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Arsenal FC
👣 Don't watch me, watch my feet Quick thinking from @ReissNelson9 at training earlier today 💡 #ArsenalinUSA 🇺🇸 @Arsenal's photo on arsenal
13 Jul, 08:01 PM UTC
David Ornstein
Sources tell @BBCSport Arsenal have not submitted a bid for Lille forward Nicolas Pepe and do not have the level of money being reported (€80m) to sign the Ivory Coast international this summer #LOSC #AFC
13 Jul, 06:37 PM UTC
Arsenal FC
Sharpshooter 😎 🎯 @aubameyang7 #ArsenalinUSA 🇺🇸 @Arsenal's photo on arsenal
14 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
Sky Sports Scotland
BREAKING Sky sources understand Arsenal have made a bid in the region of £25 million for Celtic left back Kieran Tierney. @ScotlandSky's photo on arsenal
13 Jul, 09:50 PM UTC
Premier League
This volley from @aaronramsey 😱 #GoalOfTheDay @Arsenal @premierleague's photo on arsenal
14 Jul, 08:51 AM UTC
Shane 🇮🇪
When Koscielny doesn’t get sold and has to stay at Arsenal for another season @afcshanee's photo on arsenal
13 Jul, 12:45 PM UTC
Arsenal FC
🥜 Oh @CalumChambers95, that's cheeky! 😏 Arsenal x @venicebeachfc 🤝 #ArsenalinUSA 🇺🇸 @Arsenal's photo on arsenal
14 Jul, 09:56 AM UTC
Abu is Boujee
RT if you once thought Arsenal was named after Arsene Wenger
13 Jul, 08:16 PM UTC
My older brother Louis suffers from autism every night he goes down to the park and listens to music as a way to calm himself down from his problems. This man trapped Louis on the swings and hit him. Here’s the man you can see him go for his neck so Louis did this...
13 Jul, 09:15 PM UTC
Actu Foot
D’après @bbcsport_david, Arsenal n’a pas transmis d’offre de 80 M€ pour Nicolas Pepe et n’a pas les moyens financiers pour se l’offrir.
13 Jul, 07:58 PM UTC
black beauty🇳🇬🇳🇬
JOB of the bible was supporting arsenal that was why he didn't give up. 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣
13 Jul, 07:57 PM UTC
Did you know that Arsenal are the only team in the league that have never, ever been relegated? They have played in the top levels of English football since 1919.
14 Jul, 06:17 AM UTC
Only Arsenal can offer €80m for Pepe, £40m for Zaha, £25 for Tierney, £25 for Carrasco, £30m for Saliba, get linked with Malcom (£35m) and Ceballos (£50m) with a budget of £45m. Imagine if we had budget of £100m, we would’ve bought Messi, Ronaldo & Neymar already lmaoo
14 Jul, 10:02 AM UTC
It is my opinion, that if you watch Arsenal Fan TV then you are indeed a twat ...
13 Jul, 11:41 AM UTC
This is not a football club, it’s a social experiment to test the loyalty of men, to test their threshold for pain, suffering and sorrows. Every arsenal fan are the hardest men you can find, they passed and are totally emotionless, and I’m one. 🙂
14 Jul, 07:24 AM UTC
فيلسوف البريميرليغ
17 عام مرت على هذه المباراة ، أرسنال يفوز في روما بهاتريك الأسطورة تيري هنري .
14 Jul, 10:19 AM UTC
Football Scotland say Celtic are taking the weekend to assess the structure of Arsenal's new £25m offer for Kieran Tierney. #Arsenal feel that a deal is close to being agreed.
14 Jul, 09:12 AM UTC
Y N W A ❁
TYPE OF FOOTBALL DISPLAYED IN ENGLAND ▪ Liverpool - Counter Attack Chelsea - Spreading Attack Man City - Pressuring Attack Spurs - Quick Passing Attack Arsenal - Slow Attack Man United - Heart Attack 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
14 Jul, 10:18 AM UTC
Iwobi on Wenger: "Arsene spoke to you, he speaks with you, with a lot of wisdom & a lot of experience over the years and from the great players he trained. Every time I spoke with him I left with knowledge & experience. He helped me a lot to be the man I am now" #Arsenal
14 Jul, 09:39 AM UTC
Arsenal’s most recent offer for Tierney is £20m + £5m in add ons. Likely to be accepted. #AFC
14 Jul, 10:04 AM UTC
Janine J 💕
This has been my mantra for years. If your person knows where Arsenal sits on the log table and/or how many times Messi has scored this season, he has brain space to know if you have tomato sauce in the kitchen.
