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Zak Bagans 🧛🏻‍♂️
ANNOUNCEMENT- On tonight’s NEW #GhostAdventures at St. Ignatius Hospital we capture something that we havent captured in a very long time...a FULL-BODIED apparition. We work so hard to get the best evidence we can and tonight we got it! This place is terrifying but INCREDIBLE @Zak_Bagans's photo on #GhostAdventures
15 Jun, 04:21 PM UTC


Jule Goerges✌️🇩🇪
No grass court action shots yet so a team #saturdaynight selfie it is 📷😀🤳🏼🇬🇧 #teamjule #birmingham #naturevalleyclassic #photographer @juliagoerges's photo on #SaturdayNight
15 Jun, 08:33 PM UTC


OpTic Gaming™
If you're gonna hit the king, you better kill the king. 👑 @OpTic_Scumper clutches the 1v1 to secure the REVERSE SWEEP of FaZe Clan. #GREENWALL @OpTicGaming's photo on #GreenWall
15 Jun, 11:55 PM UTC


The #NewOrleansPelicans have traded #AnthonyDavis to the #LALakers for #LonzoBall, #BrandonIngram, #JoshHart, and 3 first round draft picks including the 4th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft! Thoughts? 👇🏀🤔 @WORLDSTAR's photo on #AnthonyDavis
15 Jun, 10:52 PM UTC


Noir Alley
Tonight at Midnight ET #NoirAlley hosted by @EddieMuller is back with Samuel Fuller's PICKUP ON SOUTH STREET ('53) @NoirAlley's photo on #NoirAlley
16 Jun, 12:01 AM UTC


FOX Soccer
Uriel Antuna ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Raul Jimenez ⚽️⚽️ Diego Reyes ⚽️ Alexis Vega ⚽️ Mexico start off #GoldCup2019 with a DOMINANT performance 💪🇲🇽 @FOXSoccer's photo on #GoldCup2019
16 Jun, 03:57 AM UTC


Selene Luna 🌙
Decepcionó Messi, igual Argentina en #CopaAmerica pero en #CopaOro habrá goliza a Cuba mis amores o qué opinan??? @miseleccionmx #MEXvCUB #México @selene_pauluna's photo on #mexvcub
16 Jun, 02:43 AM UTC


Andrés Guardado
Contento e ilusionado por este nuevo reto @miseleccionmx #CopaOro @AGuardado18's photo on #CopaOro
15 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC


100 Thieves Live
LET'S GO! We take down OpTic Gaming 3-1 in our final match of the night to secure ourselves Top 3 and a spot in Winner's Finals at #CWLAnaheim! #100T @100ThievesLive's photo on #100T
16 Jun, 04:49 AM UTC


Toei Animation ✖️ the Knights of the Zodiac
The battle between Goku vs. Kefla intensifies tonight on #Toonami! Tune in @ 11pm PST!!! #DragonBallSuper
15 Jun, 06:32 PM UTC


Jonas Brothers
Don’t forget to tune-in to a brand new episode of #allthat tonight at 8:30pm ET on @nickelodeon 🍔 We’re performing and grabbing a bite to eat over at Good Burger 😂 @jonasbrothers's photo on #AllThat
15 Jun, 04:43 PM UTC


Gazmend Xheladini
Gypsy King doing a Muhammad Ali #gypsyking #TysonFuryTomSchwarz #Tyson #Fury #TysonFury #Boxing #MuhammadAli #king #box
16 Jun, 04:14 AM UTC


Why Don’t We Updates
Happy 21st birthday to the softest @JonahMarais! ♥️ Love you to the fullest, enjoy yourself! 🎊✨ #HappyBirthdayJonah
16 Jun, 04:19 AM UTC


Toonami News
Lupin coming back to Toonami like... #LupinThe3rd on Toonami
16 Jun, 05:05 AM UTC

Vamos Mexico

Standard de Liège
¡Vamos México 👊 🍀 Bonne chance à @yosoy8a 🇲🇽 qui commence la @GoldCup 🏆 face à Cuba 🇨🇺 cette nuit ⚽️ 🍀 Veel succes aan @yosoy8a 🇲🇽 die deze nacht aan de @GoldCup 🏆 begint ⚽️ tegen Cuba 🇨🇺 #GoldCup2019 #PasiónyOrgullo #FMFporNuestroFútbol @Standard_RSCL's photo on Vamos Mexico
15 Jun, 01:25 PM UTC


i’m so sorry if someone made you think it’s hard to love you, be patient the right person will love you harder than ever.
15 Jun, 10:02 PM UTC

