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moonwalking in calabasas REMIX🕺🏽
#askddg I’m bored
15 Sep, 09:38 AM UTC
Lord Kev ❼
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg CHECK ME OUT BRO YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED https://t.co/W0t4gFL3pr https://t.co/yIKxeaxnLo
15 Sep, 10:10 AM UTC
𝘿𝙖𝙙𝙙𝙮 🦂🇿🇲
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg WHAT'S YA BIGGEST FEAR ⁉️
15 Sep, 10:15 AM UTC
Ishmael rose ✪
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg would you ft an Africa based artist if their Music is actually fire?
15 Sep, 10:17 AM UTC
Lakers 2020 Champs 👑
@PontiacMadeDDG How many copies did it sell? #askddg
15 Sep, 10:13 AM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG Did you beat a bitch donnies down at the moonwalking in Calabasas video shoot or not #askddg
15 Sep, 10:03 AM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg what plans do you have for your African brothers and sisters..? Cos i know i a lot of people watch you on YouTube and all social media.
15 Sep, 10:00 AM UTC
Teven Gustave
#AskDDG when are you going to sign Lambo Kev? https://t.co/ZbWUlvln0Z
15 Sep, 12:22 PM UTC
bandz 💵🦇
#askddg I bought over $700 worth of your merch going back since 2018 you about to blow up💯 Even though you’re already famous, it’s just a different type of fan base. My question is can you handle it 😳🧐???
15 Sep, 11:27 AM UTC
Earn at least $10 daily extra income from the comfort of your home for free on Timebucks. Reply or DM for more details #getpaid #PES2021 Bale #askddg #GlazersOutWoodwardOut Denver Soleimani
15 Sep, 11:07 AM UTC
https://t.co/5dFAdcRJ7S #findyourthing #redbubble #tuesdayvibes #FreeGamingPC #undertale #askddg #AppleEvent #boo #Halloween #RBandME #Halloween2020 #tshirt #orange #OregonFires #spooky #ghost #GoStars #Dynamite #TuesdayMotivation #TAEHYUNG #Netflix #BLACKPINK #MewGulf #anime
15 Sep, 11:10 AM UTC
#askddg When we get some new music and what's the likelihood of being co-signed 😂
15 Sep, 01:09 PM UTC
#AskDDG what is your favorite song
15 Sep, 12:50 PM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG When are you releasing the tape and how many different features are you planning to put on it #AskDDG
15 Sep, 11:36 AM UTC
#askddg when will you ever have a kid
15 Sep, 11:27 AM UTC
#askddg. When are you and NBA youngboy gone drop a song?
15 Sep, 11:06 AM UTC
Robin bradley
@PontiacMadeDDG #askDDG Living in LA with your ex, do you purposely try to avoid bumping into her?
15 Sep, 10:57 AM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg are you still signing people to zooted?👀
15 Sep, 10:22 AM UTC
Said Hatim
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg did you choose a name and cover for the tape, Big From morocco 💯
15 Sep, 10:14 AM UTC
15 Sep, 10:12 AM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg what’s your advice for me I’m an upcoming YouTuber from Flint, Michigan but I live in Miami I post gaming videos but I want to started doing something else I’m not sure yet.(hope to meet you one day your inspirational to me)❗️✊🏽
15 Sep, 10:12 AM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg bro i been watching you since you was in college making skits.... what gave you the motivation to keep grinding like you did?
15 Sep, 10:10 AM UTC
#askddg @PontiacMadeDDG, do you play Modern Warfare?
15 Sep, 09:59 AM UTC
#askddg Bro I’m really a fan, I’m in Ghana west Africa, what’s your biggest motivation?
15 Sep, 09:53 AM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG #askddg when you making a collab w drake 😭
15 Sep, 12:43 PM UTC
christian Greene
#AskDDG would you do a song with @lilbaby4PF or @Nlechoppa1?
15 Sep, 12:23 PM UTC
@PontiacMadeDDG #AskDDG how close are you to the platinum plaque
15 Sep, 12:11 PM UTC
#AskDDG when are you signing your next male artist to zooted ent. ?
15 Sep, 12:11 PM UTC
#AskDDG Big fan since you and Esse... you get what I’m sayin.when are you gonna come back to YouTube?
15 Sep, 12:00 PM UTC

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