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vian 🌐
i still can't comprehend probability and the exam is in a couple hours. i am 95% confident that the interval (0,1) captures the true mean score of what my dumb ass is going to get. #apstats https://t.co/o9cIIc5XWv
22 May, 05:46 AM UTC
anna :)
My grandfather collecting his last quartz and valuable onyx jewels. #APStats https://t.co/exkASeAwV7
22 May, 05:36 PM UTC
thank god we have this to help us thru this fuken test 🙏 #apstats #apstatistics https://t.co/vv1FMtjgA8
22 May, 03:47 PM UTC
emely 💐
was that ap stats test easy or am i just stupid and did everything wrong #apstats https://t.co/0pFExaa1i2
22 May, 06:51 PM UTC
Princess Chicken 🐔
I have a 95% confidence that I did not pass the #apstats exam and that’s on a=0.05 https://t.co/jJhQmDwkE6
22 May, 06:43 PM UTC
okay all jokes aside what the fuck is the difference between a t and z test #apstats #apstatistics https://t.co/ewB1dBmtDt
22 May, 08:16 AM UTC
zoe - nsfr
when i open the first AP stats question and it’s not probability #apstat #apstats #apstatistics https://t.co/iMBoFBXV9F
22 May, 06:56 PM UTC
When your fate for the entire course will be determined by two random 20 minute questions #apstats #apstatistics #collegeboard https://t.co/kM42SbJxrZ
22 May, 05:26 PM UTC
Ernesto 🎯
When you don’t understand part d but part e makes you use your answer from part d 😭 #apstats https://t.co/2IbUx5mEPI
22 May, 06:52 PM UTC
when you studied all these formulas and there’s no math involve. #apstats https://t.co/K1PtMteVqR
22 May, 07:11 PM UTC
me when my #apstats exam asks me about statistics https://t.co/Lt4OSw0bjY
22 May, 05:21 PM UTC
kenzie 🦋
me testing the significance of my life rn #apstats https://t.co/G0h4Dn3eXB
22 May, 05:00 PM UTC
is it just me or was there no fucking math on the apstats test #apstats https://t.co/d9mpzjgOnH
22 May, 06:58 PM UTC
wotamelon sugar🍉
i am 99% confident that the predicted score that i will receive from this exam will fall between the interval [0,1] #apstats
22 May, 05:43 PM UTC
the AP stats test in 4 pictures #apstats https://t.co/nr8ls9KDWT
22 May, 06:50 PM UTC
#apstat #apstats #apstatistics idk what a confidence interval is i just know i'm confident i didnt get a 5 on this test https://t.co/dE9CKfKX5v
22 May, 06:52 PM UTC
issa phae
them telling me “do not make a statistical inference” as if i know how to do that #apstats https://t.co/HydHs6B2cR
22 May, 06:55 PM UTC
how am i gonna take this AP exam knowing I’ve survived on smart students during partner quizzes to make it look like I know what I’m doing #apstats #apstatistics https://t.co/NeactMtj2i
22 May, 06:43 AM UTC
me during the whole ap stat exam #apstat #apstatistics #apstats https://t.co/0c0UKskYD2
22 May, 07:01 PM UTC
ky 🌻
college board when I start talking about simple random samples when my question is finding confidence intervals #apstats https://t.co/sxBKyKyRaS
22 May, 05:52 PM UTC
me realizing the exam is in under an hour and I can’t even tell you what a statistic is #APStats #APStatistics https://t.co/rr0yq7R6gB
22 May, 05:15 PM UTC
Syeda Afroj
When you’ve studied the formulas and State-Plan-Do-Conclude scenarios so much and no math is even involved on the exam #apstats #apstatistics #apstat https://t.co/3YWadyY1fk
22 May, 07:06 PM UTC
wdym i had to write out the hypotheses #apstats https://t.co/SCDha2SacL
22 May, 06:59 PM UTC
POV: you’re the college board man behind my monitor camera watching me conduct a one sample t test instead of a one sample z test #apstats https://t.co/wPoFBk3SsA
22 May, 05:44 PM UTC
me explaining the distribution of a boxplot with the time limit we got #apstats #apstatistics #apstat https://t.co/yddWkZxT1s
22 May, 07:22 PM UTC
me after staring at the first question for 15 minutes and only having the letter A written down #APStats #APStatistics https://t.co/77bLaQMHYX
22 May, 07:07 PM UTC
some #apstats note sheets for the exam! https://t.co/m5Ros11ahe
22 May, 04:22 PM UTC
KayKay 🧞‍♀️
Ik I failed when I didn’t even used the 100 dollar calculator that I bought specifically for the class:) #apstatistics #apstats https://t.co/qk1W4cHEw5
22 May, 07:06 PM UTC
m ⁷ // D2
I’ve never felt more confident about a test than #apstats so that only means one thing.. I got a 1 or a 5 https://t.co/jMdku6w3bQ
22 May, 07:05 PM UTC
Mandy Jenkins
if the p is low, reject the ho #apstats
22 May, 05:23 PM UTC