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A Star Is Born
#AStarIsBorn is nominated for 5 #GoldenGlobes — Best Motion Picture Drama, Bradley Cooper for Best Director & Best Actor Drama and Lady Gaga for Best Actress Drama & Best Original Song “Shallow” with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt. Congrats to all! A Star Is Born's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 03:28 PM UTC
Pop Crave
#AStarIsBorn leads the 76th annual #GoldenGlobe Awards with 5 nominations, which includes: •Best Drama Picture •Best Director (Bradley Cooper) •Best Film Drama Actress (Lady Gaga) •Best Film Drama Actor (Bradley C.) •Best Original Song (Shallow) Pop Crave's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 03:17 PM UTC
Lady Gaga Facts
#AStarIsBorn sweeps the 2019 #GoldenGlobes nominations with 5: ⭐️Best Drama Picture ⭐️Best Director, Bradley Cooper ⭐️Best Film Drama Actress, Lady Gaga ⭐️Best Film Drama Actor, Bradley Cooper ⭐️Best Original Song, Shallow Congratulations to the cast, crew & everyone involved! https://t.co/3I6xBeXoPh
06 Dec, 01:50 PM UTC
Best Picture, Drama: https://t.co/skWd06semZ #GoldenGlobes #BlackPanther #BlacKkKlansman #BohemianRhapsody #IfBealeStreetCouldTalk #AStarIsBorn https://t.co/OtmG8pegOs
06 Dec, 01:41 PM UTC
Lady Gaga Facts
Congratulations to Lady Gaga who has just been nominated for Best Film Drama Actress at the 2019 #GoldenGlobes for her performance in #AStarIsBorn! https://t.co/sz4UR8nT7j
06 Dec, 01:38 PM UTC
Hollywood Reporter
#WomenInEntertainment Power 100: From music diva to screen queen: @ladygaga's #AStarIsBorn grossed $362 million worldwide and put her on most lists for a best actress nom. Also, the soundtrack just became her fifth No. 1 album https://t.co/7FkBxRgU0H Hollywood Reporter's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 01:26 AM UTC
Shallow’s co-writer @MarkRonson, reacts to his Golden Globe nomination. #AStarIsBorn Quranne™️'s photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 04:27 PM UTC
Giuseppe Anthony
Congrats to @LadyGaga, she has been nominated for ‘Best Actress’ in #AStarIsBorn at #GoldenGlobes! Giuseppe Anthony's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 02:12 PM UTC
Twitter Moments Brasil
#AStarIsBorn recebeu 5 indicações ao #GoldenGlobes>> https://t.co/qskbSLfaYg
06 Dec, 02:14 PM UTC
E! News
#AStarIsBorn received plenty of #GoldenGlobes Nominations, and rightfully so. https://t.co/fHooqLOcZa
06 Dec, 02:25 PM UTC
Lᴀᴅʏ Gᴀɢᴀ Sᴘᴀɪɴ
#AStarIsBorn recibe 5 nominaciones a los “Globos de Oro 2019” - Mejor Director: Bradley Cooper - Mejor Película - Mejor Actor: Bradley Cooper - Mejor Actriz: Lady Gaga - Mejor Canción Original: #Shallow Congratulations @ladygaga #BradleyCooper 🍾🥂 Lᴀᴅʏ Gᴀɢᴀ Sᴘᴀɪɴ's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 01:51 PM UTC
Lady Gaga Media ⭐️
Lady Gaga has been nominated in Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture - Drama for #AStarIsBorn! Lady Gaga Media ⭐️'s photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 01:37 PM UTC
LG Updates
The 2019 Golden Globe nominations will be released tomorrow! Gaga is expected to be nominated in the ‘Best Drama Actress’ and ‘Best Original Song’ categories for #AStarIsBorn! https://t.co/MDfJtmV3Gi
06 Dec, 01:31 AM UTC
#AStarIsBorn is far from the Shallow now https://t.co/9sE7IeIUbE Variety's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 03:21 PM UTC
Hollywood Reporter
#GoldenGlobes: @ladygaga scores with nominations for #AStarIsBorn https://t.co/7yT3MfZeMG Hollywood Reporter's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 03:26 PM UTC
Grace Randolph
#GoldenGlobes FULL BREAKDOWN! Who should win and who will win! #BlackPanther #AStarIsBorn #RamiMalek #Vice & more! https://t.co/QOr6KL19BD
06 Dec, 05:08 PM UTC
MGM Studios
Congratulations to #AStarIsBorn nominated for 5 #GoldenGlobes — Best Motion Picture Drama, Bradley Cooper for Best Director & Best Actor Drama and Lady Gaga for Best Actress Drama & Best Original Song “Shallow” with Mark Ronson, Anthony Rossomando and Andrew Wyatt. MGM Studios's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 04:48 PM UTC
Warner Bros FR
5 nominations aux #GoldenGlobes pour #AStarIsBorn, dont Meilleur Film, Meilleur Acteur et Meilleure Actrice ! Le film est toujours en salles, alors n'hésitez pas à le voir ou revoir ce weekend 🔥 Warner Bros FR's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 05:58 PM UTC
Frederic Aspiras
