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Richard Di Natale
Take that coal! Take that @ScoMo! #stopadani #auspoll Richard Di Natale's photo on #auspoll
12 Feb, 12:20 AM UTC
Chris Uhlmann
Have been told that the cross bench has had a "very positive" meeting with @billshortenmp Sounds like they are close to an agreement on text for Labor's amendments. The minister will have seven days to review each case. @9NewsAUS #auspoll
12 Feb, 01:23 AM UTC
Zoya Patel
Watch at 2:33 to see me not give a shit about franking credits in comparison to parents with young children suffering financial penalties under the punitive #ParentsNext program... #Auspoll https://t.co/1OH1xTzFQS
12 Feb, 01:17 AM UTC
Stephen Spencer
Here's the weekly average of the Newspoll, Essential and Ipsos polls since Morrison came to power. A prize if you can spot the #recovery the Sky and News pundits keep banging on about. #auspoll Stephen Spencer's photo on #auspoll
12 Feb, 07:22 AM UTC
Annette Sharp
How are farmers getting a paltry 38c a litre for milk when in the city we’re queuing to pay $4 for a coffee containing 250mls of milk. These farmers are being robbed #auspoll #saveourfarmers https://t.co/9qixj69xra
12 Feb, 08:24 AM UTC
Mighty Ben Britten
Hey @ScoMo ! hey @cpyne! Nice job! you finally get to be in the history books for your EPIC first time in 90 years failure to govern! Good on ya! #auspoll #worstGovenrmentIn90years
12 Feb, 07:17 AM UTC
Massive day in parliament. Massive day for human rights. Massive day for human decency. Massive day for refugees. Want to know what people who care about humanity look like? Not this. #Auspoll #BackTheBill https://t.co/UdvdONawRA
12 Feb, 08:30 AM UTC
Ryan Hopprich
@TonyAbbottMHR what is it with you Tones? Never willing to believe a doctor or a scientist? #luddite #auspoll
12 Feb, 07:49 AM UTC
Well done to labor and crossbench for passing the #MedivacBill #mediVac #auspol #auspoll #Auspol
12 Feb, 07:22 AM UTC
Ryan Hopprich
@BevanShields blah blah blah scare tactics, blah blah blah race baiting, blah blah blah dog whistle. also SHOUTING! #auspoll #MediVac
12 Feb, 07:47 AM UTC
Only @billshortenmp could weaken border security and become the greens little bitch at the same time. #medivacbill #auspoll
12 Feb, 07:39 AM UTC
Charmaine Budden Union Thug
The whiney poodle is very shouty again today #auspoll
12 Feb, 06:52 AM UTC
Jeff Simpson
@ScottMorrisonMP @LiberalAus If any LNP politician with a margin of less than 10% wants to keep their seat the best thing they can do to save their seat is to vote with the opposition in a no confidence vote.#auspoll #Election2019
12 Feb, 09:40 AM UTC
hanif Hussain
Today was a small step forward after a long wait for so many genuine refugees to obtain medical treatment for their physical and mental needs. May many bigger steps follow in swift progression now! #WithRefugees #auspoll #nauru #manus
12 Feb, 09:21 AM UTC
Bitchy Single Person
Scott Morrison: REFUGEES ON MANUS! BORDER SECURITY! MORE BOATS! Australia: Just because you lose, doesn't mean you have the right to shout at and lecture the nation. Shut up @ScottMorrisonMP #auspol #auspoll
12 Feb, 08:23 AM UTC
Uber Timmeh
@ScottMorrisonMP how’s that stable government working out for you? 😂 Stop throwing a tantrum for losing a vote and call an election already. #auspoll
12 Feb, 08:11 AM UTC
Wow! #Scumo 's shitty, nasty, inept @LiberalAus Govt is the First Elected Circus to lose a vote in the house of representatives in nearly a century! Who'd have thought! Call the election! #auspoll
12 Feb, 07:39 AM UTC
Mighty Ben Britten
Pyne screeching and Morrison shouting draw a pretty stark contrast to Shorten's calm procedural tone. It is pretty clear who the adults in the parliament are at the moment. #auspoll
12 Feb, 07:06 AM UTC
Gerhardt Pearson
Art of the wedge #Auspoll https://t.co/7blLYQJVJW
12 Feb, 03:43 AM UTC
Reynard Foxx
@michgar7 sure - if I can deduct 2% from the military, private schools and not for profit tax dodgers #auspoll
12 Feb, 09:05 AM UTC
That guy
Oi Spud, Leigh owned you tonight on 7.30. Sux to be you. @leighsales @PeterDutton_MP #auspoll #spudisawanker #goodbyespud
12 Feb, 08:45 AM UTC
Sooooo... Let me see if I can understand SumMo's insane *logic*... ... ... No, I cannot! Basically, the ALP won & soundly defeated the LNP, but ALP are the looser?🙄🤥 No wonder Australia has been soooo screwed the past 5 years!🤬👎🏾 #auspol #auspoll https://t.co/LEk3UTFT1l
12 Feb, 08:43 AM UTC
Tim Bennett
The way to protect Australia’s borders is to be a complete cunt...-#auspoll
12 Feb, 08:09 AM UTC
Bitchy Single Person
@ScottMorrisonMP You lost. Get used to hearing that phrase. #auspoll #auspol
12 Feb, 08:07 AM UTC
Don Voegt
Now there are some new shenanigans going on.. confidential letter from AG to Speaker now open for everyone to all. @ScottMorrisonMP trying every which way to remain as PM. #auspoll #election2019
12 Feb, 05:00 AM UTC
Susie Thompson
Historic defeat for the @ScottMorrisonMP government The beginning of the end?... #auspoll Susie Thompson's photo on #auspoll
12 Feb, 07:25 AM UTC
Lachy Larmour
So, like, does this mean someone new is PM now? #auspoll #losingtrack
12 Feb, 07:16 AM UTC
Capital Monitor
75-74 House of Representatives votes: HoR agreed to a motion by @Tony_Burke - Manager of Opposition Business - that the House proceeds immediately to consideration of the Senate amendments regarding #MediVac #auspoll
12 Feb, 06:51 AM UTC
Peter Harris
Pyne now telling us we are on the verge of civil war #dontforgetjudaspair #auspoll
12 Feb, 06:49 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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