Cubs Win

Chicago Cubs
Cubs win! Final: #Cubs 2, Dodgers 1. #EverybodyIn @Cubs's photo on Cubs Win
16 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC


Sol Despeinada 🥕
"El único sexo seguro es casarse y ser fiel" El único sexo seguro es el protegido (métodos de barrera y/o anticonceptivos) y el consentido. Habría que inventar un preservativo cultural que nos proteja de los provida.
15 Jun, 07:03 PM UTC

Juan Then

New York Yankees
The New York Yankees have announced that they have acquired 1B/DH Edwin Encarnación from the Seattle Mariners in exchange for RHP Juan Then and cash considerations.
16 Jun, 04:25 AM UTC


Kenley Jansen Intentionally Balks, a Breakdown @Jomboy_'s photo on Kenley
15 Jun, 08:33 PM UTC

The Hate U Give

Angie Thomas
Uhh....I don’t have a Soundcloud, but I have a book about a fictional SoundCloud rapper called “On The Come Up,” which is being made into a film. And I wrote another book, “The Hate U Give,” which was made into a film. So feel free to support 😂
16 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC

Dwight Howard

Ramona Shelburne
For the Lakers this is a massive gamble on one year with Anthony Davis & LeBron James. I say gamble because all you have to do is look back at their recent history—the Dwight Howard, Steve Nash trades— to see how this could go very wrong. But if it goes right....!?
15 Jun, 10:51 PM UTC

Anthony Rizzo

Chicago Cubs
Find a better friend than Anthony Rizzo. JUST KIDDING, YOU CAN'T.
16 Jun, 04:32 AM UTC

Living in America

🇺🇸 @Tyson_Fury is living in America with this Rocky IV homage @espn's photo on Living in America
16 Jun, 04:00 AM UTC

Tom Schwarz

Paddy Power
Tyson Fury takes on Tom Schwarz this evening. Here's a collection of some of Fury's finest quotes.
15 Jun, 10:41 AM UTC

Prince Eric

We all know there’s one man and one man only who would be perfect as Prince Eric and his name is Sebastian Stan. Period 💅🏼
16 Jun, 03:54 AM UTC


Breaking: Edwin Encarnación, who currently leads the American League in home runs, has been traded to the New York Yankees, sources tell @JeffPassan. @SportsCenter's photo on Edwin
16 Jun, 12:57 AM UTC


Chicago Cubs
Darvish fans 10, Rizz homers in 9th to beat Dodgers. Recap: @Cubs's photo on Darvish
16 Jun, 04:46 AM UTC

The Gypsy King

The Gypsy King @Tyson_Fury finishes it with a second-round flurry 😤 @SportsCenter's photo on The Gypsy King
16 Jun, 04:29 AM UTC


ポケモンバトル乞いをするトレーナー @kanihamiso's photo on Jansen
15 Jun, 07:02 AM UTC


Me reading that Caillou was 5'11. @LilBratAn's photo on Caillou
16 Jun, 05:12 AM UTC


Tyson Fury really celebrated his TKO victory with some Aerosmith 🎤🎶 @espn's photo on Aerosmith
16 Jun, 04:22 AM UTC

Apollo Creed

Bleacher Report
Fury went Apollo Creed on the intro #FurySchwarz @BleacherReport's photo on Apollo Creed
16 Jun, 03:55 AM UTC


Ohm Youngmisuk
LaVar Ball on the Lakers trading Lonzo Ball: ‘I guarantee... it will be the worst move the Lakers ever did in their life and they will never win another championship. Guarantee it.” @NotoriousOHM's photo on Lavar
16 Jun, 01:24 AM UTC


Min YoonBri⑦
I'll just learn their names. No harm done #DumbThingsIHaveSaid #BTS
16 Jun, 02:18 AM UTC

