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Dan Wolken
The Atlanta Hawks have gone to the Eastern Conference finals, torn it down, completely rebuilt and gotten back to the Eastern Conference finals all in the span of the 76ers’ “Process” before they have
21 Jun, 02:37 AM UTC
Rachel Nichols
What a damn run by the Atlanta Hawks. Special. Gotta think there’s a lot of soul-searching - and maybe a trade or two- coming for the Sixers. If you’re a Philly fan, what do you most want to happen with this team?
21 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
Georgia Sports Now
The Atlanta Hawks just ended “The Process” in Philly.
21 Jun, 02:42 AM UTC
James Seltzer
The Sixers lost three playoffs games AT HOME to the Atlanta Hawks. What an embarrassment.
21 Jun, 02:35 AM UTC
NBA do Povo 🏀🇧🇷
O QUAVO NO VESTIÁRIO DO ATLANTA HAWKS 🤣 @NBAdoPovo's photo on Atlanta Hawks
21 Jun, 03:25 AM UTC
The Indiana Pacers fired Nate McMillan to hire Nate Bjorkgren after the 2019-2020 season. Fast forward to today and Nate Bjorkgren has already been fired and Nate McMillan is headed to the Eastern Conference Finals with the Atlanta Hawks. You love to see it. @___Colb___'s photo on Atlanta Hawks
21 Jun, 02:44 AM UTC
Joe McCarrie
2020-2021 Atlanta Hawks @joe_mccarrie's photo on Atlanta Hawks
21 Jun, 01:46 AM UTC
ESPN Brasil (de 🏠)
"Trae Young pipoqueiro" "Não pega nem playoffs" "Quero ver contra o Knicks" "Do 76ers não passa" TEM QUE RESPEITAR MUITO! O ATLANTA HAWKS ESTÁ NA DECISÃO DA CONFERÊNCIA LESTE! #NBAnaESPN @ESPNBrasil's photo on Atlanta Hawks
21 Jun, 02:38 AM UTC
Pasion Basket
De los 4 Finalistas en la NBA, la última vez que ganaron un anillo: Atlanta Hawks: 1958 Milwaukee Bucks: 1971 Phoenix Suns: nunca Los Angeles Clippers: nunca La NBA se ha puesto hermosa. La mejor liga del mundo
21 Jun, 10:47 AM UTC
21 Jun, 02:37 AM UTC
Vitor Camargo
O Philadelphia 76ers perdeu um jogo 7 em casa para um Atlanta Hawks que teve Trae Young 5-23 com 6 turnovers.
21 Jun, 02:31 AM UTC
Mike Korzemba
Just realized that during The Process, the Atlanta Hawks -Made the ECF in 2015 with a completely different team -Completely tore down that team and rebuilt -Then BEAT the Sixers and made the ECF again in 2021... Philly is down bad man, how is that even possible
21 Jun, 01:06 PM UTC
The Pettiest Laker Fan 🤫
The Philadelphia 76ers have been eliminated by the Atlanta Hawks so it’s only right we give them the Coach Carter send off #NBATwitter #PettyInThePost
21 Jun, 02:41 AM UTC
Georgia Sports Now
The Atlanta Hawks had ZERO NBA All-Stars this year. They are now heading to the Eastern Conference Finals. There's just something about this team...
21 Jun, 03:17 AM UTC
S Dot McLain
The Atlanta Hawks went to Philly and won a game 7 to beat a 1 seed and move to the eastern finals. That is the most Un-Atlanta sentence anyone can ever compose. #BelieveAtlanta #TrueToAtlanta #ATLvPHI #ATLHOE
21 Jun, 03:05 AM UTC
FLEX From Jersey
The Phoenix Suns and Atlanta Hawks are being rewarded for taking DeAndre Ayton #1 and Trey Young #3 (via Trade with Dal) in the 2018 draft. Considering how critical people have been due to that other guy, it's nice to see them helping their teams to the 2021 NBA Conference Finals
21 Jun, 04:19 AM UTC
Giro baska
Toda a comemoração do finalista Atlanta Hawks
21 Jun, 04:29 AM UTC
Dave Portnoy
Last night Trysta and the Atlanta Hawks put an absolute beat down on our Philly crew in their own house #DDTG @blockfolio
21 Jun, 01:34 PM UTC
Sarah K. Spencer
"I can’t believe how calm I was throughout this game and I think it just came from... I knew these guys were going to give me everything that they had. They did." — Nate McMillan ... The Atlanta Hawks are headed to the Eastern Conference finals, y'all:
21 Jun, 04:37 AM UTC
Dan Wolken
COLUMN: The 76ers' "Process" will be remembered as a failure because the Atlanta Hawks rebuilt quicker and better. via @USATODAY
21 Jun, 05:11 AM UTC
Half Court Hoops
Atlanta Hawks go to floppy ATO, when it is denied they flow into a Horns/Ghost Flare look (appears random) and Capela gets open on the slip:
21 Jun, 12:57 AM UTC
It's only fitting to post this video tonight. The true turning point of the Atlanta Hawks' season.
21 Jun, 03:47 AM UTC
@Ga_Sports_Fan @ATLHawks Holy crap. I didn’t think about it until now. Either the Atlanta Hawks or Mike Budenholzer are going to the @nba finals. 🤯
21 Jun, 12:32 PM UTC
Miami HEAT UK 🇬🇧
I know Adam Silver and the NBA will be spitting with fume about it but the fact one of the Atlanta Hawks, Phoenix Suns, LA Clippers or Milwaukee Bucks will win a championship this year is spectacular and I love it ☺️
21 Jun, 01:47 PM UTC
When you start the PROCESS years before the Atlanta Hawks and they make the Eastern Conference Finals, not only BEFORE you... but THROUGH you. Hawks Sixers Hawks in SEVEN
21 Jun, 01:49 PM UTC
Mary Spicuzza
Eastern Conference Finals schedule: Milwaukee Bucks have home-court advantage against the Atlanta Hawks via @JimOwczarski
21 Jun, 11:33 AM UTC
T̷R̷O̷Y̷ ̷H̷U̷G̷H̷E̷S̷
ON THIS DAY in 2018 — With the 3rd pick in the 2018 NBA Draft, the Atlanta Hawks selected Luka Dončić ... And then traded him ... To the Dallas Mavericks 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #MFFL (@1053TheFan @1053SS @RJChoppy) @TommySledge's photo on Atlanta Hawks
21 Jun, 01:52 PM UTC
Falta Técnica
Clave el aporte de #IlGallo para que Atlanta Hawks se quede con el juego 7 a domicilio de los 76ers por 103-96 y acceda a la final del Este. Para Gallinari: 3/6 2p, 3/7 3p, 2/2 1p (los libres, a 25.7" del final) 5 reb 2 ast 1 rob 30:26 🎥 NBA/TNT 🎬 FT
21 Jun, 01:46 PM UTC
ESPN 99.1 Sioux Falls Sports Leader
Surprised by the Atlanta Hawks? You shouldn't be. @NickNagel991 told you to keep an eye on what they were building almost two years ago (7/25/19):
21 Jun, 01:50 PM UTC
Atlanta Journal-Constitution
A look at the Hawks-Bucks regular-season games
21 Jun, 01:57 PM UTC