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Narendra Modi
Pooja, your medal calls for celebrations, not an apology. Your life journey motivates us, your success gladdens us. You are destined for great things ahead…keep shining! ⭐️ https://t.co/qQ4pldn1Ff
07 Aug, 02:58 AM UTC
Rachel Clarke
A desperate day for Archie Battersbee's parents. Even when the relationship between family & hospital is strong, these situations are heartbreaking. When trust breaks down, even more so. Some of the media reports have been confusing, so here's a short thread about brain death /
06 Aug, 10:19 AM UTC
Smiling Tory MP poses with Jubilee memorabilia and dead child for photo opportunity. This is abhorrent. Every adult involved in this photograph happening is a disgrace. Poor Archie. He deserved dignity. https://t.co/LQywboKquQ
06 Aug, 09:27 PM UTC
Sky News
Archie Battersbee, 12, dies after life support is turned off https://t.co/ZNHMsQfSJG
06 Aug, 12:52 PM UTC
Sachin Jose
Requiescat in Pace Archie! Archie used to watch people attending Mass at a nearby church every day. He asked his mother to get him baptized. This was fulfilled this year by his mother while he was admitted in the hospital. His family converted to Catholicism. #ArchieBattersbee https://t.co/qAk5RDM8aM
06 Aug, 01:45 PM UTC
Sachin Jose
Archie Battersbee, the 12 year old Catholic boy has died in a hospital in London after his life support was switched off even though his parents were against withdrawing the life support of their son. It was this year that Archie's family converted to Catholicism. https://t.co/ajjs5bLjao
06 Aug, 01:39 PM UTC
Riposa in pace #Archie! La Corte d'Appello britannica aveva ordinato per il 2 agosto alle 12, di staccare la spina dei macchinari che lo tenevano in vita. Il suo sorriso possa illuminare l'oscurità della morte e donare speranza a questa umanità smarrita nelle strade del male. https://t.co/51VoC5aNW7
06 Aug, 02:06 PM UTC
BBC Breaking News
"He fought right until the very end", says Archie Battersbee's mother after her 12-year-old son, who had been at the centre of legal battle in the UK between his parents and the hospital treating him, dies https://t.co/ptxV1h03MI
06 Aug, 01:35 PM UTC
suzanne moore
I do not know what is right here but feel that the ethics of interviewing a distraught Hollie Dance (Archie's mother) yesterday and again today after his death are questionable.
06 Aug, 09:07 PM UTC
Leo Kearse - comedian - see my videos on YouTube
Archie Battersbee's tragic death was due to him doing a TikTok "choking challenge". TikTok is controlled by the Chinese Communist Party to harm the West by promoting degeneracy, self-harm and mediocre crowd work. The same app in China promotes family values and algebra.
06 Aug, 01:20 PM UTC
Mario Adinolfi
Considero criminale uno Stato che uccide un bimbo disabile di 12 anni contro l’esplicito volere di mamma e papà. Lo dico da anni: la soppressione dei disabili operata nel nord Europa è la continuazione della Aktion T4 di Adolf Hitler. L’unico fine è economico. Riposa, Archie. https://t.co/9xE1gQEtYh
06 Aug, 04:41 PM UTC
NO MORE DISRESPECT! We will refer her as #PrincessMeghan Yes! Mama Doria's daughter, Prince Harry's wife, Archie's and Lilibet Diana's Mum. Meghan, Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex, Countess of Dumbarton, Baroness Kilkeel, Princess Henry of Wales. #MeghanMarkle https://t.co/o6hizhm3QS
06 Aug, 03:55 PM UTC
Right In The Gary Kellys
😭 Marsch boiling piss 😂 Archie and Liam pissing themselves as Lage trudges down the tunnel. Football is back 🙌 #lufc https://t.co/wAUlaumINl
06 Aug, 05:45 PM UTC
#ÚltimaHora 🔴 Muere Archie, el menor británico de 12 años en coma tras un reto viral en TikTok: "La familia está desolada" https://t.co/lsiGKt57SX
06 Aug, 01:10 PM UTC
Padre Alberto ✝ ن
Archie ha sido desconectado. Elevemos una oración por el alma de este niño y por sus padres. Dale Señor el descanso eterno. https://t.co/NPGGynQkbJ
06 Aug, 10:18 PM UTC
@marioadinolfi #Archie, non è morto, è stato ucciso, dopo che i sanitari hanno staccato i macchinari su ordine della magistratura inglese. #Archie è stato ucciso dalla mano dell'uomo, portando alla morte un indifeso, che agli occhi di questa società ha perso il diritto alla vita.
