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Arn Anderson
It was so popular last time that we’re doing it again! We’re doing another Ask Arn Anything episode! Have a burning question for The Enforcer? Drop it in the replies and use the hashtag #AskArnAnything! https://t.co/fMSNopRqzY
18 May, 06:05 PM UTC
Chris Mehring
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything What was the reaction backstage to the crowd taking over by chanting for Daniel Bryan during the ceremony with all former World Champions in the ring as the build to the Cena/Orton title unification match?
18 May, 06:41 PM UTC
Rob K- WNBF Pro
@TheArnShow Has Arn seen @RickRudeSells yet? And does he have any over the top Rick Rude stories? #askarnanything
18 May, 06:19 PM UTC
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything if you could use any Led Zep tune as your entrance music, what would it be, and why is it "Immigrant Song?"
18 May, 06:14 PM UTC
Phil Snowdon
@TheArnShow If Arn could handpick a Horsemen inspired stable based on performers in the last 20 years, who would be in it? Who would be the manager if not Arn? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:11 PM UTC
Steve Crute
@TheArnShow What moves did you hate taking? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:08 PM UTC
Dismal Abysmal
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything We've heard stories over the years about how much wrestlers earned from their merchandise. I dont recall there being a ton of Arn Anderson merch. What shirt, toy, video game or other would Arn say earned him the most money over the years? https://t.co/yC9UfGcPHL
18 May, 06:07 PM UTC
Zayn Johnson
@TheArnShow Before AEW was announced, there were “reports” the WWE had big plans to bring back viewers. It was assumed to be an invasion angle by The Elite, but was obviously scrapped when they decided not to sign with WWE. Can you speak to what that angle would’ve been? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:06 PM UTC
Rodney Graves
@TheArnShow Who was a better dancer, Alex Wright, Disco Inferno, or Vincent Young (the wrestler with a breakdancing gimmick that was brought into WCW in early 1989, NOT the former University of Texas QB). #AskArnAnything!
18 May, 06:48 PM UTC
Anthony R Rieger
@TheArnShow #askarnanything Arn uses the term “toys” a lot for chairs, weapons etc. Where does that come from? Is it a WWE term?
18 May, 06:48 PM UTC
Rory Mehlberg
@TheArnShow If you knew you had 24 hours left to live what would you do? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:47 PM UTC
Charlie Thrower
@TheArnShow Why are there so many doctors in wrestling? Dr. D, Dr. Death, Dr. Tom... #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:47 PM UTC
The Rosencoaster
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:45 PM UTC
Ryan Koval
@TheArnShow Since you were billed as being from Minnesota, did you have any favorite hangouts or hot spots in Minnesota? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:42 PM UTC
Shepp_Cook (Larry Sheppard-Cook)
@TheArnShow Did you enjoy your tag matches against the Fantastics #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:34 PM UTC
Marcus 💎 PinPin
@TheArnShow The most embarrassing moment of your career and why? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:34 PM UTC
UncleJay 89
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything What was thoughts of beating hulk on nirto?
18 May, 06:33 PM UTC
Warren Howeler
@TheArnShow What was your favorite memory of tagging with Bobby Eaton as a member of the Dangerous Alliance? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:32 PM UTC
Peter Bahi 👮
@TheArnShow Did CW Anderson ever ask permission from Arn or Ole to use the Anderson name? If he ever met CW, what was his opinion of him, both as a person and as a talent. #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:32 PM UTC
Luke Worrell
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything I recently was playing with my young son in our basement. He had borrowed two action figures from his older brother. It was a hard fought contest between Arn and Kamala. It got me wondering, has Arn ever had any experience with the Ugandan Giant?
18 May, 06:32 PM UTC
Fuzzy Dunlop
@TheArnShow Why did Ric Flair insist on going to the too rope. 30 years I never saw him manage to finish his move. Did he not learn? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:32 PM UTC
@TheArnShow You have a great mind for the business.Did you ever have the idea to try to become a booker? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:31 PM UTC
Brent Morrison
Had he chosen to leave the Pensacola Territoy, how big a star could Bullet Bob Armstrong have been?? He was ridiculouslyover in Birmingham, Dothan, Knoxville, Chattanooga and I wonder how big he could have been #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:23 PM UTC
The Anamoly - Jorden
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything 90s AJPW is considered some of the greatest in-ring wrestling of all-time, with guys like Misawa, Kawada, Taue, Kobashi, Akiyama, Hansen, Williams, Gordy, etc.. Did the boys in the states think 90s AJPW was "that good?" Did you work any of the 4 Pillars / etc?
18 May, 06:23 PM UTC
Scott 🏈🌊
@TheArnShow Was St. Louis a favorite destination in the day for you. We love our Wrestling here for sure? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:22 PM UTC
Rob K- WNBF Pro
@TheArnShow If Arn could book a 60-minute Iron Man match with any two wrestlers in history, who would it be? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:21 PM UTC
Marcus DeAngelo
@TheArnShow Dying to know: What would Arn have done (as somebody who didn't know he could say "no") if he had been given the Goldust gimmick? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:21 PM UTC
The Anamoly - Jorden
@TheArnShow #AskArnAnything With the new #AEWUnrivaled Action Figure line, would you tell Cody (or Tony) for ALL of your fans, we WANT figures of you, please and thank you? Old-school throwbacks of you & Tully, mid-90s WCW Enforcer stuff, and even sweater vest Nightmare Family Arn..
18 May, 06:20 PM UTC
Mikey D
@TheArnShow If you were to open or work for a wrestling school and could only help in 1 specific department, like promo’s, selling or story telling which would you say your specialty is. I figure it is hard for you to pick just 1 because you are the goat! #askarnanything!
18 May, 06:20 PM UTC
Dalton Grimm
@TheArnShow What is your relationship like with vince mcmahon today? #AskArnAnything
18 May, 06:20 PM UTC