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PBS NewsHour
Since Fred Rogers' death, evidence has mounted that he was on to something – namely, that love and kindness truly are healthful, and that people who express them regularly really do lead healthier lives. (via @ConversationUS) #143DayInPA #143DayEdu
23 May, 07:02 PM UTC


USAC Racing
Chris Windom goes for an absolutely terrible flip down the front straightaway while leading, flipping several times. He climbs out and walks away! #HoosierHundred
24 May, 01:24 AM UTC


#QuestionsIOftenAskMyself Why did I come into this room? Kitty🐱's photo on #QuestionsIOftenAskMyself
23 May, 06:00 PM UTC


Team Penske
Stars, Stripes and Lites on Brad @keselowski’s @MillerLite Ford this weekend! 🍻🇺🇸🇺🇸 RT if you like these colors! #NASCAR | #CocaCola600 Team Penske's photo on #CocaCola600
23 May, 06:55 PM UTC


Rex the TV terrier
A few choices tonight #RedNoseDay , #FarrahFawcett, #youngSheldon #LifeInPieces . But the thing I'm excited about is the return of #Elementary at 10 Rex the TV terrier's photo on #FarrahFawcett
24 May, 12:00 AM UTC


10 seconds of perfection - the fastest stoppage in PFL history! Movlid Khaybulaev moves to 14-0. Khaybulaev earns 6 points with the 1st Round KO #PFLmma #PFL2 #PFLmma's photo on #PFL2
24 May, 12:05 AM UTC


Come As You Asphalt. #RoadTripRockAndRoll Marc's photo on #RoadTripRockAndRoll
23 May, 11:00 PM UTC


🐌 Lola 🐌
Uncle Jesse... The mullet, the dashing good looks... Have mercy #1stTVCrush 🐌 Lola 🐌's photo on #1stTVCrush
23 May, 04:31 PM UTC


Marvel Entertainment
Only two episodes of the season left. Watch a new episode of "Marvel’s @CloakAndDagger" TONIGHT at 8pm/7c on @FreeformTV. #CloakAndDagger Marvel Entertainment's photo on #CloakAndDagger
23 May, 05:00 PM UTC


Happy Declass Day💥💥💥👏👏👏 Trump gives AG Barr authority to declassify documents related to 2016 campaign surveillance @POTUS @GenFlynn #QAnon #Jeopardy #WWG1WGA
24 May, 12:47 AM UTC

Game of Thrones Extra

Jared Wade
Woman sitting courtside at the Bucks game next to this Game of Thrones extra has the best shirt. Jared Wade's photo on Game of Thrones Extra
24 May, 12:43 AM UTC

Matt Harvey

Paul Allen
What the #mntwins just did to Angels pitcher Matt Harvey should be felonious in 48 states. Eight runs, four home runs, one fat L for Matt. Wow. #RotatingBooth.
23 May, 08:55 PM UTC

Brandon White

WVU Baseball
Another day, another #SCTop10-worthy catch for Brandon White!! Hey @SportsCenter & @NCAACWS, we have your No. 1 play again. E-6, WVU 2, TTU 1 📺 FCSC, FSSW, FSMW, 📻 @WVUIMGSports, #HailWV WVU Baseball's photo on Brandon White
24 May, 12:43 AM UTC

Ever the Same

Rob Thomas
Hey guys. If you had a chance on any night to hear either Pieces or Ever The Same. Which would you want to hear?
23 May, 08:42 PM UTC

Jose Calderon
Remember when Jose Calderon busted Kyrie Irving’s ass? Kyrie does! KD, AI, GP, Wade & other NBA players answer “Who was the first person to bust yo' ass?” (Via @21Blackking, #KnuckleUp Podcast)'s photo on Jose Calderon
24 May, 12:06 AM UTC


Kristin Cavallari
OMG! ROSANNA! And Tyler’s ex isn’t even here yet 🙈@ParadiseHotel #ParadiseHotel
24 May, 12:16 AM UTC

