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Charles Johnson
Julian Assange accused The Atlantic of deceptively editing his messages with Trump Junior. Then Trump Jr. tweeted o…
14 Nov, 12:49 AM UTC
Ed Krassenstein
Let's see: - Wikileaks was COLLUDING with the Russian Government to do intel gathering and FAKE NEWS dissemination…
13 Nov, 10:40 PM UTC
Mark Dice
Sorry to break up your party, Liberals, but Don Jr DMing with Assange / Wikileaks is not a crime. 😂 It's called.…
13 Nov, 11:01 PM UTC
Starring Maggie Serota as herself
Don Jr. prefacing a comment to Assange in a Twitter DM as “off the record” will never stop being hilarious to me.
13 Nov, 11:12 PM UTC
Holly O'Reilly
Oh. My. God. It really happened. Wikileaks secretly asked the Donald Trump Jr. for his cooperation—in sharing its…
13 Nov, 09:57 PM UTC
Brian Krassenstein🐬
Today's News about Don Jr's collaboration with Wikileaks might be the most disturbing thing I have read in my life.…
14 Nov, 02:01 AM UTC
Caroline O.
It sure looks like Julian Assange admitted to Don Jr that WikiLeaks is a "pro-Trump, pro-Russia" organization...…
13 Nov, 10:45 PM UTC
Ed Krassenstein
The Wikileaks Correspondence with Don Jr. confirms that Julian Assange & Wikileaks are agents of the Russian govern…
13 Nov, 10:17 PM UTC
Chris Hayes
We've only seen, like a dozen total Assange DM's and they look *terrible*. Imagine what else there is!
14 Nov, 01:52 AM UTC
The Atlantic
Wikileaks asked Donald Trump Jr. to spread its work, contest the election results, and have Assange appointed ambas…
13 Nov, 09:32 PM UTC
Sarah Lerner
From October: Hillary Clinton called Wikileaks a 'tool of Russian intelligence' & said Julian Assange does the 'bid…
13 Nov, 10:20 PM UTC
Eric Garland
Assange can't confirm DM communications, but DonJr can. This is moving along swiftly!
14 Nov, 12:43 AM UTC
Lauren Werner 🗽
Julian Assange spoke at the Green Party Convention on August 6, 2016. Jill Stein called Assange a "hero." I want t…
13 Nov, 10:30 PM UTC
Natasha Bertrand
It’s worth noting that it is very easy for the sender of a DM to delete it. Only way to be sure that Trump Jr (whos…
14 Nov, 02:25 AM UTC
1. Treason alert BOOM indeed. It's AGAIN Jr.'s time to "shine" as traitor. The Atlantic has COPIES OF THE TWITTER D…
13 Nov, 10:25 PM UTC
One of the biggest takeaways of Wikileaks is that the DNC rigged the election for Hillary Clinton. We already had…
14 Nov, 01:01 AM UTC
Ali Watkins
Next time you feel self conscious about basically anything in your life ever remember Julian Assange literally DM’d…
13 Nov, 10:11 PM UTC
Kim Dotcom
On Assange & @DonaldJTrumpJr Julian knows that every 3 letter agency has access to his Twitter DM’s. When he write…
14 Nov, 12:29 AM UTC
Natasha Bertrand
So, unless Assange contacted Trump Jr. about this separately, this seems to confirm that @JulianAssange does run th…
14 Nov, 12:30 AM UTC
Red T Raccoon
Like father, like son. Donald Trump loves wikileaks and apparently so did Don Jr. Julian Assange is an agent of t…
13 Nov, 11:38 PM UTC
Christopher Bouzy
Here is what we learned today. 1. Roy Moore is so damn creepy, he was banned from entering the mall. 2. Trump Jr…
14 Nov, 04:18 AM UTC
Frederick Douglass
I would have never guessed in a million years the Twitter DMs would be the route that Julian Assange and Don Jr wou…
13 Nov, 11:42 PM UTC
Frederick Douglass
CNN: Wikileaks working with Don Jr MSNBC: Wikileaks working with Don Jr Fox: Hillary used a Keurig to hack Wikile…
13 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC
M A Nöthem
Today's #CNN #FakeNews Report: ✔Don Jr colluded with Assange and Wikileaks during 2016 Presidential campaign. ✔Be…
13 Nov, 11:29 PM UTC
Lee Fang
This is incredibly damning for Assange, he wanted political favors in exchange for helping damage Clinton
13 Nov, 10:05 PM UTC
Hillary Warned Us 🦃
“Assange has become a kind of nihilistic opportunist who does the bidding of a dictator...a tool of Russian intelli…
13 Nov, 10:36 PM UTC
Maddow Blog
Trump Data Guru: I Tried to Team Up With Julian Assange Trump Donor Asked Data Firm If It…
14 Nov, 02:20 AM UTC
Frederick Douglass
