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Melissa Martinez
Vamos JUNIOR🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈🦈
05 Jun, 11:28 PM UTC
Joe Giglio
Jake Arrieta is a fraud.
05 Jun, 08:42 PM UTC
Tyrone Johnson
Arrieta’s teammates gave up back to back home runs again. Darn it!
05 Jun, 08:42 PM UTC
my dms are open girls & guys i wanna make new friends to go out & do shit with ‼️ drive in movies, bailes, concerts, going to the lake, trying new food places, cookouts, even just running errands 😂 hmu y’all!
05 Jun, 12:56 PM UTC
Jack Fritz
Arrieta will never opt-out but if I could have one Phillies wish it would be for him to opt-out.
05 Jun, 09:23 PM UTC
Jamie Lynch
Arrieta drives me insane.
05 Jun, 08:39 PM UTC
James Seltzer
Jake Arrieta might need to rip himself the next time he calls out poor play to the media
05 Jun, 09:26 PM UTC
Joe Giglio
Phillies win, 7-5. Unreal win. Found a way to take the series. Arrieta was awful, offense made up for it, Hector took down five outs. Final Out coming up on @SportsRadioWIP.
05 Jun, 11:13 PM UTC
O Burrinho
05 Jun, 11:28 PM UTC
John Clark
Jake Arrieta has given up 6 HRs over his last 3 starts @JClarkNBCS's photo on Arrieta
05 Jun, 08:39 PM UTC
Tim Kelly
Jake Arrieta entered the day with a 3.96 ERA and 4.78 FIP. He'll exit with a 4.29 ERA, after allowing five runs in 4.2 innings. The Phillies didn't expect peak Arrieta when they signed him, but they certainly thought they would get more.
05 Jun, 09:32 PM UTC
Tom Kelly
Jake Arrieta sucks
05 Jun, 09:09 PM UTC
Todd Zolecki
Jake Arrieta's line this afternoon in San Diego: 4.2 ip, 7 h, 5 r, 5 er, 5 bb, 3 k, 2 hr.
05 Jun, 09:34 PM UTC

ozuna’s gonna make me miss ppl i shouldn’t miss.
05 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
John Barchard
I think its only fair that everyone rips Jake Arrieta in their postgame interviews today
05 Jun, 11:15 PM UTC
Phillies Nation
Phillies complete comeback to defeat Padres, win series [@TimKellySports]
05 Jun, 11:26 PM UTC
Phillies Nation
Vince Velasquez just pitched an 1.1 scoreless in relief of Jake Arrieta, if you're looking for a silver lining. The Phillies trail 5-2 heading to the seventh.
05 Jun, 09:49 PM UTC
Jonny Heller
Jake Arrieta since April 27: 8 GS, 2-3, 5.32 ERA, 1.664 WHIP, 1.97 HR/9, 2.10 K/BB
05 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC
Matías Bianchi
Esto de gobernar por Twitter, dando órdenes, echando con nombres propios, me parece una sobreactuación para la tribuna que puede dañar a la institucionalidad que busca fortalecer.
05 Jun, 08:17 PM UTC
Phillies Nation
Jake Arrieta will leave the game with runners on first and second and two outs in the fifth inning. It's 5-2 Padres. It was not an ideal day for Arrieta.
05 Jun, 09:25 PM UTC
Bessy Rios
En la fracción de ARENA. Identifique a los diputados.
06 Jun, 12:13 AM UTC
Oh yeah, Arrieta owes the team a steak dinner tonight.
05 Jun, 11:26 PM UTC
Racing Stats & Info
Jockeys Stakes W% '19 [20+ rides] Francisco Arrieta eight for his first 21, 38.10%.
05 Jun, 08:12 PM UTC
Phillies Nation
Phillies turn to Arrieta in matinee rubber-match against Padres [@TimKellySports]
05 Jun, 06:20 PM UTC
Márgara Zablah de Simán
Aída Betancourt S. La lucha por la igualdad a través del liderazgo político
05 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC
Juan José Saleme
Disfruto mucho recorrer la ciudad y hablar con los vecinos, hay tantas cosas por hacer, tantos sueños y esperanzas renovadas. Siempre voy a estar, desde el lugar que me toque, trabajando para Santa Fe. #Juntos este…
05 Jun, 11:18 PM UTC
If jake Arrieta says one more thing about his teammates sucking i will personally smack the kith hat off his bald head
05 Jun, 11:35 PM UTC
Woody Wagenhorst
My favorite part of today's win is Arrieta's no-decision
05 Jun, 11:20 PM UTC
si queres luchar contra el narcotrafico podrias empezar por LEGALIZARLA
05 Jun, 11:44 PM UTC
Tim Kelly
Exhale: Haseley, Neris lead Phillies to comeback victory against Padres
05 Jun, 11:21 PM UTC
Phillies Nation
Between innings or postgame, enjoy this appearance by our @MatthewVeasey on today’s “Phillies Talk” podcast. Talking Jake Arrieta, Jay Bruce, Bryce Harper, Adam Haseley, Craig Kimbrel...and Pete Rose. @FightinPhillies
05 Jun, 07:46 PM UTC
Se vende excelente casa en la comuna de Peñalolén tiene 3 dormitorios y 2 baños - más info
06 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Arrieta is reaching Papelbon status in Philly
05 Jun, 11:33 PM UTC
@ESPNChiCubs Just sign him. You signed darvish who has no mental toughness for 6 years and let go arrieta for 3 years and he’s tough. Why are you thinking now go all in.
