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Thomas Massie
Last week, Democrats in the House passed a bill to ban Americans from buying AR-15s, calling the AR-15 a “weapon of war.” They exempted IRS from the ban. This week they will add tens of thousands of IRS agents to the budget. Meanwhile they posted this: https://t.co/qz8xbBMDt7 @RepThomasMassie's photo on AR-15
11 Aug, 11:59 AM UTC
Ryan J. Reilly
.@KenDilanianNBC: "Two law enforcement sources briefed on the matter tell NBC News a man entered an FBI field office today in Cincinnati, Ohio and fired a nail gun at law enforcement personnel. The male then held up an AR-15 style rifle before fleeing in a vehicle."
11 Aug, 04:08 PM UTC
Rex Chapman🏇🏼
If a guy can just mosey into an FBI building, shoot a nail gun, brandish an AR-15, and then flee safely — do we really still believe arming school teachers will work?
11 Aug, 04:26 PM UTC
Kyle Griffin
NBC News: The man armed with an AR-15-style rifle who fired a nail gun into an FBI building in Cincinnati has died after a police pursuit and standoff. Two officials familiar with the matter identified the suspect as Ricky Walter Shiffer and said he was at the Capitol on Jan. 6.
11 Aug, 11:00 PM UTC
John Collins
I bet it was easier for him to get the AR-15 than the nailgun.
11 Aug, 09:42 PM UTC
Beau of The Fifth Column
To all the gun nuts screaming: "haha he said ak-15. That's not a real gun." Yeah, probably meant AR-15. Also, AK-15 is a thing developed by Ratnik. It's been public for like half a decade. Have a good day.
11 Aug, 07:17 PM UTC
All MAGA are Mother Fuckers and should be called such. The time for kindness ended when a dude laughed about children being killed by an AR-15.
11 Aug, 12:30 PM UTC
Don Lewis
The guy who attacked the FBI today? The nail gun and AR-15 guy? Yup, he was also there on J6. Are you surprised? (HT: @ryanjreilly)
11 Aug, 10:15 PM UTC
Amy Siskind 🏳️‍🌈
Trump and Republican rhetoric incited a MAGAt, who participated in Jan 6, to try to storm the FBI field office in Cincinnati. He was armed with an AR-15. He was shot dead after being confronted and trying to flee. Silence from Republican lawmakers. You are inciting violence!!!
11 Aug, 10:39 PM UTC
dara faye
A man armed with an AR-15 rifle and a freakin nail gun attempted to breach a Cincinnati FBI building. I’m sure it’s completely unrelated to the FBI raiding Mar-A-Lago. Nobody would be so stupid as to defend Donald Trump’s honor like this, right? 🥴
11 Aug, 04:43 PM UTC
The Associated Press
Democrat Beto O'Rourke responded to a heckler at a campaign stop with an expletive after the Texas gubernatorial candidate heard a laugh while criticizing the ease with which the Uvalde elementary school gunman legally purchased an AR-15-style rifle. https://t.co/HlC6iS4JYA
11 Aug, 09:30 PM UTC
Kelly ツ🛹
Abbott's groupies are showing up at Beto's townhalls carrying AR-15's. They've smeared motor oil on the steps outside the venues. They have heckled him relentlessly. Thru it, Beto has stayed cool/calm but when one of them laughed about dead children, he had enough! #BuckleUpMFers
11 Aug, 04:03 AM UTC
UPDATE: The man, identified as 42-year-old Ricky Shiffer, fired a nail gun at the building before fleeing in his car and later firing on cops with an AR-15. https://t.co/qCGubwONiS
11 Aug, 10:35 PM UTC
Charles Jaco
The guy with the AR-15, body armor, and a nail gun (?!) who attacked the FBI office in Cincinnati is one of the Jan. 6 MAGA lunatics. This is terrorism, egged on by the @GOP and Trump cultists. He's now joined the Ashli Babbitt Terror Cell. But there are lots more out there. https://t.co/9c3S94kHmI
11 Aug, 10:45 PM UTC
Man armed with AR-15 style rifle shoots into FBI Cincinnati building with a nail gun and flees, leading to interstate standoff https://t.co/22CusE7JbI
