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Elizabeth Warren
I’ve known @AyannaPressley for nearly a decade. Together, we've fought against for-profit colleges, stood for families torn apart by gun violence, and gone toe-to-toe with the Trump administration as we’ve fought to protect immigrant families. #AtlantaWithWarren
21 Nov, 11:49 PM UTC
Elizabeth Warren
Racism props up the rich and powerful, leaving them free to take more power for themselves. And the rich and powerful aren’t going to just give away their power. If we want power, we have to fight for it. #AtlantaWithWarren @ewarren's photo on #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 01:02 AM UTC
Elizabeth Warren
We're live at Clark Atlanta University—tune in! #AtlantaWithWarren https://t.co/Tc7WIWuUuk
21 Nov, 11:18 PM UTC
blackness everdeen 🐺
Warren’s speech is so good that even the former protestors are clapping. That’s important. #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:15 AM UTC
Elizabeth Warren
We're not leaving yet, Atlanta! Join us at @CAU on Thursday, where I'll be sharing the stories of some of the most persistent and fearless fighters, Black women who proved that when working women fight together, they win. #AtlantaWithWarren https://t.co/XDcLiZccSL
21 Nov, 05:24 AM UTC
Elizabeth Warren
@AyannaPressley @JacksonLeeTX18 @staceyabrams Yes, there’s a lot at stake in this election, and I know people are scared. But the washerwomen were not afraid. Dorothy Bolden was not afraid. I am not afraid. And you can't be afraid, either. #AtlantaWithWarren @ewarren's photo on #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:38 AM UTC
Ryan Knight 🗽
WARREN: “The rich and powerful want us to be afraid of each other, because they’re afraid of us. Afraid of the people. Afraid of seeing us stand together. Afraid that we will take up each other’s fights as our own. Afraid that they will lose their power.” #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 01:17 AM UTC
Nelini Stamp 🐺
So @CarmenSpindiego is spinning the hits and this happened #AtlantaWithWarren #ValueBlackWomen @NelStamp's photo on #AtlantaWithWarren
21 Nov, 10:58 PM UTC
Maya Grace Slaughter
Pulled up from SC to see @ewarren at Clark Atlanta University #AtlantaWithWarren https://t.co/Xu80Jjc3Zm
21 Nov, 09:56 PM UTC
Working Families Party
"Our Democracy is broken. And how do I know? Because Brian Kemp is sitting in @staceyabrams chair." -@ewarren Crowd goes wild! #ValueBlackWomen #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:29 AM UTC
Maurice Moe Mitchell 🐺
I value Black women because they are the backbone of our communities and our movements. We must center Black women's leadership, and we need a president who will keep building and holding space for Black women to lead. #ValueBlackWomen #WFP4Warren #AtlantaWithWarren @MauriceWFP's photo on #AtlantaWithWarren
21 Nov, 11:30 PM UTC
Maya Grace Slaughter
Oh we brought the spirit for #AtlantaWithWarren ... students from 4 HBCUs across the state of South Carolina are here to hear ⁦@ewarren⁩ and honestly we lit💁🏽‍♀️ https://t.co/Jvq8zEVM64
21 Nov, 11:37 PM UTC
Ben O'Keefe
EVERY flight attendant on my way down to ATL came to my seat to say they noticed my Warren sweatshirt & that they are supporting her. One said, “I told my friends if you can wait in line for a chicken sandwich you can wait in line to vote for Elizabeth.” #AtlantaWithWarren
21 Nov, 05:19 PM UTC
Emily Crockett
It’s incredible to see Warren devote an entire major campaign speech centering black women—the backbone of the Democratic party—and to offering a crystal-clear, morally fierce, intersectional message about systemic racism. #ValueBlackWomen #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:29 AM UTC
blackness everdeen 🐺
Being on the opposite side of pro charter protestors is exactly where I want my candidate to be #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:05 AM UTC
Jessica Byrd
Deep bow, my friend. #atlantawithwarren 💜 https://t.co/nj5tLAjOUr
22 Nov, 12:13 AM UTC
My great grandmother was a domestic worker. Her work provided for my grandmother, father, aunts, and uncles. Thank you @ewarren for honoring the history of my people. #ValueBlackWomen #AtlantawithWarren
22 Nov, 12:45 AM UTC
Working Families Party
"The good news is that.. we the people have a chance to write our next chapter together. A chance to make #BigStructuralChange with our next President @ewarren" #ValueBlackWomen #AtlantaWithWarren @WorkingFamilies's photo on #AtlantaWithWarren
21 Nov, 11:41 PM UTC
Ryan Knight 🗽
Warren delivered the most powerful speech of her campaign about the history of black women in America leading the fight for social & economic justice in the face of overwhelming state-sponsored discrimination. That’s “the true story of persistence in America.“ #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 02:04 AM UTC
david 🎄
I've never in my life heard a speech like this. @ewarren tonight is proof indisputable that she is the candidate is a generation, and I'm so immensely proud to be a part of this movement. #AtlantaWithWarren https://t.co/j5RsQZpL4d
22 Nov, 12:33 AM UTC
Sajid Was Here
This is a historic speech. President Elizabeth Warren is not afraid to confront structural racism by name, in all its forms. #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:32 AM UTC
Charlene A. Carruthers
Now, Elizabeth Warren is telling the story of Dorothy Bolden and how she was one of the women who created today's National Domestic Workers Alliance. My goodness. What a legacy we all get to be a part of in this lifetime. #AtlantaWithWarren #ValueBlackWomen
22 Nov, 12:36 AM UTC
Sean Atchison
The billionaire Walton Family, the owners of Walmart, paid for protesters to disrupt Warren’s speech. Even though they were paid to come by the end of the speech, the protesters were clapping. People are ready for big, structural change. #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 01:04 AM UTC
Charlene A. Carruthers
"Yes, there’s a lot at stake in this election, and I know people are scared. But the washerwomen were not afraid. Dorothy Bolden was not afraid. I am not afraid. And you can't be afraid, either." -- Elizabeth Warren #AtlantaWithWarren #ValueBlackWomen
22 Nov, 12:39 AM UTC
Jordan Meehan 🏳️‍🌈
“Right now our democracy is broken. How do I know? Because Brian Kemp is sitting in @staceyabrams’ chair.” -@ewarren 👏👏👏👏👏 #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 12:32 AM UTC
Sarah Groh
All, I’ve disrupted a fair amount of events in my day. I can tell you in those moments I’ve only dreamed of my pain & cause being acknowledged from the stage like that 💜 I’d follow these women anywhere. Any fight, any day @ewarren @AyannaPressley #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 01:58 AM UTC
Indivisible Georgia District 10
@KathyDowney11 @MichelleD1970 @IndivisibleGA11 @Lindastarts @IndivisibleGAco 🔥#FionaHill #FionaFierce 🔥Republicans were scared - they knew she wouldn’t put up with any Maga BS #impeachment #ImpeachmentIsHere #Indivisible #FionaHillFanClub #AtlantaWithWarren #FlipItBlue #VoteBlueToSaveAmerica https://t.co/JxXtRAvIPG
22 Nov, 02:14 AM UTC
Temitope Amoye
“Black History is American History”- @ewarren #AtlantaWithWarren
22 Nov, 02:16 AM UTC

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