05 Jun, 11:03 PM UTC
Mark @ Cubs History
June 5, 2016 Jake Arrieta & Cubs lose 3-2 to Diamondbacks, the loss breaks Arrieta's 20 game win streak, since 1913 only Carl Hubbell (24), Roy Face (22) & Roger Clemens (20) have matched this or done better. Anyone remember Arrieta's historic loss prior to this streak?
06 Jun, 12:10 AM UTC
Señor Datos
Se vende excelente casa en la comuna de Peñalolén tiene 3 dormitorios y 2 baños - más info
06 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Jean Pierre Arrieta
@lalirivera6 Me corre un fresquito 😂😂😂😂
05 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC
Jake Adams
Someone please wrap Harper in bubblewrap. And Hoskins. And Kingery. And Nola. And Arrieta. And Realmuto. This is getting insane.
05 Jun, 11:53 PM UTC
Good come from behind win for the Phillies but we desperately need pitching. Jake Arrieta can’t be counted on anymore. #RingTheBell
05 Jun, 11:51 PM UTC
@Arrieta_9 @Giohardrock @sarisbello @MillosFCoficial @AmericadeCali @DeporPasto Ahí está el resultado de ganar todo ir un solo gol. Ahora a aguantarnos el bullying.
05 Jun, 11:40 PM UTC
@ToddZolecki Arrieta realizing who he should call out next in the clubhouse.
05 Jun, 11:35 PM UTC
@ludcivetta No se pero se me re copian todos ahora 😂
05 Jun, 11:31 PM UTC
@AndreaNimchuk Glad they bounced back after the horrible Dodgers series and today’s horrible Arrieta start to take this series. Team has heart
05 Jun, 11:24 PM UTC
Aprendí más en Twitter que en el colegio
06 Jun, 12:11 AM UTC
Juan Mendoza
@JorgeCaamano @AlexGaitanCR Claro Jorge, sino fuera por esos jugadores, jamás hubiesen llegado a la 27. Saprissa: Cambronero, Medford, azofeifa, Arrieta, Marín, Golobio, Escoe, Martinez, Cruz, Tejeda sin contar los de la liga: Salazar, Lula, tiene ligas un vacilon
06 Jun, 12:09 AM UTC
Stiven Ozorio.
Jajajaja Nicolás Arrieta
06 Jun, 12:08 AM UTC
Jake Arrieta last two starts 10 earned runs in 9 2/3 innings, 5 HRs, 17 hits His ERA is now 4.29
06 Jun, 12:04 AM UTC
Doug Kern
Jake Arrieta: First time in career giving up 5 ER & 2 homers in back-to-back starts. Last Phils pitcher to do it was Zach Eflin, May 23 & 28 2017.
06 Jun, 12:03 AM UTC
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06 Jun, 12:01 AM UTC
Juan Carlos Arrieta Nuñez
Si todo sale bien vamos para el Metro el sábado apoyar al Junior
06 Jun, 12:00 AM UTC
Jake Arrieta better not open his mouth ever again. He is awful. #philadelphiaphillies
05 Jun, 11:56 PM UTC
Edwin Arrieta
@__lauramartinez Jajajaja yo preguntándome cual pueblo era ese
05 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC
Jorge Luna Arrieta
Se cayó la fusión entre #Fiat y #Renault
05 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
Sean Snyder
Regardless of how bad Arrieta was today, the Phillies win the series which is all that matters.
05 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
Jorge Luna Arrieta
¡Es oficial! Pablo Vegetti es refuerzo de @Belgrano
05 Jun, 11:49 PM UTC
We need a top of the rotation pitcher right after Nola. Because Arrieta is looking like a good #3.
05 Jun, 11:47 PM UTC
Pat Crossan
@KevinCooney You mean Arrieta, a choppy pitcher?
05 Jun, 11:43 PM UTC
@TyJohnsonNews Time to drop Arrieta in the rotation. Sign Keuchel. Hope Nola and Eickoff tighten up their games.
05 Jun, 11:40 PM UTC
@losoriginales @jaimesancristo @udsnoexisten @EvaReyB @LaCataHoyos Nicolas Arrieta, Jaime por favor prestarle tu hombro a nico y un pañuelo.
05 Jun, 11:39 PM UTC
@hockeytyler96 @jelynchjr @72TraThomas Im over Arrieta. He is past it. Drop him in the rotation and sign Keuchel
05 Jun, 11:37 PM UTC
@RealGlenMacnow Jake Arrieta had the excuse last year of no spring training. His awful starts have continued. He has been the single most disappointing player on the Phillies this year
05 Jun, 11:35 PM UTC
Presentó un boceto de el libro: La Democracia en America Latina, cuya autoría es de mi adorado hermano: Juan Antonio Pabón Arrieta, el la que se analiza la problemática de este sistema político...
05 Jun, 11:34 PM UTC
watched a bit of the phillies game earlier and I literally cant stop thinking about jake arrieta’s cheeks
05 Jun, 11:32 PM UTC
Alex Kovach
@JoeGiglioSports @SportsRadioWIP Arrieta makes me nervous . What’s going on with him ?
05 Jun, 11:30 PM UTC
@NBCSPhilly remember that time Arrieta had so much to say about him needing Harper behind him playing and not getting kicked out of games. this is why pitchers shouldn’t talk. where has Arrieta been since. #getout #phillies
05 Jun, 11:26 PM UTC
L Taylor
@PhilliesNation When Arrieta deals, it's anything but ideal. 😕
05 Jun, 11:25 PM UTC
nicolas araujo
Hoy queremos anunciar oficialmente el equipo de capitanes para esta temporada 2019. Encabezando las capitanías: Como Capitán: 🦁EMii Contreras Y como Sub-Capitanes: 🦁Leo Gutierrez 🦁Martin Arrieta. Felicitamos a…
05 Jun, 11:22 PM UTC