Luke Jackson

Alex Corbett
@Braves Luke Jackson is as about as reliable as the ice cream machine at McDonald’s
16 Jun, 03:17 AM UTC


Sean Larkin
Rap: #livepd Its a Saturday night, Getting your LivePD fix, Here on A&E, With Tom Dan and Sticks, These people keep running from the popo, Don’t they know that’s a no-no?, Getting caught with a free trip to jail, Fingers crossed, that someone’s got their bail. 🎤
16 Jun, 02:33 AM UTC


Adam Stabelli
#IHateWhenPeopleSay You’re too old for something. Like video games or comics. Entertainment shouldn’t have an age limit. If you enjoy something an as an adult, that’s perfectly fine.
16 Jun, 04:49 AM UTC

Bron and AD

Yo @KyrieIrving forget ya pride and link up in LA with Bron and AD! Brooklyn ain’t it!
15 Jun, 11:08 PM UTC

David Griffin

Adrian Wojnarowski
Monster haul for David Griffin and the Pelicans. They maximized the AD trade without needing a third team. History of Griffin deals typically include strong pick protections, which could made trade even better. And now, LeBron gets his second star in LA. Here we go.
15 Jun, 10:29 PM UTC


Jeff Passan
Edwin Encarnación has been traded from the Seattle Mariners to the New York Yankees, sources familiar with the deal tell ESPN. Encarnación currently leads the American League with 21 home runs. The Mariners’ teardown is in full bloom and the Yankees get another big bat.
16 Jun, 12:47 AM UTC


Max Kellerman
#Lakers got LeBron and AD last two offseasons. Been hearing a lot about all the players the #Knicks were about to get. How’s that going? @stephenasmith @MollyQerim
15 Jun, 11:29 PM UTC


Zion Williamson Brandon Ingram Lonzo Ball Jrue Holiday Josh Hart + 3 first round picks👀👀
15 Jun, 10:35 PM UTC


Rich Eisen
Let’s be honest. LeBron has 2+1 left on his contract. He doesn’t want no stinkin’ rookies. Draft picks don’t mean squat. LBJ+AD+Kuzma is heckofa trio. And they erase “dumpster fire” narrative before July 1 free agency. @lakers and Pelinka nailed this. So did Pels.
15 Jun, 10:44 PM UTC


Heather Hemmens
East Coast—Are you ready?! #LoveTakeTwo starts in a just a few minutes on @hallmarkchannel Tweet with me! 💕💕💕 @heatherhemmens's photo on #LoveTakeTwo
16 Jun, 12:55 AM UTC


Unruly Kyle
She decided to jump. Smh @unrulyceo1's photo on Randle
15 Jun, 05:55 PM UTC

Uriel Antuna

MisterChip (Alexis)
Uriel Antuna (a los 117 seg) ha marcado el gol más tempranero de @miseleccionmx en cualquier gran torneo de selecciones absolutas (Copa del Mundo, Copa Oro, Copa América y Copa Confederaciones). Supera el récord de Luis Flores (marcó a los 138 seg en la Copa del Mundo de 1986). @2010MisterChip's photo on Uriel Antuna
16 Jun, 02:26 AM UTC


DeMarcus Cousins
Helluva year! Grateful for every moment. Love to my brothers! We overcame a lot of bs this year and fought to the very end. Didn’t end the way we wanted but proud as ever how we finished this season. Got a taste of the big lights and I’m even hungrier for more!
15 Jun, 06:10 PM UTC


Happy 40th Anniversary! On June 16, 1979, our @Svengoolie made his TV debut on WFLD Chicago. Stay tuned for more exciting 40th celebrations throughout the year! #Svengoolie @MeTV's photo on #Svengoolie
16 Jun, 12:05 AM UTC


UW News
Congratulations, #UWGrad19! @uwnews's photo on #UWgrad19
15 Jun, 09:39 PM UTC


LWOS LA Lakers
Lakers still have space for another max player. Who should be there priority??? #LakerNation
15 Jun, 10:47 PM UTC

AD and Lebron

Cassidy Hubbarth
Obviously AD and Lebron will he must see TV... but the Pelicans are going to be fun as hell to watch too. *Lonzo to Zion lob* voice
15 Jun, 11:04 PM UTC

