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Mesut Özil
Not the result we wanted, but we still can do it in the 2nd leg and reach the next round! Let's bounce back at the Emirates especially for our fans ⚽👊🏼 #COYG 🔴⚪ #M1Ö #BATARS #UEL @Arsenal
14 Feb, 09:59 PM UTC
You know what the biggest dickhead ting is about you arsenal scum. I wasn’t even ready to get onto you, I took a nap thinking no respectable teams playing at 6pm and woke up to realise you had already lost to a team of Ukrainian farmers. Shameless fan base. Shameless
14 Feb, 08:03 PM UTC
Arsenal losing to dudes with names like this AP's photo on arsenal
14 Feb, 07:07 PM UTC
Charles Watts
Nothing rubs salt into the wounds more than sitting next to Alex Hleb and the BATE team while they celebrate beating Arsenal by wolfing down a Double Whopper meal at 8am Charles Watts's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 05:10 AM UTC
Lmaooo BATE haven’t played a professional game since December imagine their manager calling the squad and telling them to stop painting and fixing pipes to come win against Arsenal 😭😭😭
14 Feb, 07:55 PM UTC
🇧🇾 @FCBATE: 👥 Whole squad cost £200k. 💰 £11.5m spent in the entire club’s history. 📅 2 months since their last competitive match. ❌ Never won a European knock-out match in their history. ✅ @FCBATE 1-0 @Arsenal 👏 Incredible moment for the club. SPORF's photo on arsenal
14 Feb, 09:30 PM UTC
UEFA Champions League
🗓️ #OTD in 2017, Bayern beat Arsenal 5-1 thanks to goals from Robben, Thiago, Lewandowski and Müller. #UCL | @FCBayernEN UEFA Champions League's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 09:20 AM UTC
If I’m honest Arsenal fans deserve at least 3 years of misery for the way Arsène was treated.
14 Feb, 07:47 PM UTC
I've nothing to say
Forget Wifi passwords, man are losing to mythical creatures now loooooooooooooooool
14 Feb, 06:45 PM UTC
Good morning Arsenal fans, have you had your BATE ?
15 Feb, 07:12 AM UTC
Footy Accumulators
Bate Borisov have only ever won against English clubs TWICE in their history. Everton in 2009 Arsenal in 2019 Shkodran Mustafi played in BOTH matches! 😂😂😂 Footy Accumulators's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 09:18 AM UTC
📆 16 Years Ago Today: 😰 David Beckham made a mistake leading to a second Arsenal goal. 🙅‍♂️ Beckham refused to admit his mistake after the game. 👟 Sir Alex Ferguson kicked a boot across the changing room hitting Beckham in the face. 🤬 The ultimate hairdryer treatment. SPORF's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 09:41 AM UTC
Cartlon Cole
Stanislav Dragun’s goal for BATE Borisov against Arsenal sounds so much better with a patriotic song about Belarus playing in the background Cartlon Cole's photo on arsenal
14 Feb, 09:04 PM UTC
Alexander Hleb & the BATE team celebrating their win over Arsenal by starting their mornings with a Double Whopper meal at Burger King 🍔😂 ODDSbible's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 09:13 AM UTC
Kay 🇬🇭 🇬🇧
Bate Borisov just defeated Arsenal in Thursday night Football This small London club really cant do shit for their fans🤦‍♂️
14 Feb, 08:44 PM UTC
🇧🇾 @FCBATE’s Thursday night: 📆 Hadn’t played a competitive fixture in 2 months. ✅ Beat @Arsenal 1-0. 🍔 Celebrated with a late night Burger King. 👏 Well played, @FCBATE. 📸 @Charles_Watts
15 Feb, 10:41 AM UTC
نجران Vs جدة 📍الحرم المكي حكم المباراه : السديس خالد's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 09:41 AM UTC
I always wondered what BATE stood for... Beating Arsenal Thursday Evening. 👍🏼😂
14 Feb, 08:22 PM UTC
Arsenal FC
📍 Arsenal Training Centre 💪 Time to work on putting things right Arsenal FC's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:19 PM UTC
The Urban Spaceman
Clubs with higher home ground attendance records than ‘global giants’ Liverpool. 1 City 2 Utd 3 Chelsea 4 Everton 5 Villa 6 Sunderland 7 Spurs 8 Charlton 9 Arsenal 10 Wednesday 11 Bolton 12 Newcastle 13 Sheff U 14 Huddersfield 15 Birmingham 16 West Brom 17 Blackburn
14 Feb, 05:46 PM UTC
Mesut Özil has now missed 100 of his 314 matches since joining Arsenal. AFTV's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 09:22 AM UTC
Arsenal are so bad that them losing to Bate isn’t even a shock.
