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Stephanie Kelton
Imagine two economists. One of them can speak intelligently about the economy. The other one is Art Laffer.
05 Jun, 01:56 PM UTC
Jeffrey Stein
Here's what WH adviser Art Laffer had to say today: "Imagine there's 2 farmers [on an island] and nothing else. One gets unemployment. Who pays for it? The other farmer! That's economics -- straight, simple, intuitive, and true. That's why government spending doesn't work."
05 Jun, 01:41 PM UTC
Steve Rustad
Looting IS a problem. Trump & the GOP have looted a trillion dollars from workers & handed it to billionaires. #WearOrange #WeveSeenEnough #JobsReport To President Trump Krugman Third Amendment 10-15% of Americans China Plague 2.5 Million 3rd Amendment 13.3% in May Art Laffer @SteveRustad1's photo on Art Laffer
05 Jun, 03:01 PM UTC
Armand Domalewski
I cannot convey to you, as an economics professional, how impossibly stupid Art Laffer is
05 Jun, 02:51 PM UTC
Sam Seder
If national Democrats had made the slightest effort to highlight Sam Brownback's disastrous stewardship of Kansas, we'd never have a single contemporary report of Art Laffer advising anyone.
05 Jun, 03:00 PM UTC
No funds in this Act...
@KevinMKruse If there are two economists on an island and one is Art Laffer and the other is Stephen Moore....actually, that sounds OK. Just leave them there.
05 Jun, 02:06 PM UTC
Imagine that Art Laffer and Larry Kudlow are on an island. Cool, let's leave them there.
05 Jun, 03:03 PM UTC
Art Laffer just said "government spending doesn't work." THIS IS WRONG. government spending is what saved the economy from going into a depression
05 Jun, 03:37 PM UTC
Grant Stern
Art Laffer created Reagan's "Voodoo Economics" aka trickle down economics, the failed policy to give tons of money to rich people to "stimulate" the economy. He's discredited.
05 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
Philip Schuyler
Art Laffer told the truth - if one person gets, another has to give, "has," meaning, "must be coerced." Americans don't like being coerced. They'd rather you spend your earnings as you choose but Dems always have a "higher cause" you should be forced to finance, which is them.
05 Jun, 03:20 PM UTC
Adam Ozimek
Imagine there's two farmers on an island and nothing else. One of them is Art Laffer. The other one drowns himself on purpose. Straight, simple, intuitive, and true.
05 Jun, 03:39 PM UTC
@JStein_WaPo We have paid Art Laffer's salary for much of his life. He *is* the unnecessary spending that he complains about.
05 Jun, 04:06 PM UTC
Joe Gabriel Simonson
Art Laffer, economic adviser to that guy on a Japanese island who thinks World War II is still going on
05 Jun, 02:34 PM UTC
Paul McNamara
Has Art Laffer suffered a head injury?
05 Jun, 02:15 PM UTC
Bruce Bartlett
Saw Art Laffer is trending and made the mistake of clicking his name.
05 Jun, 03:32 PM UTC
πŸ”₯ Johnny Danger πŸ”₯
Listening to Art Laffer on economics at this point is like going to a doctor who bleeds you to release foul humors
05 Jun, 04:02 PM UTC
ĐɇnnΙ¨s Đɇŧwɨłłɇɍ
It's a daily contest for the stupidest comment to come out of this administration, and boy, the competition is fierce. Currently, Art Laffer is in the lead!
05 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
Rich Gas ❌❌❌❌
The do nothing Liberal economists come out in droves when the economy heats up...#The200 #DOW30K #SocialismSucks #ArtLaffer Art Laffer and Larry Kudlow are Rock Stars.
05 Jun, 04:13 PM UTC
New Tomorrow 🌹
Art Laffer is a moronic hypocrite who got handed the Nobel Prize in Economics and other accolades because he is a devoted servant of power and for no other reason. He is an emblem of how there is no meritocracy, just lottery-style rewards for select lucky bootlickers.
05 Jun, 04:36 PM UTC
NJ Change
Art Laffer is the bane of my existence.
05 Jun, 04:44 PM UTC
Placebo Bryson
Why is Art Laffer still around? Can we make him not be?
05 Jun, 04:43 PM UTC
Contact tracing saves lives
@JStein_WaPo Poor Art Laffer! So misunderstood! He wasn’t talking about unemployment, it was farm price supports! (Finger to earpiece) Oh, he actually said β€œunemploymentβ€œ? Never mind.
05 Jun, 04:40 PM UTC
C Doubleyah
Art Laffer is TERRIBLE. He screwed up Kansas for generations to come.
05 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
Responsibility Without Power
@StephanieKelton Oooooooh the comments here supporting Art Laffer are pure comedy gold, and many aren't bots πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
05 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC
George Gillis
It reminds me that Art Laffer every year makes a rich State poor state projection on where the states would rank in economic growth for Alec. It is never right and is 100% based on who is the governor of each state. Pure Republican propaganda
05 Jun, 04:37 PM UTC

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