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Joe Rogan

Bernie Sanders
“I think I'll probably vote for Bernie... He’s been insanely consistent his entire life. He’s basically been saying the same thing, been for the same thing his whole life. And that in and of itself is a very powerful structure to operate from.” -Joe Rogan @BernieSanders's photo on Joe Rogan
23 Jan, 08:38 PM UTC

The Bride

tyler san
When John Wick punches himself out a grave, survives being shot in the head, learns how to walk all over again, beats a mfkr ass barefoot after being buried alive and executes the 5 Pt. Palm Exploding Heart Technique then maybe he’ll beat The Bride.
24 Jan, 01:16 PM UTC


Michael ♉️
Took us 3 years of dating to find a communication style that works for us. Love ain’t for kids, y’all. You gotta find that balance between “not about to let nobody play me” and “I’m fighting for this because it’s what I want”. It’s a fine line to walk, but it’s there.
24 Jan, 03:59 PM UTC


eu detesto esse tipo de tweet porque geralmente eu sou a pessoa que ja vai ta 19h plantada esperando um irresponsável do caralho que nao consegue cumprir com o mínimo
24 Jan, 12:33 PM UTC


pay attention to who’s happy for you when you’re happy
24 Jan, 05:40 AM UTC


Faiz Jafri
I dont know anything about David Dobrik, but from my understanding he's the human equivalent of a golden retriever
24 Jan, 04:12 AM UTC


25 Jan, 10:04 AM UTC


B.I.T.C.H OUT NOW ON EVERYTHING 🐾🐾🐾 @theestallion's photo on B.I.T.C.H
24 Jan, 05:43 AM UTC


Bruno Sartori
Quantos anos levariam para um hospital com mil leitos ser construído na sua cidade?
24 Jan, 03:05 PM UTC


Jim Acosta
Parnas attorney, Joseph Bondy confirms to CNN he has turned over to the House Intel Committee an audio recording of Trump talking about Yovanovitch.
24 Jan, 11:41 PM UTC


jelani cobb
We normally look at Presidents and point out how quickly the office ages them. This is the first time that the President looks the same as he did on Election Day but the rest of the country looks ten years older.
24 Jan, 06:35 PM UTC


Au Pays du Nwaar 🃏
Fumez le direct nique sa mère on prend pas de risque
24 Jan, 03:22 PM UTC

Coco Gauff

Unbelievable. 15-year-old Coco Gauff has defeated defending Australian Open champ and world No. 3 Naomi Osaka in straight sets. @espn's photo on Coco Gauff
24 Jan, 09:24 AM UTC


Rep. Jim Jordan
Guess who Dems have cited twice as often as anyone else in the Senate trial... That’s right, GORDON SONDLAND, the guy who had to correct his deposition testimony seven times.
24 Jan, 11:02 PM UTC


The White House
Two years ago today, Joe Biden shares how, as Vice President, he threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless a prosecutor was fired. #TBT @WhiteHouse's photo on
23 Jan, 09:45 PM UTC

Good Friday

Rajdeep Sardesai
A tale of two covers: 2010 and 2020.. say no more.. or risk being called ‘anti national’! Have a good Friday folks!!
24 Jan, 04:28 AM UTC


Joyce Alene
The story says this recording of Trump & Lev Parnas (who he’s repeatedly said he doesn’t know) talking about taking out Yovanovitch was made by Igor Fruman. Unless it was somehow in Parnas’ cache of materials, this could imply Fruman is also cooperating.
24 Jan, 04:31 PM UTC

Pablo Mari

Charles Watts
Pablo Mari has just arrived at Heathrow with Edu and he tell me he is excited to be joining Arsenal. Medical to take place this weekend. @charles_watts's photo on Pablo Mari
25 Jan, 12:31 PM UTC


When you’re getting jumped by a bunch of Chinese niggas and one of them says “someone cough on him” @OffSznWaffler's photo on Alysa
24 Jan, 01:15 PM UTC


JUDGE! JUDGE! SOMEONE CALL A JUDGE! #EVOJapan2020 @EVO's photo on #EVOJapan2020
24 Jan, 06:49 AM UTC

34 US

Natasha Bertrand
Wow. 34 US service members have been diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iranian attack earlier this month. Trump said earlier this week that the injuries were "not very serious," after admin initially denied any casualties.
24 Jan, 05:32 PM UTC


This might sound crazy but hear me out here folks. Next year what if we try styrofoam targets? #NHLAllStar
25 Jan, 02:28 AM UTC


Curiosity Rover
Get you a rover who can do it all🤖 #dollypartonchallenge @MarsCuriosity's photo on #DollyPartonchallenge
24 Jan, 09:00 PM UTC


B/R Football
Debut: Hat-trick Home debut: Goal in front of the yellow wall Erling Haaland has landed 🇩🇪 @brfootball's photo on Haaland
24 Jan, 09:09 PM UTC


Tyler Herro said, "You can't guard me," after scoring over Shamet 🤭 @SportsCenter's photo on Shamet
25 Jan, 03:13 AM UTC

You're Fired

The Volatile Mermaid
“Take her out.” - definitely not what a guy whose catch phrase is “You’re fired” says when he wants someone fired
24 Jan, 06:09 PM UTC


Vindu Dara Singh
We SidHearts have stuck with our #SidharthShukIa because he is a #ManOfWordSid and we all will be with him tell the very end of the Game . He entered first and will exit last as the Winner .
25 Jan, 10:19 AM UTC


“I used to dream as a kid just being in the NBA, now I can play in the All-Star game.” 👏 Safe to say @luka7doncic is excited to make the trip to Chicago. @NBAonTNT's photo on Sasso
24 Jan, 05:58 AM UTC


Andreína (2016) /// Andreína (2019)
24 Jan, 10:00 AM UTC


Scott Dworkin
How quickly can we get this to 1,000 retweets? #AmericansWantWitnesses
25 Jan, 09:15 AM UTC

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