Knights of the Old Republic

A new Star Wars movie based on Knights of the Old Republic is reportedly in the works. IGN's photo on Knights of the Old Republic
24 May, 12:31 AM UTC

Mallory Edens

Complex Sports
Mallory Edens, the daughter of the Bucks owner, is wearing a @PUSHA_T shirt in response to Drake’s antics. 😭 Complex Sports's photo on Mallory Edens
24 May, 01:15 AM UTC

Crazy Nancy

Kyle Morris
President Trump on “crazy” Nancy Pelosi: “She's not the same person. She's lost it.” Kyle Morris's photo on Crazy Nancy
23 May, 08:39 PM UTC


Yahoo Sports
Aaron Rodgers: "Game of Thrones" extra, NFL MVP, terrible beer chugger 😂 Yahoo Sports's photo on NFL MVP
24 May, 12:56 AM UTC

Jeopardy James

Helen Teague
This has been so much fun to watch! Congrats champ James Holzhauer!!!! #jeopardy James Holzhauer wins 25th 'Jeopardy!' game, starts donating prize money utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons via @nypost
23 May, 11:56 PM UTC

Dionne Warwick

eric ☥
dionne warwick helped open the doors for damn near every black female performer in contemporary music. ya’ll not about to drag the first black female pop star, nah.
23 May, 10:32 PM UTC

David Bakhtiari

Aaron Rodgers is no match for David Bakhtiari when it comes to chugging beer 🍺😂 (via @Bucks) ESPN's photo on David Bakhtiari
24 May, 12:52 AM UTC


Natasha Bertrand
BREAKING: A grand jury in the Eastern District of Virginia has returned an 18-count superseding indictment against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, DOJ officials tell us. He's been charged with violating the Espionage Act. Story TK.
23 May, 07:57 PM UTC


Isaac CB
I want so badly for there to be a great Star Wars RPG. It's so sad to me that the last Star Wars game I really loved was KOTOR which came out in 2003 - there's so much to pull from in this universe that's being missed out on! Give me Witcher 3, but Star Wars PLEASE!
23 May, 04:37 PM UTC


Bleacher Report
Kemba set himself up to get PAID 💰 By making All NBA Third Team, he officially qualifies for the supermax this summer ($221M, five years) Bleacher Report's photo on Kemba
23 May, 06:18 PM UTC


#InsteadOfGoodbye I love you 3000 Ziggy's photo on #InsteadOfGoodbye
24 May, 12:33 AM UTC


#SaveSocialBlade YouTube plans to stop real time live sub counts! (RT) & post your own tweet to #SaveSocialBlade
23 May, 10:25 PM UTC


Vinny Guadagnino
Pauly is weirdly talented at random things like roller skating. Who the fuck roller skates? #DoubleShotAtLove
24 May, 12:18 AM UTC


Ted Lieu
Tomorrow I'm going to order my staff to line up and tell me what a calm, stable, & very smart person I am. Awww, just kidding. I'm not a #stablegenius & my staff are not sycophants like @KellyannePolls. Also, why is Trump suing to eliminate coverage for pre-existing conditions?
23 May, 11:03 PM UTC


Jack Posobiec 🇺🇸
Why are the Krassensteins banned? Twitter should not silence political voices on either side of the aisle Freedom of speech means freedom for all
23 May, 11:50 PM UTC

Laeta Kalogridis

BuzzFeed News
NEW: A movie based on Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic — the beloved video game first released in 2003 — is being written by Laeta Kalogridis for Lucasfilm
23 May, 11:01 PM UTC

William Byron

Retweet to congratulate William Byron! He's the youngest driver in NASCAR history to win the #COCACOLA600 pole. FOX: NASCAR's photo on William Byron
24 May, 12:01 AM UTC

Mac Williamson

Alex Pavlovic
Mac Williamson is the fifth Giant to strike out five times in one game. Not what he needed given how the last couple of weeks have gone.
24 May, 12:04 AM UTC


