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Stuart MacFarlane 🎗📷
Editing on the floor of a service station on the M1...glamorous job? #arsenal @Stuart_PhotoAFC's photo on #Arsenal
11 Apr, 08:57 PM UTC
Matchday! 👊 #arsenal #PremierLeague #gunners @willianborges88's photo on #Arsenal
11 Apr, 12:39 PM UTC
Arsenal News Channel
LACAAAAA! 🙌 Brillaint finish 🔴 3-0 to the #Arsenal https://t.co/TM3bDV4cZy
11 Apr, 07:45 PM UTC
PasionTombina Web
#GodoyCruz vs #Arsenal: después de 5775 la fotos que todos queríamos ver en el Feliciano Gambarte!! https://t.co/8xNHPU5qGV
11 Apr, 02:02 PM UTC
Arsenal Focus
Arteta: "Kieran is out, probably for the season." #afc #arsenal
11 Apr, 08:26 PM UTC
j e s s
Happy 10th Birthday to my boy 🥳 loving his new vintage @arsenal top, let's hope for a win later to make his day complete 🤞🏼 #COYG #Arsenal #BirthdayBoy https://t.co/QUD13RbFAA
11 Apr, 09:18 AM UTC
New: Arsenal to play Gillingham Women in Women’s FA Cup 4th Round https://t.co/gHhratENmL #arsenal #afc https://t.co/ztcmuGqRYT
11 Apr, 03:48 PM UTC
Arsenal Fútbol Club
#CopaDeLaLiga #GodoyCruzArsenal ⏱ST 51 - Y un día llegó. GANÓ ARSENAL !!!!!! 🇨🇩⚽️⚽️⚽️ @ClubGodoyCruz 2 (Bullaude, Badaloni) - #Arsenal 3 (Soraire, Albertengo, Sepúlveda) @ArsenalOficial's photo on #Arsenal
11 Apr, 03:57 PM UTC
#STOPTheAsianHate || mexi ♡
new fit for PO$ITIONS <33 shirt: https://t.co/CPBnyJNvsV skirt: https://t.co/2nBnuZcMvr likes and retweets are very appreciated. <3 #Roblox #RobloxDev #RobloxDesigners #RobloxClothing #RTCDesigners #RobloxUGC #RobloxArt #RobloxGFX #RobloxCommissions #Arsenal #RoyaleHigh https://t.co/MJCVu0T3sF
11 Apr, 06:19 AM UTC
Arteta: "I'm asking you to be patient because we have a lot of players who are 19/20-years-old & if you compare where we are with them with other Premier League clubs, then we're at the top end. It's not common. Gabi has the right path & the right development" #Arsenal
11 Apr, 09:41 PM UTC
Arteta on Saka’s injury: "He had some discomfort in his thigh. I don't know what it is. The last thing we need is another attacking midfielder with another issue" #Arsenal https://t.co/WwNPtdQD6u
11 Apr, 08:37 PM UTC
New: Sheffield United 0-3 Arsenal – Player Ratings https://t.co/VFiVJWqWI8 #arsenal #afc https://t.co/sUvG122HM7
11 Apr, 08:28 PM UTC
Arteta on if Aubameyang will be available for Thursday: "I hope so yes. He was unwell yesterday, he could not train, he could not be available today but hopefully in the next day or two he will be feeling better & he will be available to get picked" #Arsenal https://t.co/6FIuQ2qPGY
11 Apr, 09:59 PM UTC
3 Points. #Arsenal Thanks.
11 Apr, 07:57 PM UTC
Arteta on Lacazette: "He’s in great form with a high level of confidence & he needs to keep doing it right up until the end of the season because if he’s able to continue this run, it will mean that the team is doing well & we are winning football matches" #Arsenal https://t.co/Q8mbUhQbmq
11 Apr, 09:43 PM UTC
Liga Profesional de Fútbol
El domingo lo abren #GodoyCruz y #Arsenal en Mendoza, por la #Fecha9 de la #CopaDeLaLiga 🏆 ¡El Tomba vuelve al Gambarte! ¿Quién ganará? @ClubGodoyCruz RT 🔃 @ArsenalOficial FAV ❤️ @LigaAFA's photo on #Arsenal
11 Apr, 12:31 PM UTC
Lacazette on the win: "I think it was really important to win after the last few games that we were sad about the results & the way we played. I think tonight was a great game for us, we won 3-0 & also the way we played was good, it was a great day for us" #Arsenal https://t.co/75nsBDV2dv
11 Apr, 10:05 PM UTC
New: Lacazette: When everyone is focused we do good things https://t.co/k1up8iLXMX #arsenal #afc https://t.co/cQNUEa7pgU
11 Apr, 10:00 PM UTC
Lacazette on his goals: "I missed an easy chance on Thursday so today obviously I wanted to score. I had a good one-v-one today to give back the confidence which is good for me & the team" #Arsenal https://t.co/aF5mm3k1Wf
11 Apr, 10:13 PM UTC
Premier a la Mexicana
El #Arsenal ya nos tiene acostumbrados a este tipo de goles con jugadas de otro nivel. Este gol de Lacazette nos recuerda a ese gol que marcó Jack Wilshere frente al Norwich City en la temporada 13-14. GENIALIDADES. 📷: SPORTS TV https://t.co/LgA34vfLp4
11 Apr, 07:15 PM UTC
Clockend Talk Podcast
A few days later #lacazette 🤟 #afc #gooners #arsenal https://t.co/EjuRHjNeVS
11 Apr, 10:37 PM UTC
The Arsenal Dream ~ Link in Bio
🗣"Bukayo Saka is definitely our best attacking player". 🗣"Everytime I watch Saka, I'm taken aback". Full Vid Link: https://t.co/G5Kgm3Z7gf #Arsenal #AFC🔴⚪ https://t.co/wQ1EaaBn11
11 Apr, 10:32 PM UTC
Daily Cannon
Charlie Patino confirms he should be 'back soon' from injury #Arsenal https://t.co/VCgRFtVzsJ
11 Apr, 04:02 PM UTC
#brazil #neydey #martinelli #FutureStars #arsenal #coyg https://t.co/UhXyB8kuOA
11 Apr, 11:06 PM UTC
Wawuuu!!! I'm just waking up and I saw that #Arsenal won and kept a clean sheet. Yes o! Arteta forever!!!! Let me watch highlights and join up @ARTVFFS violence free session I believe.
11 Apr, 10:47 PM UTC
The Arsenal
Congratulations to Alexandre lacazette on scoring 50 Premier league goals #Arsenal https://t.co/B5ziuMBe9y
11 Apr, 11:01 PM UTC
#Arsenal fans... Listen to tonight’s chat between me @SuburbanGooner & @mike_mmcdonald on the @GunnersTownPub #pubcast after the #SHUARS game... ...what did we think of the performance, who did well and who surprised us... ...and what do we think will happen on Thursday 👇 https://t.co/y8dUQVpc3r
11 Apr, 10:20 PM UTC