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Fabrizio Romano
Edu worked for five months on that Gabriel Jesus deal, meeting with his agents and pushing to make him the star of new Arsenal project. ⚪️🔴⭐️ #AFC It was not an easy one, as many top clubs were involved until the end. Arteta wanted GJ as absolute priority. …not a bad start. @FabrizioRomano's photo on Arteta
13 Aug, 04:05 PM UTC
Fabrizio Romano
Arteta on William Saliba: "He was very convinced and determined to come here - he never suggested anything else. Only Arsenal". ⚪️🔴🔒 #AFC "From the first conversation, he only had one intention: to come here and start to play football matches for Arsenal", Arteta added. @FabrizioRomano's photo on Arteta
13 Aug, 06:03 AM UTC
B/R Football
Mikel Arteta's bold strategy pays off 🖊️ @brfootball's photo on Arteta
13 Aug, 04:03 PM UTC
Sam Dean
Arteta on Saliba: "I am happier with him today than I was against Crystal Palace last week, because of how he reacted to the own goal." #AFC
13 Aug, 04:39 PM UTC
Mark Goldbridge
Zinchenko and Jesus are two top class players who are used to winning titles. Shrewd business by Arteta. Has taken that side up a level instantly
13 Aug, 03:02 PM UTC
Arsenal Guns
Arteta (fans supporting Saliba after his own goal) “What they did with Saliba after the OG is something I’ve never seen anything like that in my career”
13 Aug, 04:39 PM UTC
Rahman osman
51 Arsenal wins now for Mikel Arteta. Second on the list of Arsenal managers to get that really quickly, only the great Arsène Wenger got there earlier with 94 games. Not bad right. #ARSLEI
13 Aug, 03:57 PM UTC
Complete and utter vindication. There's no other word for it. Vindication. The signings (Zinchenko, Jesus), the player development (Saka, Martinelli, Saliba), the structure, the combinations, the press, the sustained pressure, the relentless quality. Mikel Arteta's Arsenal. https://t.co/I2cIE4asBr
13 Aug, 02:50 PM UTC
If Ward doesn't fumble the ball for Xhaka to score an open net, Arsenal are in trouble. If Martinelli doesn't score a long range goal, Arsenal are in trouble. The 2nd half was nowhere near good enough. Arteta won't be happy - Arsenal need to learn to control games with the ball.
13 Aug, 04:07 PM UTC
Only Mikel Arteta would have the audacity think about making Granit Xhaka a legitimate goal threat with his runs from deep, but he's actually gone and made it a reality.
13 Aug, 03:03 PM UTC
James Benge
Arteta on Jesus: “We know what Gabi can do. He scored two and got two assists and is still disappointed because he thinks he should have scored four. That’s the standard, that’s the mentality, you need to go to a different level.”
13 Aug, 04:52 PM UTC
Guardiola and Arteta Na this men dey run EPL @Naija_PR's photo on Arteta
13 Aug, 02:50 PM UTC
Arteta really pumped Ten Hag to drop 60 million on Martinez & got a better deal in Zinchenko 😂😂
13 Aug, 05:39 PM UTC
Arsenal News Channel
🗣Mikel Arteta on the #Arsenal fans supporting Saliba after his own goal: “What they did with after the own goal is something I’ve never seen anything like that in my career.” 🥹❤️ https://t.co/tKI4eBnshD
13 Aug, 04:49 PM UTC
When Arteta was presented with an unbalanced squad who weren’t at all suited to modern football, he introduced a 343 to win us a trophy and get the best out of the current players.
13 Aug, 05:28 PM UTC
Arsenal FR
Arteta sur le stade qui a soutenu Saliba après son CSC : « Ce qu'ils ont fait avec Saliba après le CSC est quelque chose que je n'ai jamais vu dans ma carrière. »
13 Aug, 04:51 PM UTC
Mazi Olisaemeka C. ™
Juventus did “All or nothing”, no one said it was PR for Allegri. City did theirs, no one said it was PR for Pep. Spurs did theirs, no one said it was PR for Mourinho. Arsenal’s turn, suddenly it becomes a PR for Arteta. Again, I dare you to show me one sensible Arteta Öuter.
13 Aug, 10:33 AM UTC
Standard Sport
"I’ve never seen anything like that in my career." Arteta says he was stunned by Arsenal fans’ reaction to Saliba scoring an own goal https://t.co/wpajOYnC6i
13 Aug, 05:01 PM UTC
Le Grove
United CEO should go to the media after today and tell them that Ten Hag is here for 3 years regardless of results. Set the tone that the players downing tools will not impact his standing. Basically what Arsenal did with Arteta when things were going badly because of toxicity
13 Aug, 05:23 PM UTC
Jesus, Saliba, Xhaka, Martinelli, Zinchenko were superb today. Edu and Arteta and should sign two more quality players and we’re good to go
13 Aug, 04:19 PM UTC
Lisandro Martínez acaba de abandonar el partido para llamar a Mikel Arteta.
13 Aug, 05:08 PM UTC
Daniel Regha
@Arsenal Arsenal isn't joking around this season, from their games u can tell that Arteta is determined to race for the Top 4 spot, & qualify for the Champions League; Those who chanted "Arteta out" will be eating their words now cos his "Trust the process" has finally paid off. Amazing.
13 Aug, 05:36 PM UTC
Jimmy McCann
The attitude of Sancho is frightening, couldn’t give less of a fuck if he tried. When will United learn, you have no idea how lucky you are Arsenal fans that Arteta have got the poison apples from your club
13 Aug, 05:49 PM UTC
Madridista 🏆 x14
What a team Arteta is building at the Emirates. How do you even improve this first XI? We made some mistakes but our attacking football is so free-flowing, it's so beautiful to watch.
13 Aug, 04:02 PM UTC
Mikel Arteta: “I’m really happy with the performance, the victory, the three points and with the way we played. I think it was a really good football match against a really good opponent and it was just a joy to play in front of this crowd.” #AFC
13 Aug, 05:47 PM UTC
Arsenal Guns
Arteta (Arsenal attack) “You can see the interaction and the speed of execution, it’s a different level now. The rotation can be the same and the way that they can execute it at that speed and be that precise is completely different. It’s much more difficult to defend.”
13 Aug, 05:59 PM UTC
Madridista 🏆 x14
If you backed Arteta from the beginning, congratulations. If you had doubts or were ArtetaOut but have changed your mind, welcome aboard the Process. We're one fanbase and that's the most important thing. #COYG #ARSLEI
13 Aug, 04:26 PM UTC
Arsenal French Club
💬Arteta sur le public : "Ce qu'ils ont fait aujourd'hui avec Saliba est quelque chose que je n'ai pas vu dans ma carrière. Être vraiment là quand ça compte et quand c'est difficile pour quelqu'un. Nous devrions être vraiment fiers de jouer devant eux parce que c'était spécial." https://t.co/kD8qplX09s
13 Aug, 05:52 PM UTC
JV 🇹🇹
Klopp and Arteta when they realise they’re United’s next home matches https://t.co/3nyMRNGSxd
13 Aug, 05:28 PM UTC
not that it’s ten hag’s fault, we saw the same with arteta, this style requires elite technicians and anything less is a big gap. this season should be a write off with the way their window is going anyways
13 Aug, 05:48 PM UTC