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Lines of Logic™
08 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
In lieu of, or in addition to (🤞), a Christmas bonus, can you also send me the mixtape? I'll come to Montana for the files. #AskLogic
08 Sep, 10:48 PM UTC
Jαcσв Lυcєяσ
#AskLogic thank you for creating timeless music that provides the listener a sense of connection when they listen. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for the future with your films 🙌🙌
08 Sep, 10:42 PM UTC
Austin Keith
#AskLogic are there any producers you wished you worked with during your career?
08 Sep, 10:41 PM UTC
ᴾᵉᵃᶜᵉ ᴸᵒᵛᵉ ᴾᵒˢᶦᵗᶦᵛᶦᵗʸ / ᴮᴸᴹ ₍ ₒᵥₑᵣ ₉,₀₀₀% ₎
#asklogic what was the biggest lesson you learned going from UP to NP? Also peep my art if you'd like; it's symbolic to your retirement. RattPack for life #RattPack #peaceloveandpositivity https://t.co/FKwzAjffYc
08 Sep, 10:46 PM UTC
Olivia Rena
How did you like Tenet? Debating on going & seeing it...at least I assume that’s what that hot sauce tweet was about from the replies #asklogic
08 Sep, 10:43 PM UTC
SETH/DRV (The Xbox Kid)
#asklogic if you could take 3 pieces of entertainment (video game, book, music, etc) to an island for a year what would it be? @jFlei @Logic301
08 Sep, 10:42 PM UTC
Jaden 3000
I like how #asklogic is just normal question but Joe Budden is trending bc he said some nasty ass shit 💀💀💀
09 Sep, 12:07 AM UTC
#Asklogic I know you said you experience doubt a lot but out of everything you've gone through and done are you proud of yourself?
08 Sep, 10:43 PM UTC
TTV-Ghost_DSR | RattPack
#AskLogic - If and when they start making Ready Player Two, would you want to be apart of that film?
08 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
Is Little Bobby Dropping A Mixtape Called “Young, Rich And Infamous”? Is That The Announcement? #AskLogic
08 Sep, 10:45 PM UTC
&y (Andy)
@Kennedy_gbk Your questions are on-point 🔥 Thank you for always being genuine, Kennedy #asklogic
08 Sep, 11:00 PM UTC
#asklogic do you get nervous on tour?? What emotions are u going through before you go on stage?
08 Sep, 10:54 PM UTC
#asklogic What's your message to the youth as of now? You're such a sweet beautiful soul with a kind heart, and that inspires me so much! Plus, do you know the anime/manga "Mob Psycho 100"? Love you Bobby.
08 Sep, 10:49 PM UTC
Lilly Lozano🌴
#asklogic What advice would you give someone wanting to enter the world of music production???
08 Sep, 10:48 PM UTC
#asklogic not a question I just wanna saw I love you both so much, thanks for making this decade so good
08 Sep, 10:47 PM UTC
#asklogic best gift someone gave you on tour
08 Sep, 10:46 PM UTC
The Real Cødy
#AskLogic can you actually levitate mics like magneto?
08 Sep, 10:46 PM UTC
Zachary Habermaas
#asklogic has little Bobby done anything new recently?
08 Sep, 10:42 PM UTC
#asklogic what was the hardest part about making Under Pressure? My dad and I love your music. Enjoy retirement!
08 Sep, 10:42 PM UTC
#asklogic what got you hyped most when you had a idea that pertains to music or other passions?
08 Sep, 10:42 PM UTC
@Logic301 I know you’re a huge fan of different music. You’ve introduced me to new people through your albums over the years. Would like to introduce you Drum Corps or @DCI. Here’s an a warmup piece we did in 2010 with @TheBlueDevils. https://t.co/WGcpTkUBNB #asklogic
08 Sep, 10:59 PM UTC
bingo ununoriginal
#AskLogic do you think Artists nowadays need to use social media in order to grow an audience?
08 Sep, 10:57 PM UTC
#AskLogic If you and Brittany had another baby what would you name it
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
@Logic301 I haven’t seen a soul in reaction channels catch my favorite bar “feeling closer to the cliff like Rick Dalton in the booth”. Haha. Love it. How’d you enjoy Tenet? check out the only song from this goober. Made it for George Floyd. #AskLogic https://t.co/TuvPqO0MfS
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
@LinesofLogic Is the 2nd verse of intermission still significant to YSIV? #AskLogic
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
bingo ununoriginal
#AskLogic Rattpack where you at?
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
Summer James🍯
#asklogic Are you planning on touring next year hopefully when quarantine’s lifted? If so, would you do a show in Albuquerque, New Mexico??✌️❤️➕
08 Sep, 10:55 PM UTC
#asklogic what song of yours taught you the most? i believe that your own work can teach you something about yourself (or others).
08 Sep, 10:54 PM UTC

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