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海とトワ様👾 #TOWART https://t.co/viUbghkKyz
31 Jul, 11:05 AM UTC
「誰が犬だって…?ん?」 #ほしまちぎゃらりー #イラスト https://t.co/ApXzcQeyGp
31 Jul, 01:22 PM UTC
しろねこKFP 🐔
commission #ameliaRT https://t.co/O8a3gQIE0t
01 Aug, 01:31 AM UTC
Hottest Hits Radio
You could #WIN a £25 Argos eGIFT card by just following Hottest Hits on our social media and sharing this post! You MUST follow all of the above 👆 to be entered! Ends 1st Sep 2022. 18+ to play. UK only. #Competition #Giveaways #Giveaway #Argos #GiftCard #Radio #OnlineRadio https://t.co/t0Uu03auaM
31 Jul, 09:31 AM UTC
Bob Irving
Kudos to Paul Lapolice and his staff who kept the Ottawa Redblacks believing and their reward today was their first win of the CFL season, 23-13 over an erratic bunch of Toronto Argos. Enjoy it Lapo.
31 Jul, 11:46 PM UTC
Danny Austin
The Argos playing the Ticats four times in their next four games is amazing, ridiculous and so, so stupid.
31 Jul, 11:48 PM UTC
REDBLACKS score 17 unanswered to grab first victory of 2022! #CFLGameday | #CFL POST GAME » https://t.co/TjyajyoveY @CFL's photo on Argos
01 Aug, 12:00 AM UTC
THE @REDBLACKS HAVE WON THEIR FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON 🏈 Final: Redblacks 23 - 13 Argos #CFLGameday @TSN_Sports's photo on Argos
31 Jul, 11:50 PM UTC
TSN 1050 Toronto
Listen/Stream TSN 1050 tonight as the #Argos face the #Redblacks! Pre-game coverage begins at 4:30pm with @Tey11_ and @MikeHoganArgos, followed by kick-off at 5pm! #PullTogether https://t.co/IUv4e7dExy @TSN1050Radio's photo on Argos
31 Jul, 12:30 PM UTC
Argos Catalogue 1973. #interiors #catalogues #vintage https://t.co/aD7XXvq1ny
31 Jul, 09:48 AM UTC
Tim Baines
WON-DERFUL: Belief a key word as #Redblacks snap winless skid with spirited effort in #Toronto. #Argos #CFL https://t.co/0UcgjKOy44
01 Aug, 01:33 AM UTC
Jeremy Hubbard
@fakeGAINER They really shouldn't be doing a 50-50 at Argos games, they should do a raffle to see how many times Andrew Harris helmet will come off during the game. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
01 Aug, 12:47 AM UTC
Michael Ball
After watching that Argos game today I’m further convinced that if the Riders can tighten things up and get back some bodies they’ll win that cross over
01 Aug, 01:20 AM UTC
Paul Woods | author, Year of the Rocket
100% agree with this. Monochrome is the worst possible look, and Argos have a multitude of great options. https://t.co/xT1e0IjBtj
01 Aug, 12:06 AM UTC
Xs and Argos
REPORT CARD - JB impulsively assigns grades for each positional group. #Argos #CFL https://t.co/kSwjmyDHAT
01 Aug, 01:08 AM UTC
Robert Dalton
hindsight is 20/20 but the Argos got duped twice that year. They ended up giving the Riders the pick to select Kian Schaffer-Baker , and the Argos ended up trading Collaros to Winnipeg along with a pick (which ended up being Marc Liegghio) solidifying back 2 back champs in WPG https://t.co/j6SCki2Bqa
31 Jul, 04:44 PM UTC
Greg Gilhooly
My Argos partners in crime: Stephanie, her dad, and her younger brother Darren. We’re doing our best to fill the seats. https://t.co/DFMmqS7JXJ
01 Aug, 01:58 AM UTC
Nick Watson
@Ben__Grant 2nd half highlight was the guy running onto the field then the Argos players asked him to leave and he did. Comment from the stands, ‘that’s the most Canadian thing I’ve ever seen’.
01 Aug, 12:43 AM UTC
@willaxtv Y la creación de un arrastrando del fujimorismo; nace una hija del mal..!!! https://t.co/PCmjff1maz
01 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
Howard Berger
You know it's bad when the best part of the game is a midget invading the field, then escaping non-existent security. Oy. And vey. #Argos https://t.co/pxGOVLfNhs
01 Aug, 12:45 AM UTC
D. S. M.
@oldpappy59 @leswilliams2 @jstree84 I might even say BIGGER. The Argonauts sold out their 33,133 seat stadium while the Leafs/MLG had 16,485. I know then you’ve got the Leafs w/their amount of games while the Argos only playing 14 or so. But regardless rock stars they were!!
01 Aug, 02:20 AM UTC
@argos_pex Esa tipa se olvida de lo que fué y e. Lo que se convirtió
31 Jul, 11:20 PM UTC
@SalmingandMe @leswilliams2 @jstree84 He was a star! Back when the Argos were as big as the Leafs.
01 Aug, 02:09 AM UTC
Nick Small
@ChrisDPOMAY @TorontoArgos @YouTube @MikeHoganArgos @ChrisBalenovich @Ben__Grant @ByMikeMitchell Was awesome to meet and chat with you in person finally Chris! Can't wait to cheer for the Argos over a couple of drinks next time you're in town! #PullTogether Everyone else: Check out Chris' channel and drop him a follow. He works super hard and has some amazing interviews!
01 Aug, 01:44 AM UTC
Duke Of Dundas
Hey #TorontoArgos #Argos fans! Check out this T-shirt soon to be in @AndrewONielsen’s August 1 #dropzone auction to help kids with physical disabilities like him. 👊 #RowTogether #CFLGameday #CFL #cflfamily https://t.co/YfS5Mrp9jA
31 Jul, 09:03 PM UTC
Andrew Tobin☘️🍁🇺🇦❤️
Winnipeg 8-0 Lions 5-1 Calgary 4-2 Riders 4-4 Argos 3-3 Elks 2-5 Hamilton 2-5 Montreal 2-5 Ottawa 1-6
01 Aug, 01:38 AM UTC
Chris Bird
@XsAndArgos I think JB was a little generous with some of these grades. Receivers dropped passes or ran wrong routes. Discipline was the worst it's been. Argos gift-wrapped this game for a team that has no business being on the same field. Oakman and MBT get my POG.
01 Aug, 01:33 AM UTC