11 Aug, 11:10 PM UTC
Dr. RawheaD
最後のこの投稿は、襲撃を試みた直前か。AR-15とネイルガンを持っていた、と報道されてて、「なんでネイルガン???」って思ってたんだけど、ネイルガンを使えば防弾ガラスを割れる、と思い込んでたようだ。防弾ガラス突破が成功してたらFBIの建物に入って一定の「成功」を収められたんだろうな https://t.co/V8utcZyWwF
11 Aug, 11:06 PM UTC
@KenDilanianNBC @jonathan4ny @ryanjreilly He tried to shatter bullet proof glass with a nail gun and it didn’t work. He also had an AR-15 so his plan was to kill FBI employees if the glass broke. DONALD TRUMP AND THE @GOP is responsible for this! Wow! https://t.co/NhpP8U9Ro0
11 Aug, 11:21 PM UTC
So I’m guessing #MAGA nation really thinks there’s going to be some 78,000 IRS clerks, examiners, and auditors sitting in cubicles, going over tax returns, with a pistol on their hip and an AR-15 in the corner: https://t.co/6s3If59nO3
11 Aug, 08:44 PM UTC
Law&Crime Network
Rabbi Bradd Boxman discussed his conversation with former Florida Governor #RickScott on citizens owning AR-15s after the #Parkland massacre. "But I did ask him and I said, 'why in God's name does any citizen need an AR-15?'" Rabbi Boxman said. @LawCrimeNetwork's photo on AR-15
11 Aug, 03:22 PM UTC
José Valle
Viernes a las 15;45 hs.,hablaremos de Ken Buchanan , en el micro de boxeo "Noche de Ko" en el programa @alacanchabb transmitido por Radio Altos 97.9 @radioaltos Cierre musical con Roberto Rimoldi Fraga https://t.co/YUO1ezVNOo #boxing #boxeo #Historia #radio https://t.co/W1PwprDPvM
11 Aug, 11:26 PM UTC
Radio Nacional AM870
Fernanda Raverta: "Cumplimos con nuestro compromiso, en esta gestión los jubilados no pierden" En #PaseLoQuePase, @VillarruelDario habló con la titular de @ansesgob, @FerRaverta, sobre el aumento por movilidad del 15,53 % https://t.co/heHRE06qXC @NacionalAM870's photo on AR-15
11 Aug, 11:39 AM UTC
Michele🌻🇺🇦 🕊🆘SaveUkraine🇺🇦🆘🌻
The armed man who breach the FBI’s office was shot & killed by police after he fled the scene,leading to an hourlong standoff this afternoon,Ohio State Patrol said. The man wearing body armor was shot after he raised his AR-15 at police. He also took part at the 1/6 insurrection https://t.co/h6AKY45PIu
11 Aug, 11:08 PM UTC
@lindoyle2 @bblock29 Karma comes quick and sometimes, if we’re lucky, it happens in real time. This is proof the arc of justice is still in full effect. Truth Social is a INCEL hangout for cosplaying Mel Gibson in the Patriot, with and AR-15 and ED.
11 Aug, 11:42 PM UTC
JUST CALL ME J.C 🇺🇸 🌴🇨🇦🌴
@Angry_Staffer Another idiot that legally walked into a gun shop and bought an AR-15. They are a dime a dozen. Gotta love those Republican laws.
11 Aug, 11:42 PM UTC
Paula Bennett
@joncoopertweets You ok with IRS coming after Americans with AR 15’s? Are you an idiot?
11 Aug, 11:46 PM UTC
@RepDonBacon Do you have any idea how stupid you look from these words? A man who was at the Capitol on J6 took an AR-15 to an FBI office in OH today, intent on killing agents. You need to issue a public apology for this reckless, ignorant statement. Do better.
11 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC
"It may be funny to you mother f*cker, but it's not funny to me." Beto O'Rourke shuts down man who laughed about AR-15 used in Uvalde #Texas if you don’t put ⁦@BetoORourke⁩ in as Gov and kick that POS ⁦@GregAbbott_TX⁩ out you are plain stupid https://t.co/XUrC2YOLZ5
11 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC
@SenTedCruz Hey Cancun. What's up? Have you heard about your brother with AR-15 who tried to kill FBI in Cincinnati?
11 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC
@IKintobor @AP @BetoORourke As I mentioned they are truly quite different. I think lots of people think these guns are more deadly than others. That’s not the case. I’ve linked several times the info on the AR 15.
11 Aug, 11:45 PM UTC