14 Feb, 08:36 PM UTC
Two years ago today, Bayern Munich smashed 5️⃣ past Arsenal at the Allianz Arena 💫 That Robben strike though 💥 Goal's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 11:10 AM UTC
Carol Radull
So Arsenal lost 1-0 to BATE; not encouraging but trust me they won't know what hit them when they come to the Emirates... It was just a bad day at the office #COYG #TheScoreKE
15 Feb, 08:35 AM UTC
Bate Borisov have only ever won against English clubs TWICE in their history. Everton in 2009 Arsenal in 2019 Mustafi played in BOTH matches 🤦‍♂️ #AFC
15 Feb, 10:26 AM UTC
Lucy 🦁
Arsenal fans have very short memories. Last season we WERE NOT playing entertaining football. Almost every single game was a bore and difficult to watch. All the top teams beat us and we couldn’t win away from home. But sure, cry and whine and wish for Wenger back. Christ.
14 Feb, 09:48 PM UTC
Aakash Bhatt
I still can't believe one of Daenerys' kids smoked Arsenal last night 😭
15 Feb, 06:52 AM UTC
No issues with players having a laugh btw, they're human, but for every Mendy City have, they have 5 winners who keep the banter merchants in check. Arsenal have got 25 idiots.
15 Feb, 12:04 PM UTC
Visit Rwanda
One of the winners from last month’s #VisitRwandaChampionsChallenge recently received his prize! @antonispagonis won himself a signed @Arsenal jersey and you can see by the expression on his face how excited he was about it! Thank you to all who participated! #VisitRwanda
15 Feb, 09:17 AM UTC
James Olley
Surely now it’s time for Ozil? Emery’s vision for the future is a hard sell when it looks like this. #afc can bounce back but when they lack creativity, recalling Ozil is in the best interests of all concerned. From Belarus after BATE 1-0 #afc:
15 Feb, 11:17 AM UTC
Good morning everyone 😃 have a lovely day 🙅🏿‍♂️ #arsenal the gift that keeps on giving 🤣🤣 #BATEARS 😭😭 EX's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:17 PM UTC
Yianni Charalambous
Oh no we lost a 1st leg... How’s your new stadium is finished yet ? Won the Premier league yet? Your best team ever yet not a trophy insight 🤷🏽‍♂️ Always in our shadows... #arsenal
15 Feb, 07:32 AM UTC
Saying Tottenham have become Arsenal 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Fuck off.....when they for 20 years finish above several trophies (or any fucking trophy) including a golden PL. Then come back in meantime Tottenham were,are and always will be Shit
15 Feb, 10:07 AM UTC
“Arsenal are crying out for creativity!” “You’re telling me Ozil & Ramsey aren’t better than Iwobi and Mkhitaryan.” “I’m not having it at all.” 😡 #AFC hero Perry Groves isn’t happy with Unai Emery’s team selection 🔴 talkSPORT's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:25 PM UTC
@Obipat121 @MaziNnamdiKanu @NGRPresident @ man arsenal U are an imbecile. Is only fools like you that doubt facts.
14 Feb, 09:11 PM UTC
Those men left their crops to go beat Arsenal quickly. Jesus Christ.