Drew Parrish

FSU Baseball
MAN. OF. STEEL. Drew Parrish set the Noles up for the shut out with 8.0 IP and 9 K. #PapaP @FSUBaseball's photo on Drew Parrish
16 Jun, 02:17 AM UTC


Tyler Conway
Danny Ainge refused to trade JAYLEN BROWN for Kawhi Ainge held onto 38% shooter Terry Rozier like he’s prime Magic Johnson Ainge has drafted ONE player who became an All-Star in BOS Ainge gonna lose Kyrie Ainge planned for YEARS to trade for AD and lost to the LAKERS
15 Jun, 10:48 PM UTC

Jonathan Holder

Eric Hubbs
Really glad Jonathan Holder keeps getting chances to pitch.
16 Jun, 02:33 AM UTC

Aaron Nola

FOX Sports: Braves
🚀 BLAST OFF 🚀 Josh Donaldson hits a 4️⃣3️⃣2️⃣-foot rocket to chase Aaron Nola. @Braves | #ChopOn @FOXSportsBraves's photo on Aaron Nola
16 Jun, 01:43 AM UTC


Iyanla Vanzant
I sincerely believe that once a daughter has children, every mother and every daughter need to have woman to woman talk. No holes barred. No subject off the table. Eye-to-eye. Heart-to-heart-Women need to know each other's story. #FixMyLife
16 Jun, 01:39 AM UTC

JC Flowers

Tim Linafelt / FSU
Final: Florida State 1, Arkansas 0. Drew Parrish simply magnificent. JC Flowers scores the winning run, then earns the save a few moments later. Noles win their College World Series opener for the first time since 1999. They played in the final that year.
16 Jun, 01:47 AM UTC


Dan Abrams
Here we go #livepdnation. We had a great show last night and I’m thinking we will have another one tonight! @OfficialLivePD @danabrams's photo on #LivePDNation
15 Jun, 11:00 PM UTC

Rob Pelinka

Earvin Magic Johnson
Great trade Rob Pelinka! Job well done.
15 Jun, 11:46 PM UTC


「映画刀剣乱舞-継承-」Blu-ray&DVD 発売まで、あと… / 3日!! \ BD&DVDご予約をお忘れなく!⇒ #映画刀剣乱舞 @toukenmovie2019's photo on Kahun
16 Jun, 12:16 AM UTC


Alyssa Milano
TONIGHT. #TemptingFate @Alyssa_Milano's photo on #TemptingFate
15 Jun, 08:51 PM UTC


cosito de la pizza
-Queres comer algo que hizo mi vieja? -Que hizo? -Yo wacha
16 Jun, 01:42 AM UTC


All the Karens racing to talk to the manager #targetdown @Frosted_Chelios's photo on #targetdown
15 Jun, 06:37 PM UTC

Joe Mauer

Parker Hageman
joe mauer's reaction is killing me.
16 Jun, 12:21 AM UTC

Gary Woodland

Tiger Tracker
So Tiger will start the weekend T-32 and nine shots behind Gary Woodland. Tees off Saturday at 2:27 pm ET with Ben An.
15 Jun, 03:15 AM UTC


The Notorious B.E.C.K.Y
#YouHaveNotLivedUntil mom has made you a fried bologna sandwich!
15 Jun, 11:04 PM UTC

Bradley Beal

Tommy Beer
Over the last three seasons, Anthony Davis has: * more points than Steph Curry or Kevin Durant * more rebs than Nikola Jokic or Joel Embiid * more steals than LeBron James or Klay Thompson * more blocks than Andre Drummond or Giannis Antetokounmpo * higher FT% than Bradley Beal
15 Jun, 10:58 PM UTC


FOX Sports: Braves
Scary moment as Sean Newcomb is hit with a pitch, but is able to walk off the field. @FOXSportsBraves's photo on Newcomb
16 Jun, 12:21 AM UTC

Lavar Ball

Brad Turner
Interesting note: LaVar Ball is at Drew League getting to watch son LaMelo play a game when deal sending Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, 3 No. 1 picks to New Orleans for Anthony Davis was announced on PA.
15 Jun, 10:56 PM UTC


