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Adam Schefter
Colts have won as many postseason games at Arrowhead Stadium (2) as the Chiefs have all time. Last time Chiefs won home playoff game was 25 years ago, when Joe Montana led them to a victory in 1993 wild-card round, at a time when Patrick Mahomes and Tyreek Hill weren’t born yet.
12 Jan, 02:06 PM UTC
Derrick Johnson
🤦🏽‍♂️ Arrowhead is about to be dumb Loud! I’m Pulling for my brothers today, can’t wait to dissect every single play. 😂🙏🏾 #rewind #slowmo #details #chiefs
12 Jan, 05:29 PM UTC
The Checkdown
Current status of Arrowhead...looks like we got ourselves a snow bowl 🙌 ❄️ The Checkdown's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 06:54 PM UTC
Kansas City Chiefs
We're one week from hosting the first-ever AFC Championship game at Arrowhead Stadium. #LetsRoll Kansas City Chiefs's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 01:23 AM UTC
BJ Kissel
For the first time in franchise history, the #Chiefs will host the AFC Championship game next Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium.
13 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
Big Cat
Will it be loud at Arrowhead if everyone is wearing gloves? Big Cat's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 08:07 PM UTC
Adam Teicher
Tailgaters as far as you can see, which isn’t far today. But they’re here at Arrowhead, 3 1/2 hours before kickoff. In a snowstorm Adam Teicher's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 06:01 PM UTC
The @Chiefs will have the opportunity to follow the Arrowhead Road to Super Bowl LIII. 👠👠 SNF on NBC's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 04:45 PM UTC
Arrowhead Stadium
Please drive safely exiting Arrowhead Stadium this evening and be prepared for delays in your travel home due to inclement weather and snow removal. Thank you for your patience and please use caution on the roadways.
13 Jan, 12:50 AM UTC
Danny Parkins
I’m so happy Kansas City is gonna get to host the AFC title game at Arrowhead. That town deserves it.
13 Jan, 12:56 AM UTC
Claire McCaskill
This billboard up in KC area. I’d like to buy the person who put this up a beer. It’s a snowy pic, but the placement of the arrowhead is perfect. #ChiefsKingdom Claire McCaskill's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 07:30 PM UTC
Rex Hudler
Game today was AWESOME! Arrowhead was rockin! #GOCHIEFS Rex Hudler's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 02:29 AM UTC
Kevin Boilard
Andy Reid scolds fans who were caught throwing snowballs on the field at Arrowhead Stadium #INDvsKC Kevin Boilard's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 10:54 PM UTC
Rex Hudler
Had too much fun at Arrowhead today...celebrating our Chiefs!!
13 Jan, 02:30 AM UTC
B Turn
13 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
NFL Throwback
Arrowhead Stadium opened in 1972. It's never seen a conference championship. Until now. NFL Throwback's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 12:49 AM UTC
Rob Collins
Smoke and snowballs encompass Arrowhead Stadium as chants of #MVP ring throughout #ChiefsKingdom Rob Collins's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 11:01 PM UTC
John Sleezer
Well deserved Damien Williams after @Chiefs 31-13 playoff win against @Colts at Arrowhead Stadium. @KCStar @SportsDailyKC John Sleezer's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 01:12 AM UTC
New England Patriots
En caso de ganar mañana, New England disputará el boleto al Super Bowl en Arrowhead Stadium de Kansas New England Patriots's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 12:43 AM UTC
u at arrowhead vs the guy she told u not to worry ab
12 Jan, 07:59 PM UTC
Larry Johnson
...and to that not a household name sportscaster.... Keep Arrowhead out your mouth next time.
13 Jan, 02:40 AM UTC
We don’t even use the seats at Arrowhead.
12 Jan, 02:50 PM UTC
Two Tone Fanatics
Your QB can’t win a playoff game in Arrowhead? Can’t relate.
13 Jan, 01:28 AM UTC
Nick Price
Guy in Arrowhead bathroom: “I’m just always nervous for the second half” Other guy: “it’s different now, because we have PAT MAHOMES!” **Bathroom crowd erupts**
12 Jan, 11:11 PM UTC
Matt McMullen
“It’s huge. You feed off the energy they bring. You feel it as soon as you step into the stadium.” .@PatrickMahomes5 on the Arrowhead crowd today.