Donald Trump has claimed no cooperation with Russia. The current Director of the CIA has stated that Wikileaks is…
14 Nov, 12:19 AM UTC
Philippe Reines
BREAKING NEWS: Don Jr. was in a Russia sandwich. Russian spies at Trump Tower, Russian shill Assange DM’ing him.…
13 Nov, 10:20 PM UTC
Bill Madden
Was Assange trying to foment a new American civil war to help Putin? Pro-Russia, enemy of the state Julian Assange…
14 Nov, 12:42 AM UTC
Craig R. Brittain for US Senate (R-AZ 2018)
@DonaldJTrumpJr This is the big scoop? Nothingburger. This completely exonerates you, Julian Assange and Wikileaks…
14 Nov, 12:19 AM UTC
Julian Assange Breaks Silence On Leaked Private Messages Between Don Jr. &Wikileaks The👉 #Criminals #Hillary #Comey
14 Nov, 02:36 AM UTC
Heads up ! There is an ongoing substantial funded anti-@Wikileaks /Assange propaganda campaign. Check tweet histor…
13 Nov, 05:02 PM UTC
Suzie Dawson
Major journalism fails by the Atlantic author @juliaioffe in the Atlantic hit piece: She didn't disclose either of…
14 Nov, 02:23 AM UTC
Al Giordano
We finally located the yearning maw of white male anxiety! Wow! It is on the corner of Julian Assange Avenue and Roy Moore Street!
14 Nov, 05:30 AM UTC
Més 324
▶️ @genisroca: "S'ha volgut satanitzar la imatge de Julian Assange" #Més324
13 Nov, 11:22 PM UTC
Don't Leave Blank
We are a few minutes away from President Trump declaring he has no idea who his son, Donald Trump Jr. is.…
14 Nov, 01:15 AM UTC
@emrich_5933 Krieg oder Bürgerkrieg ist ohnehin kein Asylgrund, nur individuelle Verfolgung durch staatliche Behörd…
14 Nov, 05:45 AM UTC
#WikiLeaks asked #DonaldTrumpJr to spread its work, contest the election results, and have #Assange appointed…
14 Nov, 04:42 AM UTC
The Hammer
Julian Assange Breaks Silence On Leaked Private Messages Between Don Jr. & Wikileaks
14 Nov, 06:04 AM UTC
Bev Gray
The tweeting gun... This tweet shows that Trump was aware that Trump Jr. was working with Wikileak's Assange (who i…
14 Nov, 04:29 AM UTC
Rafa Moratilla
Hay mucho fake ruso y bolivariano y además esta Assange así que contaremos nosotros solos los votos y ya os llamamo…
14 Nov, 06:13 AM UTC
Theodore Donald "Donny" Kerabatsos
Laugh all you want at the stupidity of Don Jr. and Assange. They "won". We have to find a way to be less stupid.
14 Nov, 06:13 AM UTC
John Evans
@carolecadwalla we might want to know who of @JulianAssange and @Nigel_Farage first had the idea to ask to be their…
14 Nov, 06:12 AM UTC
The Fun 🦃Day Uncle™
Fucking Rosebros completely miss the point of why Assange wanted Trump's taxes. It was "fairness" cover so WikiLea…
14 Nov, 06:17 AM UTC
Linda Dudek
Wikileaks Told Trump Jr. To Tell His Dad To Not Concede If He Lost On Election Day
14 Nov, 06:17 AM UTC
Miss Alissa
I checked in on David Duke a little bit ago - to see if he had anything to say about his HERO Julian Assange & Wiki…
14 Nov, 06:17 AM UTC
Rachel Carroll
Seven Years Confined: How A Foia Litigation Is Shedding Light On The Case Of Julian Assange –
14 Nov, 06:17 AM UTC
Assange works hard. > Oriol Soler, a Catalan entrepreneur and publisher who has been one of the leading ideologue…
14 Nov, 06:17 AM UTC
🎩тнє мα∂ яєsιsтєг☕️
The congressional commitees only leaked one message but Don Jr has decided to share all three for your reading plea…
14 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
“WikiLeaks made a series of increasingly bold requests, asking for Trump’s tax returns, urging the Trump campaign o…
14 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
Listen Bernie boys, if you were so wrong about Wikileaks, Assange and Putin/Trump, your "Bernie would have won" is…
14 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
WikiLeaks asked Donald Trump Jr. to spread its work, contest the election results, and have Assange appointed ambas…
14 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
Hatsune Miku is God
@Food4Dogs It's unfortunate, but where Snowden and Manning are heroes, Assange is a vile enemy of everything democracy should be.
14 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
loisa galmez toro
Colau y la excusa de Soler para ver a Assange
14 Nov, 06:16 AM UTC
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