Destiny The Game
Have a sudden craving for Ether? The Ether Supply Bundle is now available from Eververse. Destiny The Game's photo on Eververse
23 May, 05:01 PM UTC

damon jackson

Ariel Helwani
My word, Movlid Khaybulaev just landed a vicious flying knee on Damon Jackson. Painful to watch. If you aren’t watching PFL, put on ESPN2 right now for the replay.
23 May, 11:48 PM UTC


엔시티 NCT 127 사녹 팬매니저 공지 리슨에서 받은 순서는 입장순서 아니고 오는 순서대로 선착순 입장 명단을 하건 말던 그건 팬들끼리 알아서 정하고 본인들은 왔을 때 줄만 잘 서있으면 된다함 👏👏👏👏👏리슨신청 + 명단제 확정ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
23 May, 11:46 PM UTC

Jimmie Ward

Ian Rapoport
#49ers S Jimmie Ward did, in fact, fracture his collarbone, sources tell me and @MikeGarafolo. Out for the rest of the spring, though his exact timetable is not yet clear.
23 May, 09:38 PM UTC


Carrie ❤️ America 🇺🇸
Listen to this Patriot brother Dionne Alexander 🔥: “You are no more Mexican, than I am an African, You are an American First! We share an American culture, we share an American flag 🇺🇸” Retweet if you agree! ❤️🇺🇸 #AmericaFirst #ThrowbackThursday Carrie ❤️ America 🇺🇸's photo on Dionne
23 May, 02:11 PM UTC


I'll be writing the TWAB next week. Here are some topics you can expect. 💠Pinnacle weapons preview 💠Some Sandbox buffs 💠More Season of Opulence info
24 May, 12:00 AM UTC

Solo 2

Me when Solo 2 will be announced #MakeSolo2Happen Jaeger_DK's photo on Solo 2
23 May, 01:46 PM UTC

J. Cole & Travis Scott

Young Thug - The London (feat. J. Cole & Travis Scott) Dropping at 6pm EST 🎪's photo on J. Cole & Travis Scott
23 May, 09:28 PM UTC


Shaun King
Michael Thompson has served 25 years in prison for selling weed. He's 68 years old. His mother died while he was in prison. His father died while he was in prison. His only son died while he was in prison. And he has 40 years left in his sentence. #FreeMichaelThompson
23 May, 09:05 PM UTC


taekook 💭
@BTS_twt We got another episode of RJ on that Private Jet life (Have a safe flight, luvs💜)
23 May, 11:14 PM UTC

Bobby Joe Long

BREAKING: Florida has executed serial killer Bobby Joe Long; he was pronounced dead at 6:55 p.m.
23 May, 11:06 PM UTC


Jeff D King of the Monsters
There's a beautiful irony in Coca-Cola's store crashing online as they attempt to sell the failure that was #NewCoke. Jeff D King of the Monsters's photo on #NewCoke
23 May, 09:15 PM UTC


Disney Parks
Soarin’ Over California returns to Disney California Adventure park this June for a limited time! Details: Disney Parks's photo on Soarin
23 May, 09:04 PM UTC


ʸᵒᵘʳ ᶠᵃᵛᵒʳⁱᵗᵉ ᴳᵉᵐⁱⁿⁱ ♊️
tupac said, “you bring me to a climax without sex" that's the type of love i need
23 May, 06:47 PM UTC

Tyler Chatwood

Chicago Cubs
Four innings of one-run ball from Tyler Chatwood to earn the win! His season ERA: 2.86 #EverybodyIn
23 May, 03:12 AM UTC


NCAA Track & Field
Time to level ⬆️! Today #ncaaTF Prelims get underway! Get all your Prelim info here. 👉 NCAA Track & Field's photo on #NCAATF
23 May, 01:28 PM UTC