13 Jan, 01:21 AM UTC
Texas Tech Alumni Association
.@PatrickMahomes5 leads the @Chiefs to their first playoff win in Arrowhead since the year before he was born! #Unstoppable #WreckEm Texas Tech Alumni Association's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 12:47 AM UTC
The Reid Option
The Chiefs have done it. Mahomes and the Chiefs, led by a huge outing from the defense, defeat the Colts 31-13 and advance to the AFC Championship. First ever at Arrowhead. Exercised the playoff demons. Let's roll. #ChiefsKindgom The Reid Option's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 12:46 AM UTC
Andy Reid
AFC’s road to super bowl comes through arrowhead for the next... ooooh... 16 years?
13 Jan, 02:56 AM UTC
Tavia Hunt
Playing for the LAMAR HUNT TROPHY next week at ARROWHEAD! 🎉🏈❤️💛 Thanks Daddy for teaching me to love football (& hate the Raiders and John Elway) from the time I was a little girl. Thank…
13 Jan, 02:07 AM UTC
Nick Jacobs
I still can’t believe they did it. Didn’t know if I’d ever see an AFC Championship at Arrowhead in my lifetime but here they are. Insane! I guess I’ll have to be twice as negative next week.
13 Jan, 03:24 AM UTC
Sky Sports NFL
GAME OVER: Indianapolis Colts 13-31 Kansas City Chiefs A dominating performance from the Chiefs, who will host the AFC Championship game at Arrowhead next weekend! Recap and watch highlights here:
13 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC
Stadium Sounds
#Chiefs entering at Arrowhead for #AFCDivisional Stadium Sounds's photo on Arrowhead
12 Jan, 11:13 PM UTC
The Colts lost 6-0 to the 2018 Jaguars and y’all picked them to beat the Chiefs in Arrowhead in the playoffs in the snow Sully's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 12:45 AM UTC
Bob Slovak
#Chiefs dominate #Colts 31 - 13 to head on to the AFC Title game. Tough to win in Arrowhead in the weather, but it gives you an idea of how far away the #Texans really are.
13 Jan, 12:57 AM UTC
Taco Salazar
You guys don’t understand. We have Pat MaHomes and the 32 ranked Defense in year one. And we are playing for the AFC championship at Arrowhead. The future is ours. #Chiefs
13 Jan, 02:53 AM UTC
FINAL: Chiefs roll past Colts 31-13 at snowy Arrowhead, advance to AFC championship game. More AP NFL: AP NFL's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 12:44 AM UTC
Chris Lilly KAKE News
"Whatever they drank before this game they need to double it next game, to a safe point," @mmorse61 with an all-time quote on the Chiefs fans at Arrowhead today. #ChiefsKingdom #Chiefs #LetsRoll Chris Lilly KAKE News's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 02:54 AM UTC
FOX4 News
Tickets for next Sunday's AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead will go on sale Monday morning. #Chiefskingdom #letsroll ^FOX4 Sports
13 Jan, 03:13 AM UTC
Azteca Deportes
#LaLeyDelMásFuerte💪👊 #VIDEO📹🏈 #ChiefsKingdom sometió a #Colts en Arrowhead para instalarse en la antesala del #SuperBowlLIII #RitualNFL🏈
13 Jan, 02:32 AM UTC
Pro Football Weekly
In surprising turn of events, #Chiefs 'D' leads way in exorcising Arrowhead playoff demons in commanding win over #Colts
13 Jan, 02:46 AM UTC
Ravens Brazil (10-6)
Luck teve 52,7% de aproveitamento nos passes hoje no arrowhead. Sabe quem teve aproveitamento melhor lá???? Isso mesmo, o Lamar Jackson (54,2%). Sabem o que isso quer dizer? QUE VOCÊS DEVEM TER PACIÊNCIA COM O CALOURO #RavensFlock
13 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
I can’t imagine how fun Arrowhead must have been today. Hopefully pales in comparison to next Sunday.
13 Jan, 03:29 AM UTC
Jason Lawrence
It’s so hard to tweet while at Arrowhead, but what a masterful performance by Bob Sutton and the defense. Probably saved his job, but I guess that’s the price we pay.
