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With less than two months to go, here's how https://t.co/Z3s2EpgF39 sees the Cy Young races shaking out. https://t.co/jbY3aOC40v (MLB x @MattressFirm) @MLB's photo on Apple TV
12 Aug, 03:23 PM UTC
First look at ‘LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY’, starring Brie Larson and Lewis Pullman, for Apple TV+ https://t.co/4BUN0f2ct9
12 Aug, 08:36 PM UTC
Film Updates
First look at Brie Larson and Lewis Pullman in Apple TV+ series ‘Lessons in Chemistry.’ Set in the early 60s, it follows Elizabeth (Larson), whose dream of being a scientist is put on hold in a society deeming that women belong in the domestic sphere, not the professional one. https://t.co/vCsa4DEizr
12 Aug, 10:01 PM UTC
Anthony DiComo
According to Buck Showalter on the Apple TV+ broadcast, Jeff McNeil left tonight's game due to a cut on one of his hands. Eduardo Escobar departed because of a side injury.
13 Aug, 12:13 AM UTC
Marc Luino
I blame Apple TV for that loss
13 Aug, 02:07 AM UTC
Ian Zelbo
Why do they force broadcasters to use AirPods Max on Apple TV baseball 💀 https://t.co/xBSdwS8d2O
13 Aug, 12:26 AM UTC
Film Updates
Lewis Pullman, Aja Naomi King, Thomas Mann, Patrick Walker, Stephanie Koenig, Kevin Sussman and Beau Bridges join Brie Larson in Apple TV+ series ‘Lessons in Chemistry.’ (https://t.co/nzKha2C3oZ) https://t.co/n0Yhg6k2mF
12 Aug, 10:00 PM UTC
Deadline Hollywood
Apple TV+ has rounded out the ensemble cast for ‘Lessons In Chemistry’ as production begins on the drama series, starring and executive produced by Oscar winner Brie Larson https://t.co/28zv8rsfGU
12 Aug, 08:55 PM UTC
『キャプテン・マーベル』のブリー・ラーソン主演・製作総指揮Apple TV+配信ドラマ『Lessons in Chemistry』の画像が公開。1950年代、シングルマザーとなり科学者の道を断たれたエリザベス・ゾットが料理番組司会で人気となり、再び科学の道を目指す―。ルイス・プルマン共演 https://t.co/5z8j8WqKXd https://t.co/zyMQAXSF3w
12 Aug, 09:59 PM UTC
From 'Black Bird' to 'Pachinko,' the platform is absolutely loaded with digital content. https://t.co/BYCPn1939P
12 Aug, 05:32 PM UTC
apple tv so two thousand and late https://t.co/Swp6bZcL3F
13 Aug, 02:32 AM UTC
Entretenimiento La República
Lee Min Ho ganó premio por "Pachinko", serie que lo alejó de ser un 'galán de K-dramas' Aclamado por su trabajo como Hansu. #YounYuhJung, actriz principal en #Pachinko de #AppleTV, también fue reconocida en los Gold Derby TV Awards 2022. #LeeMinHo https://t.co/6CVmLXfFds
12 Aug, 09:19 PM UTC
브리 라슨 (Brie Larson) Apple TV+의 'LESSONS IN CHEMISTRY’ 첫 스틸. 1960년대를 배경으로 과학자를 꿈꾸지만 여성에게는 과학자가 전문분야가 아닌 가정 영역에 속한다고 생각하는 사회에 고착된 Elizabeth Zott. 그녀는 임신한 상태에서 연구실에서 해고되는데. 8부작, 라슨은 프로듀서로도 참여 https://t.co/WvNcftEww6 https://t.co/T8aPjJvYNR
13 Aug, 12:53 AM UTC
Anyone else frustrated with @control4 systems in their home? inherited 2 systems (primary & vacation home) absurdly expensive to just make simple changes requires a consultant for every little change.. u can’t login to you own equipment!? Apple TV + Sonos are better
13 Aug, 04:43 AM UTC
I want to reach you direct!!!! We are available in the Apple and Google Play stores. We can be downloaded on all Apple and Android phones; Apple TV; Android TV; Roku; Amazon Fire TV; XBOX One; and Samsung TV. #BlackOwnedMediaMatters
13 Aug, 04:31 AM UTC
The Lee Min Ho Brand
✨LEE MIN HO won an award for #Pachinko, a series that took him away from being a 'kdrama hearthrob'✨ #LeeMinho's talent and hardwork getting recognition once again but this time in Hollywood👏🥳🏆 https://t.co/rJZDX4bmWq https://t.co/zKA0PTXBZi
13 Aug, 04:22 AM UTC
Stoner Philly Fan
This Apple TV crew makes me yearn for Ben Davis
12 Aug, 11:36 PM UTC
Doctor Emmit Brown
@choochoobear @sohmer Tv show on Apple TV. Alt history where the Soviets won the race to the moon, so the space race never ended. We landed on mars in the 90s. Season 3 just ended, on a heck of a bang.
13 Aug, 04:31 AM UTC
I just bought an Apple TV
13 Aug, 04:27 AM UTC
John Juston
I blame Apple TV for the loss #lgm
13 Aug, 02:06 AM UTC
@Bunty2134 apple tv ka v subscription hai 🤝🤠 dekhta hun aaj 😅😅
13 Aug, 04:39 AM UTC
Bunty 🇮🇳🚩
@itxcheemrag Apple Tv ki hai 2022 mein aayi 3 din pehle hi last episode aaya hai
13 Aug, 04:36 AM UTC
Maura Di Muro (she/her)
@bhillwarner Gah! Did you at least make your amazing resto resi?! - I second station Eleven - marvelous Mrs Maisel (Amazon prime) - the bear (Hulu) - Emily in Paris (netflix) - f boy island (yes really, hbo) - severance (Apple TV) You can really see my range of taste here 🥲😛💪🏻✌🏻 get well
13 Aug, 04:27 AM UTC
open | hulu amazon netflix turnitin
🐠 selling premiums apple tv apple news appe music apple arcade apple fitness straight sub ph https://t.co/YQcqqebLgX
12 Aug, 11:05 AM UTC
@Rockfan22 Soon. I need to get Apple TV
13 Aug, 04:24 AM UTC
Hisami 🇲🇽 | My Policeman | 🍇🛰️
@1DfansFanslove1 Creo que en apple TV bestie
13 Aug, 04:17 AM UTC
The Fat Man
#NFL plus game replay does not work on Apple TV so don’t even try it #nflplus #NFLGamePass #NFL+
13 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
Mike Stoughton
@Phillies Agreed, but without audio. “The Phillies got him!” That just sounded so weird. I believe the correct call is “…and he is OUT at home plate! We’re going to the 10th!” Apple TV nonsense.
13 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
daisyଓ ; open | premium accounts
❏ apple tv 𓄼 3 months - ₱180 𓄼 4 months - ₱235 ❏ apple arcade 𓄼 3 months - ₱180 ❏ iCloud+ w/ 50gb 𓄼 3 months - ₱ 160 ❏ apple music 𓄼 4 months - ₱ 100
13 Aug, 04:45 AM UTC
@MichelArouca @bclemente22 @alebonfacardoso @a_alinediniz vocês precisam falar sobre 5 days at memorial, nova série da Apple TV+. Simplesmente grudei na TV até matar os 3 primeiros eps!
13 Aug, 04:44 AM UTC