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Dallas Stars
Tough. Right now I'm between Esa and Sekera. Last year, it was Roope. But now @RoopeHintz is a big-time goal scorer and doesn't want to sit with me. - #AskMiro https://t.co/HvYGwFQGxU
08 Nov, 06:18 PM UTC
Dallas Stars
Ummm... #IDontThinkTheresAnEmojiForThis - #AskMiro https://t.co/StOqFrIXnT
08 Nov, 06:42 PM UTC
Dallas Stars
I love Marvel movies. My favorite character is the Hulk... He's like a green Roman Polak. #HulkSmash #RomanSmash - #AskMiro https://t.co/BSpo7gHjxC
08 Nov, 06:46 PM UTC
Dallas Stars
Get to know @HeiskanenMiro! Miro gets the keys to the account today after practice for our @drpepper Twitter Takeover! Submit your questions using #AskMiro. #GoStars @DallasStars's photo on #askmiro
08 Nov, 04:07 PM UTC
Dallas Stars
Not a good cook. Pretty bad. Still waiting for an invite from someone on the team to cook for me. @tseguinofficial looking at you. - #AskMiro https://t.co/qJdyRsivNH
08 Nov, 06:23 PM UTC
Dallas Stars
Yes it does. I like pineapple on pizza for sure. 🍕 - #AskMiro https://t.co/V50VoE1ez5
08 Nov, 06:38 PM UTC
Spooka Dončić
@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper Mr. Heiskanen I would like to offer you my daughter #AskMiro
08 Nov, 06:31 PM UTC
Travis Currie
@DallasStars @drpepper How much better than Rasmus Dahlin are you? A.A little B.A lot C.B D.B and C #AskMiro
08 Nov, 09:52 PM UTC
🦃Turkey Lauren🦃
@Hintzky @DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper @mikalafish32 I would like to offer my cousin #AskMiro
08 Nov, 08:43 PM UTC
🦃Turkey Lauren🦃
@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper #askmiro Do you even like Dr Pepper
08 Nov, 08:42 PM UTC
@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro @drpepper #askmiro how many retweets for a signed jersey? Definitely my favorite player and I need to get a New Jersey because mine doesn’t fit anymore :(
08 Nov, 08:45 PM UTC
Carl Carlson
@DallasStars when will I be able to order a Miro winter classic sweater? #askmiro
08 Nov, 08:18 PM UTC
@DallasStars @HeiskanenMiro #askmiro Moi Miro! Ehditkö seuraamaan yhtään #HIFK'n pelejä Dallasissa, tai pelireissuilla? Mikä on parasta ajankulua vapaapäivänä?
08 Nov, 08:14 PM UTC
RT @DallasStars: Yes it does. I like pineapple on pizza for sure. 🍕 - #AskMiro https://t.co/Nm5HpD3we1
08 Nov, 08:41 PM UTC
Is it really Miro answering the #AskMiro Qs? If so, guy needs to talk more because he’s pretty funny. #isitsundayyet
08 Nov, 08:22 PM UTC

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