13 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC
Lake Arrowhead ❄️ ❄️🇫🇯's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 03:26 AM UTC
jeff davidson
@KSeaboldt For the first time ever the chiefs are hosting the AFC championship game at Arrowhead! We ready, we ready, we ready, for ya'll! #ChiefsKingdom
13 Jan, 03:31 AM UTC
Amy ✨
This life... these people in it... it’s amazing. I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else with any other humans ❤️ @ Arrowhead Stadium
13 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
I will be at #Arrowhead next Sunday night! I’ve waited my whole life for this. It was hard being a Chiefs fan for years, it’s all paying off now!!! #ChiefsKingdom #MVPat #Chiefs #
13 Jan, 03:25 AM UTC
Megan Garrett
I was 12 years old when I watched the Chiefs lose to the Broncos from my seat at Arrowhead in 1998. I cried all night long and cursed Denver with the fire of a thousand suns. 12 year old me is finally vindicated. #LetsRoll #ChiefsKingdom
13 Jan, 03:24 AM UTC
Eric Tinkler
Weather was cold but the stadium was Lit. #ChiefsKingdom #LetsRoll @ Arrowhead Stadium
13 Jan, 03:24 AM UTC
Chris Fickett
this presale is only at Arrowhead ticket for general public will be available online
13 Jan, 03:21 AM UTC
The Chiefs are playing in the AFC Championship Game next Sunday at Arrowhead. Yeah. So the Chiefs are playing in the AFC Championship Game next Sunday at Arrowhead. ChiefsJayhawksRoyals's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC
It's one of our best sellers: Arrowhead Mills Blue Cornmeal (1x25Lb) and it's only are left! Don't miss a chance:
13 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC
[IE] Arrowhead Maple Ln / Sr38 **Trfc Collision-Unkn Inj**
13 Jan, 03:32 AM UTC
@RobertMathis98 From my experience as a visiting team’s fan at Arrowhead...they should be glad it was just snowballs. That was ridiculous today. Their team was winning! Why so mad?
13 Jan, 03:31 AM UTC
Gary Justus
Arrowhead is the most electric stadium there is. I can’t explain the energy that’s in that place. I didn’t wanna leave at all after the game.
13 Jan, 03:31 AM UTC
Melvin Lomax
@cdotharrison @KcmoCane Next week, Arrowhead gonna be packed full of LA/Boston fans because mfers in KC aren’t paying $750ea to sit in the lower bowl... But that’s a bargain for whoever plays us.
13 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
Chris Riggs
Feels so good to get that monkey off of the shoulders of Chiefs fans. Incredible feeling at Arrowhead when the clock hit 0. Love this team and this city.
13 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
King Randy Fiddler
@RapSheet Both the Chargers and Pats have beaten KC this year. The former won at Arrowhead too and the Pats beat them in a points fest. Although neither team will be easy to beat, though if you are a Chiefs fan I’m not sure that you would be eager to see Brady go to KC next week.
13 Jan, 03:30 AM UTC
Jorge Luis Lopez Esq
#INDvsKC RT @EmilyMurray: The real loser in today's #INDvsKC game was the Arrowhead field
13 Jan, 03:29 AM UTC
The energy at Arrowhead today>>>>>
13 Jan, 03:29 AM UTC
Paul DeSantis(z-12-4)
@YouGotChiefed92 Living in Utica NY everyone was a Bills or Giants fan and I decided I wanted to be different. Then Monday Night in 91 they killed the Bills in Arrowhead and from that day I was hooked. Despite it all I never wavered and knew this day would come
13 Jan, 03:28 AM UTC
Emily [Snowflake] Murray
The real loser in today's #INDvsKC game was the Arrowhead field
13 Jan, 03:28 AM UTC
Christopher Johnson
It’s been 9,135 days since the last playoff victory at Arrowhead Stadium. Curse is dead Thanks to Patrick Mahomes🚀
13 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC
Kona Nature Tours
Evening shade: Chiefs troll Colts after blowout win: The Kansas City Chiefs will host their first AFC Championship Game at Arrowhead next weekend after disposing of the Indianapolis Colts in the divisional round on Saturday.
13 Jan, 03:27 AM UTC
Zen Cat Pottery
Gold Dipped Blue Stone Arrowhead Necklace #specialtoo #integritytt #etsyteamunity #tribalnecklace #festivaljewelry #arrowheadjewelry #arrowheadnecklace #bluenecklace #bluejewelry #modernnecklace #bohochic #bohostyle #bohochicstyle #etsyjewelry Zen Cat Pottery's photo on Arrowhead
13 Jan, 03:22 AM UTC
Mimi's Thoughts
@WillBrinson I hope he enjoyed his last game at Arrowhead.
13 Jan, 03:21 AM UTC
Matty Bronze
@Oinkidy I was rooting for them just so the chargers can beat them at Arrowhead again.
13 Jan, 03:21 AM UTC

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