Breaking: The Pelicans have agreed to a deal to trade Anthony Davis to the Lakers for Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart, and three first-round picks – including the No. 4 overall in 2019 Draft, league sources tell @wojespn. @SportsCenter's photo on Newk
15 Jun, 10:30 PM UTC

Zo and BI

Mike / LakerTalk 🏀
15 Jun, 10:54 PM UTC


XFemininaTags ❤
Welcome To @FemininaTags ❤️ With special guest @DavaStarr host of @DirtyThirtyTags. We gave you a hint earlier, and now it's time to share the deepest, the darkest, and the dirtiest as we play: #BringsOutMyInnerFreak The art of a seductive kiss. @FemininaTags's media on #BringsOutMyInnerFreak">
15 Jun, 11:59 PM UTC

Chad Green

Katie Sharp
Chad Green Last 9 Games: 11.1 IP 1.59 ERA 46 Batters Faced 19 K 1 BB 11 hits 0 HR
16 Jun, 12:24 AM UTC

Lake Show

Lake Show
Thank you for everything you have done in Los Angeles Lake Show throughout Staples Center. Once a Laker, Always a Laker. 💛💜
15 Jun, 10:46 PM UTC


Cash ✌🏾HYPE
My heart hajdjawjjrkdnd don’t heartsijsjfneirjjdjdbdjdjddb jdjdkskdbf we got AD ifnkdjdbfkffnjfjdf.
15 Jun, 10:30 PM UTC

Cam Reddish

Lonzo gonna be in the playoffs too. Him & Jrue bout to be clamping back courts. Y’all sleep. Zion getting #ROY BI gonna be top 20 in scoring. Josh Hart gonna be eating. If they take Cam Reddish at 4 aye dios mio.
15 Jun, 11:06 PM UTC

Lebron & AD

Max Kellerman
#Lakers got AD for every asset they had except Kuzma. Magic offered basically same deal before the deadline (w/Kuzma in it instead of the #4 pick — which the Lakers didn’t have at the time). Magic was going to be the guy who delivered LeBron & AD. Why’d the Lakers get in his way?
15 Jun, 10:40 PM UTC


Evan Fournier
Season finished two days ago and we already have Won bombs. Sheeeeshh its gonna be a CRAZY summer. #ADtoLA
15 Jun, 10:38 PM UTC


👑 @KingJames & @KMbappe 👑 #LeBron #Mbappe @beINSPORTSUSA's photo on #LeBron
15 Jun, 05:03 PM UTC


Julius Sello Malema
Tomorrow we will commemorate June 16 students uprising at the University of Fort Hare, Alice Campus, Sports Complex 10 am. Join the movement of the people; let's remember against forgetting. @Julius_S_Malema's photo on Julius
15 Jun, 11:59 AM UTC

Roger Martinez

El primer gol de Roger Martínez en una competencia oficial con la Selección absoluta de Colombia. Siempre podrá decir que lo hizo ante Argentina en una noche de Copa América. INOLVIDABLE. @InvictosSomos's photo on Roger Martinez
15 Jun, 11:41 PM UTC

Vamos Colombia

Radamel Falcao
Hemos decidido vivir y jugar según la mentalidad de creer y luchar. ¡Vamos Colombia! 🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🤜🤜🤜 @FALCAO's photo on Vamos Colombia
15 Jun, 08:02 PM UTC


Matthew Hayes
“I have two kids, now I have to go to a whole other store. I just want to buy this stuff. I HAVE TWO KIDS.” -suburban mom at #target during #TargetApocalypse2019
15 Jun, 05:57 PM UTC


Josh Benson
BREAKING. Targetgeddon? Customers line up at Target stores across U.S. amid systemwide payment glitch #targetgeddon #targetoutage
15 Jun, 06:50 PM UTC


Kiss 108
Tweet using #Kiss108KissConcert AND #KC19xFrontRow for a chance to win a pair of FRONT ROW tickets to the show! #contest @Kiss108's photo on #KC19xFrontRow
15 Jun, 10:00 PM UTC

The Brow

The Brow is ready to take over Hollywood. 👀 @NBAonTNT's photo on The Brow
15 Jun, 10:37 PM UTC

AD & Bron

AD, Bron and one max free agent this summer. It’s about to get real interesting
15 Jun, 10:29 PM UTC

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