14 Jul, 09:59 AM UTC
أخبار ارسنال
🎥 بعض اللاعبين في شاطئ فينيس في لوس انجلوس 😂
14 Jul, 10:06 AM UTC
Squawka Football
"Signing Kieran Tierney would represent an intelligent bit of business by Arsenal... that's not something said often." What next for Arsenal? A change in transfer strategy could be a good place to start.
14 Jul, 10:40 AM UTC
Amandala What You Must 🤷🏾‍♀️*
She's one of the best in the game, co-captain of a team who just won their fourth world cup, and you're big mad because she's... dancing... in a parade? You support Arsenal, so it's already clear that you're a seasoned clown. Rather go dust your trophy cabinet and STFU.
14 Jul, 10:08 AM UTC
BBC Sport Scotland
Arsenal back in for Kieran Tierney with an improved bid of around £25m for the Celtic full-back. @BBCSportScot's photo on arsenal
14 Jul, 07:45 AM UTC
Tyreece John-Jules has been initiated into the first team in Los Angeles, California. #AFC #Arsenal
14 Jul, 09:02 AM UTC
RMC Sport
L'expérimenté défenseur est très courtisé en #Ligue1 ⚽ #RMCLive #Mercato #Arsenal
14 Jul, 10:40 AM UTC
Tᕼᗩ ᗪᗩᑎIᔕᕼ ᔕᑭEᑕIᗩᒪIᔕT♠️. 〘N〙〘O〙 Q✵u✵e✵s✵t✵i✵o✵n✵s
@Arsenal @CalumChambers95 @venicebeachfc
14 Jul, 09:56 AM UTC
Kaustubh Pandey
Which so-called 'top club' offers about 40 million pounds when the selling club is asking for 80 million? I get it, Palace are over-pricing #Zaha. But that bid was just a show of what #Arsenal are lacking in today's market. The brains are there. The might isnt.
14 Jul, 09:17 AM UTC
Read Arsenal
🤔 | Arsenal are in for £20m-rated Russia striker Fedor Chalov, but should he really be a priority? | #AFC
14 Jul, 10:01 AM UTC
Bristol City on track to sign Arsenal striker - reports
14 Jul, 10:42 AM UTC
Rich Langley
@KusariBennis @BristolCity @matthewtaylor69 I would keep him here purely for his desire and the effect he has on his teammates - not awful at all - a worthy squad player. Transfer window is still open btw - I fancy the young lad from Arsenal may come here.
14 Jul, 07:19 AM UTC
The Sun reports that Arsenal have decided to loan Eddie Nketiah out to Bristol City despite interest from Premier League clubs.
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Footy News Media ⚽️
What Celtic star Kieran Tierney wants to do as Arsenal launch fresh £25m transfer raid #FOOTBALL
14 Jul, 10:44 AM UTC
Barry Sheehan
@touchofpowder He was the reason I started supporting Arsenal back in the day, great player👏👏👏👏
14 Jul, 10:40 AM UTC
Eduardo Hagn
@arsenal_true @Arsenal It’s 6:45 AM here 😂
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Arsenal True Fans
@EduardoHagn @Arsenal Hey Edu, how do you keep up with our timeline? What's the time there now?
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
JGM 0.3K
@Arsenal I think you've missed out a decimal point #2Point5Tierney Kieran Tierney: Arsenal make improved bid of £25m for Celtic full-back -
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
@RamsNFL @VancouverArse @Arsenal Fuck off, Kroenke. Love to see that stadium get torn to shit, 70s style. Fuck the Rams.
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Is it bcos of big brother we not having dramas again on this app, why? Nobody is fxxking another person, why? Arsenal hasn't signed any player, why? Omothee has decided to be born again why?😢 Twitter deactivated sdz, why? What is happening?
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
6thAlfie Cunningham
@DiMarzio @CSFDean Welcome to arsenal
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
If your man is an arsenal fan you are lucky. He is as loyal as loyal can be. If he leaves you, 😂😂😂😂 sis you are worse than kroenke, you are the devil
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Loganberry 🍺
@dpnorris Haha, that's another Brexit, plus Arsenal fan TV, DT, "Tell me what you want.", Like for VVD or retweet for VVD, people begging for followers. Ruins me.