What do I have to do to be taken seriously! And why are people sooo jealous. It is a burden to be the smartest Bobcat in the room. Oh, and BUY MY GAME #BubsyPawsOnFire #JeopardyJames Bubsy's photo on #JeopardyJames
23 May, 06:01 PM UTC


easy breezy beautiful thugger girl
23 May, 11:12 PM UTC

Uncle Misha

Genevieve Padalecki
@mishacollins Oh, she wasn’t scared! I had just told her we couldn’t go see Uncle Misha later. (Her daddy usually reacts the same way.)
23 May, 10:17 PM UTC

Joyner Lucas

Lines of Logic™
Joyner Lucas x Logic - ISIS Lines of Logic™'s photo on Joyner Lucas
23 May, 05:12 PM UTC

Carlos Gomez

"The prodigal son returns! A three-run bomb for Carlos Gomez!!" SNY's photo on Carlos Gomez
23 May, 07:47 PM UTC


NBA Brasil
A SELEÇÃO NBA está formada! Com @JHarden13 e @Giannis_An34 selecionados unanimemente, confira os jogadores que formam o primeiro, segundo e terceiro time. #AllNBA
23 May, 08:26 PM UTC

Bradley Beal

Shams Charania
Damian Lillard and Kemba Walker are now eligible for the NBA's super maximum contract extension this summer. Klay Thompson and Bradley Beal were left off All-NBA teams.
23 May, 06:05 PM UTC


Joon's World
The flex of bts having a "private jet services" for their tour eyem SICK
23 May, 10:40 PM UTC


Joe Giglio
Sure glad Neshek is all rested up!
23 May, 09:08 PM UTC


Mark Ruffalo
Proud to support @turtletweets on #WorldTurtleDay for fighting to protect wild land, wildlife, our climate, & to conserve some of the world’s most endangered & spectacular species: turtles! 🐢 To donate and find out more about their campaign ➡️ Mark Ruffalo's photo on #WorldTurtleDay
23 May, 02:27 PM UTC


Pete Buttigieg
Proud to stand with McDonald's workers in the #FightFor15 and a union. Pete Buttigieg's photo on #FightFor15
23 May, 04:17 PM UTC

Tyler Austin

San Francisco Giants
Tyler Austin smash! #SFGiants San Francisco Giants's photo on Tyler Austin
23 May, 03:39 AM UTC


23 May, 03:35 PM UTC


#REVEALED 🚨 Finally It’s Here!!! @jaclynhill is bringing us #Glam and that #BlingBling 💎💎 #jaclynhillcosmetics The #Nude Lipstick #Collection 💄💄 -20 shades $18 each -Lipstick Trios $49 4 Sets -The Power Nudes Collection 20 Full Size Lipsticks $295 Online ➡️ MAY 30TH 9am PST
23 May, 09:14 PM UTC


Hanelle Culpepper
A little tease for you all! #StarTrek #Picard
23 May, 05:49 PM UTC


Mariah Carey
I’m proud to support @RedNoseDayUSA to end child poverty and help kids achieve a great future @BGCA_Clubs. Learn more at! #NosesON! Mariah Carey's photo on #NosesOn
23 May, 02:12 PM UTC


Megan Van Dyke
When poor commoner Ceridwen is hired to play music for a reclusive noble, she never expects to fall in love with him... or that he’s the deadly monster who terrorizes their city. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST x THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA #PitDark #A #FA #DR #GR #FR
23 May, 12:08 PM UTC


✦ 𝕭𝖆𝖇𝖘 𝕿𝖆𝖗𝖗 ✦ @Denver Pop Culture Con
Got to do @StephenAtHome character portrait for his #rednoseday one shot w/ @matthewmercer for @CriticalRole!!!! I love my job. ✦ 𝕭𝖆𝖇𝖘 𝕿𝖆𝖗𝖗 ✦ @Denver Pop Culture Con's photo on #RedNoseDay
23 May, 05:08 PM UTC

Tyler Flowers

Atlanta Braves
🎶 If you're going to San Francisco 🎶 🎶 Be sure to watch Tyler Flowers on a tear 🎶 Atlanta Braves's photo on Tyler Flowers
23 May, 09:07 PM UTC