FIVE NOMINATIONS!!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🌟🌟🌟 Congratulations to @ladygaga & #BradleyCooper and everyone who work on this beautiful film!!!! 🤗 #astarisborn #ladygaga #bradleycooper #goldenglobes… https://t.co/H7JgxRgHrh
06 Dec, 07:23 PM UTC
Lukas Autry Nelson
A incredible day for the @starisbornmovie family! Congrats to Bradley Cooper, @ladygaga @MarkRonson @Wyattish @killRossomando and Promise Of The Real on the @goldenglobes nominations for Shallow, Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress & Actor - wow! #GoldenGlobes #AStarIsBorn Lukas Autry Nelson's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 07:46 PM UTC
Bradley Cooper has pulled off the #GoldenGlobeNomination trifecta! ✨ He has been nominated for Best Producer, Best Director and Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama, #AStarIsBorn 🤩 Access's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 07:10 PM UTC
Universal Music Group
#Shallow from #AStarIsBorn is nominated for Best Original Song at the #GoldenGlobes! Congrats @ladygaga! @Interscope Universal Music Group's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 07:23 PM UTC
#Roma, de Alfonso Cuarón, fue nominada a los #GlobosDeOro #GoldenGlobes como Mejor película extranjera y guion. También hay nominaciones para #AStarIsBorn #TheFavourite #BlacKkKlansman y #MaryPoppinsReturns. Aquí la lista completa vía @CinePREMIERE https://t.co/zyidnyULQB https://t.co/qNHlf7Hwl7
06 Dec, 02:18 PM UTC
And here. We. Go. #MMO gives their #GoldenGlobeAwards nominations reactions. The Mikes laugh, sing (a LOT of #AStarIsBorn), + rage. Hard. About the #GoldenGlobes treatment of #ToniCollette!!! Here we come #Oscars! #FilmTwitter #PodernFamily LINK HERE https://t.co/LvXcSW86E3 MikeMikeAndOscar's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 07:53 PM UTC
Lady Gaga Colombia
¡Hoy celebramos las 5 nominaciones que recibió @starisbornmovie en los @goldenglobes! Las categorías son: Mejor Actriz de Drama para Lady Gaga, Mejor Director y Actor de Drama para Bradley Cooper, Mejor Película de Drama para #AStarIsBorn y Mejor Canción Original para #Shallow Lady Gaga Colombia's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 06:01 PM UTC
HausOfGaga Paraguay
A STAR IS BORN 🌟 RECIBE 5 NOMINACIONES A LOS GOLDEN GLOBES #AStarIsBorn #LadyGaga #Gaga @MarileUnger @RQPPARAGUAY ⚡️ #Vol1 https://t.co/sdPDFzHEzr
06 Dec, 02:15 PM UTC
Loft Cinema
La #película con más nominaciones resultó ser #AStarIsBorn con 5 nominaciones @goldenglobes #GoldenGlobeNoms #goldenglobes Mejor Película, Mejor Director, Mejor Actor, Mejor Actriz y Mejor Canción Loft Cinema's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 01:52 PM UTC
Scott Torres
Ally 🥰 #Selfie #Ally #LadyGaga #MotherMonster #PawsUp #AStarIsBorn #Shallow #GuysWithBeards #GuysWithTattoos #InstaGay #GaysOfInstagram #LittleMonster https://t.co/PDijqg17Cb
06 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
From #AStarIsBorn to #BohemianRhapsody, musicals are performing like superheroes and becoming #BoxOffice hits. Which is good news for soon to be released #MaryPoppinsReturns https://t.co/cmuAMmZSQn via @Forbes Movio's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 08:15 PM UTC
Matt Casey
I bet you #AStarisBorn gets snubbed by #BlackPanther at #GoldenGlobes
06 Dec, 08:14 PM UTC
Myrtle Snow
Congrats bae @ladygaga for your 2 nominations @goldenglobes #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 08:13 PM UTC
Cynthia Zhuang
Excited for the #GoldenGlobes There are so many great movies nominated for next year. Glad #BlackPanther received a bunch of nominations and it's also awesome #CrazyRichAsians and #AStarIsBorn got nominated too. Now if only I had cable or some way to live stream it.
06 Dec, 08:11 PM UTC
Lady Gaga 🚬
#AStarIsBorn is nominated for 5 #GoldenGlobes ~Best Motion Picture Drama,Bradley Cooper for Best Director & Best Actor Drama & @ladygaga for Best Actress Drama and Best Originally song "Shallow"... Congratulations to everyone who worked on A Star Is Born🙌🏆 Lady Gaga 🚬's photo on #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 08:11 PM UTC
レディーガガは美人だよ。 #AStarIsBorn #ladygaga https://t.co/YoiCntE72h
06 Dec, 08:07 PM UTC
I hope it wins every category. Awesome movie!!! @ladygaga #AStarIsBorn https://t.co/Dv14INOlzZ
06 Dec, 08:06 PM UTC
Marc Garcia Marti
Matadme, pero a nivel músical para mi #TheGreatestShow >>>>>>> #AStarIsBorn
06 Dec, 08:05 PM UTC

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