06 Aug, 04:49 PM UTC
@MumOlsson Don’t doubt it for a second. In all this awful story about poor Archie, I have seen nothing about the unknown numbers of NHS staff of all levels who cared for this poor child. For them then ; Thank you all for your skill, tact & dedication under such terrible circumstances.
06 Aug, 06:02 PM UTC
Agence France-Presse
Archie Battersbee, le jeune Britannique de 12 ans en état de mort cérébrale depuis quatre mois, est mort après l'arrêt des soins qui le maintenaient en vie après une bataille judiciaire, a annoncé sa mère #AFP @afpfr's photo on Archie
06 Aug, 01:05 PM UTC
#Breaking | Archie Battersbee, a 12-year-old British boy who had been at the center of a long, emotional and divisive legal battle, died after being taken off life support. #ArchieBattersbee @WIONews's photo on Archie
06 Aug, 03:24 PM UTC
Maria Laura
Caso Archie - Accanimento terapeutico Avrebbero dovuto decidere i genitori, non lo Stato-Padrone. Purtroppo in Europa è diffusa l' idea socialista della Stato autoritario che decide al posto dei cittadini. Uno Stato liberale e democratico è al servizio del cittadino.
07 Aug, 07:31 AM UTC
maurizio canetta 🖤💙 🇺🇦
#permattinieri 🇷🇺🇺🇦Preoccupazione per azioni militari attorno alla centrale di Zaporizhzhia. Accuse reciproche. 🇮🇱🇵🇸24 morti negli attacchi israeliani. 🇬🇧Macchine staccate, è morto Archie, dodicenne, il cui caso ha scosso la Gran Bretagna. 🏍 Moto GP. Pole per Zarco. https://t.co/PuGqelSxQ7
07 Aug, 05:16 AM UTC
Fuschias 💙
With the mother of #ArchieBattersbee making disgusting comments about the NHS, where is the dignity in this? Time to step away from the cameras now and get some grief counselling. RIP Archie and respect to all the NHS staff who cared for him https://t.co/DVGmj7Asyh
07 Aug, 06:49 AM UTC
FRANCE 24 Español
El menor de 12 años, Archie Battersbee, murió este sábado luego de que le retiraron los métodos de respiración asistida que lo mantenían vivo https://t.co/GcsDoVYbcZ
07 Aug, 05:47 AM UTC
Nicholas Nicola
Archie Roach singing 'John Pat' on NITV Australia. https://t.co/HDhofz56S2 #humanrights #aboriginal #firstnations #indigenous #auspol #blackdeathsincustody #blm #johnpat Aboriginaldeathsincustody ( #ArchieRoach RIP).
06 Aug, 08:52 AM UTC
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07 Aug, 07:41 AM UTC
Daily Express
GP opens up about 'difficult' Archie Battersbee case 'Science can't tell us what's right' https://t.co/jR1Bo8tkUE
07 Aug, 07:40 AM UTC
Sir Mal Reed #3.5% #FBcoalition2024 #FBPE
This truly is gutter politics, exploiting Archie and the family for a shabby photo opportunity. Absolutely disgusting. @Anna_Firth @Conservatives https://t.co/Qfw6rd1AIF
07 Aug, 07:43 AM UTC
12-åriga Archie Battersbee kvävdes till döds när han utförde en Tiktok-utmaning. I flera månader har han legat i koma medan hans föräldrar har kämpat i domstol för hans rätt att leva. Nu är han död. https://t.co/28wZuJEzU4
07 Aug, 04:50 AM UTC
Prof Cosmic Feathers @BudgieSAGE
@carolinebos @Dannyoconnor430 It’s the best legacy. My account is very small (and slightly trollish) but I do wish somebody with a larger twitter following would post a link to the foundation. So that is found when searching Archie’s name rather than the hateful posts
07 Aug, 07:43 AM UTC