Joyner and Logic

Bro can you play that new Joyner and Logic colab? Me and the boys have been listening to it nonstop premium._h's photo on Joyner and Logic
23 May, 06:04 PM UTC

Michael Thompson

Bishop Talbert Swan
MICHAEL THOMPSON sold 3 lbs of weed to an undercover cop in 1994. He’s serving a 40-60 yr sentence in Michigan. His father, mother, and his only son have died since he’s been in prison. Marijuana is legal in Michigan. This is @JoeBiden’s CB legacy.
23 May, 02:42 PM UTC


Elliotte Friedman
NHL/NHLPA announce arbitrator rules Slavs Voynov must serve a one-year suspension. He is credited for 41 games served, meaning he must sit 41 more.
23 May, 09:03 PM UTC


#RAISEIT!!! We put 14 on the board and win it today at PNC!
23 May, 07:40 PM UTC


tara strong
#MySoulmateIsProbably her tara strong's photo on #MySoulmateIsProbably
23 May, 01:51 PM UTC


Adam Best
Kellyanne Conway accused Nancy Pelosi of all people of not being “pro-woman” while Conway works for the admin that’s leading the most anti-choice movement in modern political history. Irony is so dead we’ll have to identify it using dental records.
22 May, 10:35 PM UTC


Public Citizen
Polite reminder that the #CityofTomorrow might not exist if @Ford and Trump's efforts to rollback our country's most effective climate program are successful. Public Citizen's photo on #CityofTomorrow
22 May, 10:00 PM UTC

$16 Billion

Joe Scarborough
Oh my, Trump Republicans. Let’s hear your defense of this Soviet-style farm plan. It is even less conservative than the protectionist policies you now promote. And to think many in my Republican class agreed with me in opposing all farm subsidies.
23 May, 04:30 PM UTC

Pat Neshek

Glen Macnow
Here’s hoping Pat Neshek didn’t use his arm up hailing a cab today and can bless @Phillies with an inning tonight. If you’re keeping score at home, Neshek has earned $160,166 per IP over past 3 seasons (prorating this year’s salary).
22 May, 09:34 PM UTC

Steve Pearce

Jared Carrabis
Is Steve Pearce back?
23 May, 06:10 PM UTC

Garrett Cooper

Miami Marlins
DINGER, BABY. Mark it down. It's Garrett Cooper's 1st. #JuntosMiami Miami Marlins's photo on Garrett Cooper
23 May, 12:57 AM UTC


to be... to... to be continued... 低浮上()@氏's photo on Zucker
23 May, 11:57 AM UTC


🏳️‍🌈 BOSS CED.
Rex Tillerson Says Putin Outmaneuvered Trump at Key Meeting Because of ‘Discrepancy in Preparation’ #TrumpMustResign #ThursdayThoughts
23 May, 12:15 PM UTC

Chris Tyree

Tom Loy
BREAKING: #NotreDame lands a huge commitment from elite running back Chris Tyree. The Fighting Irish just landed one of the truly special athletes in the class of 2020. Story: #IrishIllustrated @Chris_Tyree4 @247Sports Tom Loy's photo on Chris Tyree
23 May, 07:11 PM UTC


☀️ It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! Today is 1-4-3 Day — Pennsylvania’s first statewide day of kindness honoring PA native, Fred Rogers. Spread the love and share your acts of kindness using the hashtag #143DayInPA. ❤️ Pennsylvania's photo on #143DayInPA
23 May, 11:00 AM UTC

Jean Segura

John Clark
Jean Segura 14 game hitting streak Batting over 360 during streak, 3 HR’s, 8 RBIs! 🔥🔥 John Clark's photo on Jean Segura
23 May, 07:38 PM UTC

Dave Martinez

Dave Martinez got his money's worth SNY's photo on Dave Martinez
23 May, 06:28 PM UTC


Steve Gelbs
Gsellman has been spectacular lately, but he clearly wasn’t as sharp today. You really have to wonder where Diaz was in that spot. If you’re not going to use him for a four out save there, then when?
23 May, 06:41 PM UTC

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