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R.J. Lehmann
A conversation with my Irish Catholic grandmother when I was 16, upon her learning I had an Irish girlfriend Her: Is she Catholic or Protestant? Me: She’s an atheist, like me Her: But is she a Catholic atheist or a Protestant atheist? https://t.co/JHRplqdkMH
22 Sep, 06:31 PM UTC
Guys who loudly don’t believe in astrology have Reddit atheist energy
23 Sep, 02:24 AM UTC
A new Pew study finds that America's Christian majority has been shrinking for years — and if recent trends continue, Christians could make up less than half of the U.S. population within a few decades. https://t.co/VZAak2ScF4
23 Sep, 07:24 AM UTC
Not every atheist is an anti-theist. Being a non-believer doesn’t mean that you have a problem with religion. I’m an anti-theist. I see organized religion as harmful. I have a problem with your religion.
23 Sep, 03:03 PM UTC
Sanghi brahman rohit sharma is smashing muslim bowler mohd Hazelwood at nagpur, we all know the reason why !!!
23 Sep, 04:56 PM UTC
Eminent Woke
@Atheist_Krishna Fringe Person of Interest Star Trek Voyeger/TNG Queens Gambit TheSpy Messiah Criminal Justice 1,2 BattleStar Galactica 24 Timeless The Man From High Castle Travelers StargateUniverse Homeland House of Cards Agents of Shield Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan TerraNova Mirzapur TerraNova
23 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
The bad ass kicking new atheist
Atheist Pro Tip: *religious definitions edition Afterlife = Non Existence Holy = Imaginary Authority Saved = Extorted Believer = Brainwashed Morality = Abuse Blasphemy = Hurt Feelings Find “god” = Fool Yourself Salvation = Feel Feels Soul = Fear Scripture = Boogeyman Memoirs
22 Sep, 10:34 PM UTC
🇦🇺 Pink Heretic
Would you be thankful to a person who cut you with a knife in order to sell you a bandage? #atheist https://t.co/EYQjvuoW1c
23 Sep, 04:05 AM UTC
🇦🇺 Pink Heretic
I am not an atheist by choice, I am a seeker of truth. Being an atheist is a side effect of that endeavour. #atheist https://t.co/5gcNGRvKkg
23 Sep, 04:05 PM UTC
What is the motivation of religious proselytisers? As an atheist, I don’t feel the desire to proselytise atheism. All I seek is Freedom to believe & to disbelieve, as well as Freedom of Expression & Separation of Church & State/School. There is little Freedom within religions.
23 Sep, 03:36 PM UTC
As a Jewish liberal atheist, I am always terrified by the links between AdoIf HitIer's nazism and traditionalist Christianity. Out of respect for the 6,000,000 who perished in the HoIocaust, we should face the reality that AdoIf HitIer loved Christ, as I prove with these quotes: https://t.co/jSFnW5Gbfv
23 Sep, 09:31 AM UTC
أبو عبد الله الكردي
As much as I despise the mushrik Khomeinist regime I definitely prefer them over these atheist products of Shaytān and the West. The apostate is worse than the kāfir aslī, and atheism is the worst form of shirk. These people are both apostates and atheists. https://t.co/gDARblBmG9
23 Sep, 05:31 AM UTC
@BrianEskow Atheists do not need "arguments". Everyone in the world is born without any concepta of religion or deities. Everyone is born without theism. Everyone is born an atheist. Regarding theists, you can not "argument" deities into existence.
23 Sep, 02:54 PM UTC
@Atheist_Krishna Top Rated TV/Web Series 1. Breaking Bad ✔️ 2. Game Of Thrones 3. Sherlock 4. Lost ✔️ 5. Prison Break ✔️ 6. Money Heist ✔️ 7. The walking dead ✔️ 8. Stranger Things ✔️ 9. Bojack Horseman 10. The Mandalorian ✔️ 11. Fargo 12. The Queen's Gambit ✔️ 13. Better Call Saul
23 Sep, 04:46 PM UTC
A theist with a logical argument? ….I’m still waiting 😏 #atheist #atheism #religion https://t.co/g7pzK5TNgy
23 Sep, 05:49 AM UTC
@Atheist_Krishna 29. Crused 30. House 31. Ozark 32. Dark ✔️ 33. Mr Robot ✔️ 34. The Crown 35. Vikings 36. Peaky Blinders 37. The Boys 38. The Sopranos 39. Sons of Anarchy 40. Dexter 41. The Wire 42. True Detective 43. Chernobyl ✔️ 44. Mad Man 45. Band of Brothers ✔️
23 Sep, 04:51 PM UTC
Lauren Ell
Since being atheist for over 15 years, I have realized atheists can enjoy many things about religion, such as the moral messages, music and community. The two can blend to a degree and be a beautiful thing.
22 Sep, 06:44 PM UTC
☭ avin⚓ ☭
“The dialectics of history were such that the victory of Marxism in the field of theory obliged its enemies to disguise themselves as Marxists. Liberalism, rotten to the core, tried to revitalise itself in the form of socialist opportunism” - Lenin
23 Sep, 05:52 PM UTC
Humanist Canada
Many people unknowingly carry and live out Humanist ideals without knowing that they might be Humanists themselves. Are you a Humanist? You likely are if you share these 5 core beliefs! #Humanism #Humanist #Secularism #Secular #SecularOutlook #Atheism #Atheist https://t.co/F9UoZ7EF58
23 Sep, 02:01 PM UTC
@musicangels1982 Let me fix this for you. Atheism is as much if a religion is as Off is a TV channel. And atheists just don't believe your claims of a god. That's it. You: My god is great. He is the most powerful god. Me (an atheist): I don't believe in your god. That's it.
23 Sep, 06:25 PM UTC
Juliette Willows
@atheist_vegan So this is like, werewolves, but with moose instead? LOVE!!!! lol
23 Sep, 06:28 PM UTC
Ministry of Laugh
@michelle_mishal It's very much common. My roommate, back in 2006 at QAU, was unable to get supervisor for his PhD thesis just because he was Ahmadi. He had to leave his PhD after few years. He received many threatening letter by anonymous sources despite the fact that he was an atheist.
23 Sep, 06:28 PM UTC
VeganAtheist- Coral
@JWillows_Author I was watching Dr. Yukon and her daughter (Sierra?) said at midnight she will turn into a moose. I was like... OMG I need that book. So now I have a shifter story. And I'm still filling in the holes, but totally excited about this take. https://t.co/78NiGwdMLf
23 Sep, 06:27 PM UTC
KIRK Radio! 🇺🇲
My favorite atheist tweet so far!! https://t.co/8W7PHiw8en
23 Sep, 06:26 PM UTC
@iamAtheistGirl "Enjoy worshipping a false god"? dafuq do they think atheist means?!
23 Sep, 06:21 PM UTC
@ADDDragon @MeTheMoVoter @InfiDale3476 Exactly. You can be an atheist and anti-theist. Not every atheist is anti-theist.
23 Sep, 06:19 PM UTC
عيسى eissa
@Atayeshe @UN @UNFPA @udviklingsmin @DanishMFA @Denmark_UN @BilleHermann A refugee for 10 years, an atheist who believes and hatches gay people and hatches America, Europe, its allies, Israel is a warrior, trapped and knocked by Sand Andrew Egypt, Cairo, where the human rights are where the officials are to hold accountable from a stop in this refugee https://t.co/D9Yk7kHyLH
23 Sep, 06:30 PM UTC