTC
My theory is that 10.10 is delayed because of apex solos coming out. If they see a big enough hit on fortnite then they’ll do something more serious about the mechs. This happened when Apex first came out, so it could happen again.
13 Aug, 04:32 AM UTC
Had a great time today In Apex Solos, More tomorrow, including @Twitch Rivals Tournament! #Apex #ApexLegends #ApexLegendsClips @TSMViss's photo on Apex Solos
13 Aug, 10:00 PM UTC
Do you know what? WE ARE DOING A BONUS STREAM! Checking out the new mode in Apex - SOLOS! https://t.co/eCVmsVjNcn #ad
13 Aug, 06:32 PM UTC
13 Aug, 05:09 PM UTC
Malicious Hec ⚠️
Apex Solos Suck Tbh, Nothing But Third Parties and Campers 🤦‍♂️
13 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC
RigMo (RIGorMOrtis99)
One of my best friends @Kiitarie is live RIGHT NOW playing APEX Solos! Come on in and check her out! We would love to see you in chat. #twitch #YearOfTheKiit https://t.co/zbAECfXR3B
13 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
looks like imma grind more fortnite arena, then maybe play some apex solos later
13 Aug, 11:20 PM UTC
Apex solos was...... Interesting. Lots of campers. COME OUT AND FIGHT ME!
13 Aug, 11:29 PM UTC
Mark Webb
Apex solos tonight! BONUS: Divinity: OS2 Definitive Edition Co-Op with Xela afterwards! #ApexLegends #apexsolo #RPG #fps #twitch #twitchstreamer #twitchstream #TwitchAffilate #stream #streaming #StreamerNetwork #streamers #gaming #atlanta #steampunk https://t.co/UBSgl69c2G
13 Aug, 11:19 PM UTC
13 Aug, 11:26 PM UTC
TUESDAY NIGHT? Wow today flew by..... Hope yall have been having an AMAZING DAY! If not hopefully we can boost your mood ever so slightly! LETS GET IT! Gonna start with some Apex....SOLOS? and see where that goes! Love yall! https://t.co/3V0cGflj6x
13 Aug, 11:21 PM UTC
Dark Skinned DJ Jigg
Apex solos is so hard 😂😂😂
13 Aug, 11:21 PM UTC
Back to the stream grind tonight. Either going to stream Apex Solos or some Madden MUT solos. Either way i am going live at 7:00 pm. https://t.co/CO6MPq1iUv #twitchstreamer #twitchaffiliate
13 Aug, 11:17 PM UTC
Air Drop Crates™
Apex solos have dropped today! Who's ready to conquer this mode for the next few weeks? You can pick up this Apex Legends tumbler in our FPS crate available in our past crates section on https://t.co/nfK7Au5VTH https://t.co/9D69L0yH2X
13 Aug, 11:30 PM UTC
Zoöphagous Maniac
OW is basically dead until they stop enforcing that sh*tty role queue. In other news, I was wrong, Apex solos are actually fun and competitively rewarding. https://t.co/r3UPDQcMQg
13 Aug, 11:29 PM UTC
🇨🇦 vQ | stealth_74 🇨🇦
🔴🔴We are Live🔴🔴 Let's try to stay alive, Apex solos are out!! All my socials at - https://t.co/EsBFHIkRbi or https://t.co/TnZ9xOTOT1 @vQGaming @vQpromo #teamb42 #VanquishTheCompetition https://t.co/90VIMq3nfd
13 Aug, 11:29 PM UTC
Vito Crispy
13 Aug, 11:27 PM UTC
jake gagric
Apex solos 👀
13 Aug, 11:27 PM UTC
My neighbors probably hate me right now. Apex solos is making me fuckin rage lol
13 Aug, 11:26 PM UTC
apex solos are so much fun!
13 Aug, 11:21 PM UTC
Yooooo Apex solos is a strange place. @StreamUg 🤣😂 https://t.co/5YCpD1gKqQ #ApexLegends #apexlegendssolo #Twitch #Twitchtv #Gaming #Solo #Solos #Streamer #XboxOne #WTF https://t.co/qcW8QAeIv6
13 Aug, 11:20 PM UTC
Going to play some Apex solos tonight then keep working on some top secrets projects 😎
13 Aug, 11:20 PM UTC
🌟Sephamus Prime🌟
How've the #apex solos been? Gimme' the deets.
13 Aug, 11:20 PM UTC