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Arsenal impressed by Everton Soares and ‘maintain talks with Gremio winger’ #Word #WhatsApp #Telegram #Facebook #Sport #News #Nigeria #Update #BBN #ManUnited
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
The72: EFL News
Bristol City heading queue for talented Arsenal striker Eddie Nektiah: #WeAreTheArsenal #BristolCity
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
NH™ 🤷
@Faizzi97 Hahaha lai lah tunggu masa manu arsenal 😋
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
In the second half of the season, our form without Ramsey was so bad that if we carry it into next season, we're achieving 38 points. It would be absolutely shocking if we don't strengthen defence and replace Ramsey's impact... But this is Arsenal Football Club so we won't 😂
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Cde Stelos
@Arsenal @ColoradoRapids We are eagerly waiting for new significant signings. The perfomance of the team is frustrating
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
@PCheweChilufya 😂😂 i'm pretty sure there no player from Arsenal who has been able to put up such an astonishing performance in a last decade in any single game😂😂
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Možda će ovom igraču protiv FK Sarajevo biti oproštajna utakmica u dresu Celtica #arsenal #celtic #kierantierney
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Stephen Boyle
KT is a scumbag, traitor,mercerany etc all because Arsenal have bid 25 million for him, personally I'd go if I was him reading that crap on Twitter, Good luck to him whatever he decides. That's if Celtic give him a choice....
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
That’s the thing about being an Arsenal fan; you have to close your eyes and ears when you’re bantering other clubs. Rest assured, this club will disgrace you at the slightest and earliest opportunity. Gotta be numb to it if you don’t want to run mad on this app
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
Arsenal Lodge Improved £25m Bid for Celtic Star Kieran Tierney
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
joseph osei Baggio
Breaking | L’Équipe insist that Arsenal on Thursday offered Lille €80m for Nicolas Pépé, to be paid in several instalments. More follows.
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
You’d think this is a good idea, just about until you end up like Arsenal or United Twitter with civil wars and polarisation all around
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
BBC Sport Scotland
Arsenal back in for Kieran Tierney with an improved bid of around £25m for the Celtic full-back. @BBCSportScot's photo on arsenal
14 Jul, 10:46 AM UTC
@adeh_mudia @skewed_shapes @Blue_Footy no, Auba came to Arsenal because of Mkhi. Then, he became friends with Lacazette. Feels bad for Mkhi though😂
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Transfer Wire
Arsenal have made an improved offer in the region of £20m plus bonus payments for #Celticfc left-back Kieran Tierney, #arsenal
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Mattias Borglin
@ltarsenal Then go to Arsenal for 50 and put a 150 m buyout clausul
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Hollywood Az
@TacticalRole Any chance of a Tierney thread if arsenal sign him ?
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Ali D Gooner
@AFTVMedia Why would he come to Arsenal. He'll be going for his last pay check in USA or UAE. He's 36 also. People were moaning about lichsteiner
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
@DeadlineDayLive Why is Arsenal like this.... Why can't they bid for this Guy
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Mans was in a game house, last week, when one guy asked "Who arsenal don sign?" Na so one mumu guy say "Naira Marley" I literally lost my shit😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
@Dolphin_digi @EkeminiJacobs Ah fuck😂😂🤣🤣 my chest, so there is present participle for this word😂😂😂🤣🤣... I swear ehn we die hard arsenal fans need free entry to heaven our loyalty is unquestionable....
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Alex AFC&SRFC 🏆⭐⭐🏆
@OlivierArsenal @RamsNFL @Arsenal C'est qui le mec mdr c'est pas lui qui viendra a la tournée 🤣🤣
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Former Arsenal chief 'dismayed' by Unai Emery's transfer decision
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Kundan Mitra
@ash_ashbryant 😝😝😝😝😝 Really, what arsenal fans go through is beyond anything.
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Aneesh Chandoke
Glad twitter opinions dont matter much otherwise our fans would make Arsenal unattractive for any manager. If Emery is signing his players, why we didnt sign anyone by now? 😂🤣😂 Why Edu is appointed then?
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
@MustaffaAlBakri Arsenal dh xmcm dulu lg 😌 jom kita mancity
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
va a ser que no, fequir al arsenal
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Mikey O'Donnell
@dabach67 @kierantierney1 @Arsenal @CelticFC This season at least ha, I’d love to get Celtic in any European game as a Scottish Arsenal fan as I’d get to take in a European night at Parkhead and see Arsenal at the same time.
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Uwais Ahmed
@PatrickTimmons1 I'm waiting for the day when @Alexis_Sanchez comes out and says he shouldn't have never left Arsenal.
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC
Arsenal Report
Nicolas Pepe's Agent Responds to Rumours of Arsenal's Ludicrous Bid for Lille ... #AFC
14 Jul, 10:45 AM UTC