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papi pap 🦉⚜️
@HEELZiggler #asktheheel who is the Bart to your Milhouse?
09 Oct, 04:40 PM UTC
Holger Böschen
#AskTheHeel @HEELZiggler Since The Miz obv. is the pricipal at "Haters University" - what would be your position? And would Kevin Owens be above or below you… careerwise?
09 Oct, 05:27 PM UTC
Hannah Hill
@HEELZiggler Is your favorite part of working house shows when you make the refs carry you to the back like a baby? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 05:37 PM UTC
Scott Stevens
@HEELZiggler Would you consider doing a meet and greet for a wrestling show that donates 100% of the proceeds to the American Cancer Society? @AmericanCancer #AskTheHeel DM me please if so
09 Oct, 05:29 PM UTC
Ashlyn 🍍
Let’s go to a Motley Crue concert @HEELZiggler #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 05:31 PM UTC
@HEELZiggler How amazing would a match between you & @WWEAsuka be? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 08:51 PM UTC
@HEELZiggler Ariana grande or Taylor Swift #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 08:47 PM UTC
Rohan Ahmad
@HEELZiggler what your thoughts on hell in a cell ending? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 08:18 PM UTC
@HEELZiggler #AskTheHeel Do you remember Virender Sehwag ??
09 Oct, 07:38 PM UTC
Alexa Bliss/BeckyLynch /Charlotte fan.
@HEELZiggler #AskTheHeel who you favourite female wrestler.
09 Oct, 04:58 PM UTC
Dawg Rasslin Report
Who hit it first? Macho? #asktheheel
09 Oct, 05:40 PM UTC
@HEELZiggler should i be you for halloween #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 05:31 PM UTC
Kristin Goslin
@HEELZiggler Will you please come to Mom’s 70th Birthday party in December? That’s her one wish! 😁🤘🏻🤘🏻#AskTheHeel https://t.co/NugmgNkpFX
09 Oct, 04:58 PM UTC
ashlynn [𝙛𝙖𝙣 𝙖𝙘𝙘𝙤𝙪𝙣𝙩] 👻
@HEELZiggler #AskTheHeel thoughts on the iiconics? 👯‍♀️
09 Oct, 05:25 PM UTC
connor anderson
@HEELZiggler whos Favourite person to face in the ring #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 09:28 PM UTC
@HEELZiggler would you ever wanna team up with Naomi #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 07:30 PM UTC
The Infamous Ken E.G.
@HEELZiggler people say we look a like, i dont see it you? #AskTheHeel https://t.co/BpZ1tzM5HY
09 Oct, 07:22 PM UTC
Lily Noble
@HEELZiggler What’re the chances I actually get a reply to this tweet??🧐#AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:59 PM UTC
GJ 🧢
@HEELZiggler Are you in the gang? #YangGang #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:57 PM UTC
Ryan Sherlock
@HEELZiggler Should it have been you? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:56 PM UTC
Chris Garza
@HEELZiggler besides the one you currently have which WWF/E Tag Team Title Design is your favorite? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:42 PM UTC
Lenny Omega
@HEELZiggler #asktheheel favorite non pornographic magazine
09 Oct, 06:39 PM UTC
Brian Bourke
@HEELZiggler Comedy show in Ireland? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:32 PM UTC
@HEELZiggler Yanni or Laurel? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:31 PM UTC
David Sample
@HEELZiggler Who was your biggest rival in WWE? #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:25 PM UTC

@HEELZiggler #AskTheHeel the bar or the usos?
09 Oct, 06:15 PM UTC
Hilda ADAora
@HEELZiggler Kiss, kill, marry. Ronda, Charlotte and Becky #AskTheHeel
09 Oct, 06:12 PM UTC

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