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Should Ashley Klein just not be a referee anymore? Fucking diabolical performance today… #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:30 AM UTC
Dec C
Chad Townsend penalised for being punched in the face. Good to see Ashley Klein still being paid 300k p/a for that #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:29 AM UTC
gemma rogers
How Ashley Klein still has a job I never understand. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:29 AM UTC
please nrl, ashley klein needs to be put in a home #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:30 AM UTC
Dec C
Do the roosters have dirt against Ashley Klein? Neame should’ve had a penalty, roosters score Townsend is penalised for head butting Crichton’s fists. They score 3 tackles later Hiku penalised for Suaalii passing the ball to Nanai. They score the next set #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:40 AM UTC
$NBA $NRL Picks
What the hell am I watching. This has to be a pisstake from Ashley Klein #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:41 AM UTC
Ashley Klein will ruin the finals if he’s continually appointed to games #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:42 AM UTC
Ashley Klein, hang up the whistle and jog on. Disgraceful performance this season, this game amplifies it! #NRL #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:39 AM UTC
Ashley Klein needs to be fired off in a cannon pointing to the sun, I am at my WIT’S END
13 Aug, 06:33 AM UTC
Ashley Klein is clueless #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:33 AM UTC
Clear no try. Fuck I hate Ashley Klein #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:17 AM UTC
@NRL I don't care about either of these teams, but Ashley Klein either needs re-training or coach the reggies for a bit. Not FG standard. Bunker is always the bunker which is crap
13 Aug, 07:18 AM UTC
Ashley Klein keeps blowing penalties until the Roosters score. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:35 AM UTC
The Saints🐉
Ashley Klein, you are fckd #nrl
13 Aug, 06:31 AM UTC
Ashley Klein. My god. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:28 AM UTC
Ashley Klein is a clown How did he send that up no try? #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 05:29 AM UTC
Dec C
I won’t say cowboys were robbed but Ashley Klein and The Bunker influenced that second half heavily 3 tries from dodgy calls, the end result should’ve been far closer. We’ll get the usual shit from Graham Annisley but it won’t give us the true result #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:51 AM UTC
Wish the NRL would bring through new refereeing blood. Ashley Klein is way past it. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:40 AM UTC
When Ashley Klein & #nrlbunker are in that mood nobody is going to beat the @sydneyroosters & the @NRL keep match managing results. A skill learnt from major sponsors @Telstra #nrlcorruption or #nrlincompetence #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:38 AM UTC
Chris Cox
Ashley Klein really should retire. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:33 AM UTC
Pleased to see Ashley Klein still has NFI. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:28 AM UTC
Aussie Sun
I’m sorry, but Ashley Klein is so shit. He really has no business being a @NRL referee. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 05:19 AM UTC
What's Ashley Klein doing? This bloke is so bad. #NRLRoostersCowboys
13 Aug, 06:28 AM UTC
Not You
@ellapk3 Adam Gee in the bunker and Ashley Klein on the field. That mix is a recipe for disaster.....
13 Aug, 06:19 AM UTC
Paul Johnson
Oh look there’s Ashley Klein with another shocker. Can the @NRL just dump him full stop already. #NRLRoostersCowboys #AshleyKlein
13 Aug, 06:19 AM UTC
Jake Carden
Yes we should support the refs, but I’m sorry… Ashley Klein shouldn’t be anywhere near an NRL field. #NRLRoostersCowboys #NRL
13 Aug, 05:49 AM UTC
Just Terry
Why was Manu crying at Ashley Klein? Bro you made yet another shitty defensive read
13 Aug, 05:40 AM UTC
Shane Ryan
Remove Ashley Klein at halftime. Get him out
13 Aug, 05:20 AM UTC
What about Ashley Klein and Gerard Sutton both being dropped in the past month and them getting 1 v 4 and 2 v 8 this weekend. #NRLRoostersCowboys #NRL
13 Aug, 05:11 AM UTC
Conor C
Shoutout to Ashley Klein for being the best and most unbiased referee ever to grace an NRL field. (I'm lying, someone check his Sportsbet account) https://t.co/WG2W5IgYh9
13 Aug, 06:35 AM UTC