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Suresh Chavhanke “Sudarshan News”
*बिहार लोक सेवा आयोग में इस बार 100 मुस्लिम अभ्यर्थियों का चयन..* *संभालेंगे SDM, DSP से ले कर इंस्पेक्टर के पद..* @TeamHinduOrg ने की लिखित पेपर एवं मार्कशीट सार्वजनिक करने की माँग। #UPSC_Jihad
10 Jun, 07:30 AM UTC
Remember, getting arjuna alter is only the beginning
10 Jun, 04:53 AM UTC
Something for those who want and don't want Arjuna (Alter) #FGO
10 Jun, 02:03 AM UTC
#CNS & all ranks of #IndianNavy express profound grief & heartfelt condolences on sad demise of the boxing legend Ngangom #DingkoSingh, Master Chief Petty Officer (Retd), Gold medalist at the 1998 Bangkok Asian Games, Arjuna awardee in 1998 and Padma Shri recipient in 2013 (1/2).
10 Jun, 08:50 AM UTC
Boxing Federation
With deep sense of grief we inform the demise of 1998 Bangkok Asian Games 🥇medalist, one of India's finest boxer Dingko Singh. He was awarded the Arjuna award in 1998 and country's fourth-highest civilian award Padma Shri in 2013. #RIP
10 Jun, 04:59 AM UTC
Sey @ FGO Lostbelt 6
#FGO Arjuna Alter, Asclepius & Ashwatthama PU is available on FGO NA. On FGO JP, Arjuna Alter is still not back in gacha after 2 years. He is one of the strongest Servants. Asclepius is an extremely important Caster, I recommend him even NP1. Good luck all!
10 Jun, 07:34 AM UTC
Bhagavad Gita
You and I have passed through many births, Arjuna.
10 Jun, 06:13 AM UTC
Unit 731: The horrors of biological warfare experiments that the world forgot In the 1930s through the second China-Japan war and till the end of World War II, Unit 731 carried out horrific human experiments on the countless prisoners
10 Jun, 09:20 AM UTC
TS Singh Deo
My sincerest condolences on the untimely demise of one of the finest boxers of India, Arjuna Award recipient and Padma Shri N Dingko Singh. His life and incredible feat to win gold medal at Bangkok Asian Games will remain an inspiration for the generations of athletes to come. @TS_SinghDeo's photo on Arjuna
10 Jun, 06:31 AM UTC
Poonamben Maadam
Deeply saddened by the untimely demise of Arjuna and Padmashree awardee, 1998 Bangkok Asian Games gold medalist boxer Ngangom Dingko Singh. My heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family at this irreparable loss. Om Shanti 🙏🏻 @PoonambenMaadam's photo on Arjuna
10 Jun, 07:15 AM UTC
edmond dantes my beloved🐯
Arjuna Alter Catalyst
10 Jun, 02:28 AM UTC
Sanatani Stree
passion and desire. I am sex life which is not contrary to religious principles, O lord of the Bhāratas [Arjuna].
10 Jun, 03:30 AM UTC
The Better India
That Asiad gold inspired another legend to take up the sport - the six-time world champion and Olympic medallist MC Mary Kom. For his outstanding achievements, he was conferred the Arjuna Award in 1998 and the Padma Shri in 2013. (2/2)
10 Jun, 07:59 AM UTC
Prof.Madhu Patil
India's boxer (from #Manipur), #AsianGames Gold Medalist,Arjuna Awardee & Padma Shri #DingkoSingh passed away.He ws just 42 yrs old & ws suffering frm liver cancer since long,he ws tested Covid +ve too.We pray fr d bereaved family 2 get strength &2 overcome ths huge loss. RIP
10 Jun, 05:59 AM UTC
Dominic Ian Cabatit
Spent 400+ Saint Quartz and 19 Golden Tickets. God Arjuna said, "Nope. That ain't enough to summon me, pathetic mortal!" *sigh* 🥲 Painted these after experiencing their epic battle in the Indian Lostbelt. #FateGrandOrder #FGO #lostbelt4 #godarjuna #karna #watercolor #artph
10 Jun, 09:28 AM UTC
Grand Avenger Exam Arc
I don't care about Arjuna Alter but I want Ash and Asclepius (yeah I can't spell Ashwathama..)
10 Jun, 09:19 AM UTC
Toxiic CW/CR: Tsukihime/F:Extra
Did 7 tickets on arjuna and got nothing. Eh idm really its just 7 tickets and i dont really want him, just someone to fill my empty berserker slot in my friend support
10 Jun, 09:32 AM UTC
Alisus Gonpachiro// HOES MAD 🎷🦐
TODAY IS THE DAY THAT GOD ARJUNA VISITS #FGO #FateGrandOrder Good luck to everyone that rolls for him 💕💕💕🍀🍀🍀✨ (This is a drawing from two years ago)
10 Jun, 08:04 AM UTC
🌸Croqueta_cosplay🌸 MAOU IS COMING❤️
@realnighttiger Pero te ha venido arjuna igual xddd congrats!
10 Jun, 09:40 AM UTC
10 Jun, 09:33 AM UTC
Fate/Grand Order FR
🇺🇸 Une nouvelle bannière a été ajoutée avec un rate-up pour les Servants suivants : - Karna (Lancer ★5) - Arjuna (Alter) (Berserker ★5) - Aśvatthāman (Archer ★4) - Asclepius (Caster ★3)
10 Jun, 09:33 AM UTC
It's been many years Arjuna......I was waited for you 😭😭😭
10 Jun, 09:31 AM UTC
Grand Avenger Exam Arc
@ItachisEyebags Oh.. one of the games I play has Indian heroes.. and now we have the Arjuna, Karna and Ashwathama banner.. since it's pretty rare Indian heroes get any recognition I am excited for this banner
10 Jun, 09:25 AM UTC
I was originally aiming to get ash but I got arjuna first 20 pulls in, and it took 50 more pulls to get ash. the gacha battle is over at least 😩
10 Jun, 09:21 AM UTC
22.Arjuna palguna maa Balayya Babu dhi simaha garjana 23.memu thinedhi uppu Karam Balayya Babu meedha chavadhu mamakaram 24)AC COOLER BALAYYA Babu is ruler 25.Smoking is injurious Balayya Babu is dangerous 26.Water quarter Balayya Babu dictator #HappyBirthdayNBK
10 Jun, 09:19 AM UTC
Car (xiao's feet) cum owner 🤩
I GOT HIM I GOT ARJUNA ALTER i guess it's time to start playing again ❤️
10 Jun, 09:15 AM UTC
Kotomine Lohengrin Youss
@thats_senpai Bellek d'ibaraki je voulais Arjuna Alter
10 Jun, 09:12 AM UTC
@siddharcasm @AvijitG13735281 @vivekagnihotri Oh, Mahabharata reference? Great! "Do not become a coward, O Arjuna, because it does not befit you. Shake off this trivial weakness of your heart and get up for the battle, O Arjuna." In a time of war, it is silly to sit in a corner and cry for peace :) fight for it.
10 Jun, 09:44 AM UTC
Que cojones acaba de pasar que he tirado 30sq y me han tocado Arjuna y Asvatthaman en el mismo multi??????????? Le tiro todo de cabeza a la space ishtar no me lo pienso esto es una señal
10 Jun, 09:44 AM UTC
@JungianIllusion Chapter: fun. Arjuna God: meh. El cómo no hacen nada bueno con Arjuna nunca es insultante.
10 Jun, 09:42 AM UTC