14 Feb, 07:57 PM UTC
Hope everyone has a good weekend except arsenal fans
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Dourada Escalada
O tapete dos problemas é como o arsenal da pobreza
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Jack Grant ©
@Arsenal All of you saying play Özil, get a reality check FFS. Last night would have been exactly the type of game where we brought him on and then he'd be a passenger. How many games has he been brought on and turned it on it's head? Yeah.....not many. Give Emery the time he deserves
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
This is Arsenal.🇯🇵
【ヨーロッパリーグ】退場となったラカゼットがチームに謝罪「いつも冷静でいられる訳じゃない」 🗣チームが負けて最悪の気分だ…。僕は最後まで残るべきだったけど、それがいつも簡単という訳ではないんだ…申し訳ない。僕のチームメイトが残りの90分で結… ▼詳細リンク▼
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Metro Sport
Mixed Mesut Ozil messages and the mistakes Arsenal manager Unai Emery keeps making
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Hanja Almighty 👑
Joe Cole: "Arsenal are never expected to win anything so when Chelsea go on a bad run, it becomes a crisis quicker. With Arsenal, people accept they probably aren't going to win anything." 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Rude bastard
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
The Town Foundation
It was great to see @HuddsYMCA Juniors taking part in the Guard of Honour at the @Arsenal fixture last weekend. Take a look at the photo gallery on our website (LB)
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
🗣 Marc Overmars 'I have great respect for Alexis because he did extremely well in Arsenal, so he could go back' Would you take him back, #AFC fans? Ladbrokes's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Nick Joski #GTTO
@LeeGunner82 Not confident that we’ll win the Europa League or finish in the top four. Things can change, but our performances really need to improve. I feel for Unai at the minute because this is still a mainly Wenger side and he needs time to put his own stamp on this Arsenal side.
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Bate Borisov have only ever won against #English clubs TWICE in their #history... Shkodran Mustafi played in BOTH matches! 😅 #Everton in 2009 ✅ #Arsenal in 2019 ✅
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Boris Luis ⚽
@Arsenal Váyanse a la... A entrenar en silencio pechos fríos
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Петр Чех: "Матч с БАТЭ был одним из тех, когда ты вынужден уезжать домой с результатом, который тебя не устраивает" Спорт-Экспресс's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
Daily Star Sport
Laurent Koscielny did one thing VERY wrong for #AFC last night, one fan says 😡
15 Feb, 12:30 PM UTC
AKA Mas K 1
@RochdiHami @Arsenal Yes off course but unai didn't give him opportunity to play
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Babz 🇨🇴🦁🤙🏾 oh le fou batar
Je viens de me rendre compte qu’on enchaine Chelsea, Arsenal, Dortmund
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Arsenal news: ‘Unbeaten run papered over the cracks – they could be in real trouble’, says former midfielder Steve Sidwell calculatedbet's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Ike L. Obidike
@KeenosAFC People are not realistic. Emery has to ship out at least 10 players before we can start seeing a decent team. Arsenal is filled with jokers, brought in by Wenger. We can realistically challenge for the league in 2020/21 if he buys well. Give the guy time.
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Where are all those flash poses now eh?
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Matchday Memories
1956 02 11 Wolves v Arsenal
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Rolando Córdova Guerrero
Lacazzete infantilmente se hace expulsar. #Arsenal #EuropaLeague
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Russell Sidhu
You see for many years arsenal fans talk so much cock about ozil. But yet they appreciate even the little he brings. That added creativity and on his day he could change games. Now arsenal IS DEAD on the creative front. Disgraceful
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
@Mrjoykill @Arsenal @UnaiEmery_ But don’t you think without our most creative player, front men become frustrated and hence laca got red card! Auba has been ineffective! Cant win just by running like wild horses! The luck we ride on 22 unbeaten run has also ran out now!
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
сыграл с Boston United вничью со счетом 0-0 против Arsenal.
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
Maanta oo kale dhacdooyinkii ugu waa weynaa kubada cagta ka dhacay, Messi oo noqay xidig Barcelona ah, Bayern oo Shan ku garaacday Arsenal iyo dhacdooyin kale kaga bogo halkan's photo on arsenal
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
dennis nyongesa
@MesutOzil1088 @Arsenal We need you back on the pitch Mesut
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
@Indo_Gunner antara Bate makin oke atau arsenal makin memble
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
The Donnie Darko
@Arsenal Lets not play Ozil, Ramsey and keep losing
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
LFC Transfer Room
The report from @MirrorDarren states the 25-year-old has a release clause of £35million. Should we make a move Reds? Read the full article ⬇️
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
The Observer
@Arsenal Why do we have to put things right all the time???? Can we not get it right some times? Disgraceful!
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
@Arsenal Latihan seng tenanan Ben ra ngisin"i
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC
plange stephen
@Arsenal @UnaiEmery_ is a pussy he's confused
15 Feb, 12:29 PM UTC

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