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Harsha Bhogle
Big difference already between the tour of England and this. The Aussies haven't dropped a thing...
06 Dec, 01:34 AM UTC
Michael Clarke
Another session to the Aussies 👍🏻Pujara holding this Indian innings together. I have a feeling Ashwin is not going to give his wicket up without a fight 🥊
06 Dec, 04:41 AM UTC
Michael Vaughan
The Indians have come out with an ultra aggressive approach .. Gifted the Aussies 3 wickets .. Not so sure it’s the right game plan .. Old school leaves required in Session 1 in Adelaide .. #AUSvIND @FoxCricket
06 Dec, 01:20 AM UTC
Michael Clarke
Aussies well on top today buddy BUT they have not batted yet. Can India execute with the new ball like Aust did and can they hold onto every opportunity
06 Dec, 11:18 AM UTC
Aalia Rasheed
Want to learn the value of patience in Test cricket... watch @cheteshwar1’s extra ordinary 💯 against Aussies! Patience is a virtue, man. #AusvsIND
06 Dec, 08:23 AM UTC
Telegraph Sport
The Aussies will have to deal with King @imVkohli and ALL of his superpowers in Adelaide today! 🔥⚡⭐🇮🇳 #India #Cricket #Kohli #ViratKohli DAY 1 LIVE: Telegraph Sport's photo on aussies
05 Dec, 10:40 PM UTC
1-2 against @Renegades . Good bo3, just a weird end with cache, felt we could win it even if the score was not close. We finished 7/8, not bad at all, especially without playing during 1 month. Wp Aussies and for the "community", see you on my stream very soon !
06 Dec, 04:42 PM UTC
Samip Rajguru
dada says match is still open and India can win it from here if we can restrict Aussies arrnd 300 runs....they have to bat last...ashwin will be crucial too and all praise by dada for Pujara @SGanguly99 @ashwinravi99 @cheteshwar1
06 Dec, 01:55 PM UTC
Animal Adventure
A chuckle and laugh, on Day 6, The Kookaburra, full of tricks! The Kingfisher family, with quite the beak, Food that is live, is what they seek! A mouse, or lizard, perhaps a snake, Meals of any size, these Aussies will make! Animal Adventure's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 02:34 PM UTC
betway esports
A strong showing from the Aussies as they take down @G2esports 2-1 to book their spot in the Quarter-Final! 🇦🇺 @RNGjks played great throughout the series: 🔥 Rating: 1.42 🔥 ADR: 93.9 🔥 K/D: 71-39 betway esports's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 04:30 PM UTC
England Water Polo
The teams are gathering for 11 days of international @essa_swimming polo! Following the Australian schools arrival yesterday we are delighted to welcome Romanian Schools who will play Manchester at the MAC this evening, while the Aussies play the North West in Liverpool from 7pm England Water Polo's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 02:04 PM UTC
Sam Hawke
It is holiday season my friends, and you know what you like during holiday seasons? Sales! Yes, sales! Aussies, were you were holding off buying City of Lies because of price? It's currently only $5 on the kindle site:
06 Dec, 10:24 AM UTC
It's official. I'm raising Americans. My daughter just insisted on having peanut butter and jam (jelly) on the one piece of toast this morning. The Aussies on my feed will understand the sense of mortification I feel about this milestone!
06 Dec, 11:54 AM UTC
WideEyedHippieChild 🌱
@dugongman @HumanHeadline @susyjohnson3 @QldGreens @JusticePartyAu @drkerrynphelps Capital cities inundated with homeless Aussies including returned servicemen. Rife abuse amongst our indigenous as you say in NT. DV at an all-time high. Native wildlife massacred on the daily & these spoons care more for virtual signalling over ppl who have help elsewhere #BS
06 Dec, 05:28 AM UTC
Hey Aussies in case you didn't hear government now has access to all your private shit. Also making all Aussie built software basically illegal in US and Europe now. Oh well. It's not like the internet actually works in Australia anyway. #aabill
06 Dec, 02:56 PM UTC
Damian Arsenis
How good has freshman @camb0healy been? What about @JesseHunt08? A host of other Aussies have also been starring in US College, as I wrap up all the big performances from the past week.
06 Dec, 12:07 PM UTC
The Australian
Leaps of faith help the Aussies
06 Dec, 03:17 PM UTC
Terry Walters
@ZanettiCartoons @DeepSmoke2 Wake up Derryn 120.000 Aussies homeless, 1/2 million Aussie kids living in poverty, aboriginal kids living in squaller, infant rape, sick with syphilis ! And you and the unrepresentative Green swill are on about 6 illegals kids looked after given all by our tax payers ! Fuck off
06 Dec, 05:14 AM UTC
Cameron Don-Duncan
@RugbyAM Sam Tomkins 2010-2013 was the best super league has seen. Kris Radlinski is the only world class player on this list. Wellens was ok but the aussies must have been splitting their sides when we used to turn up to test matches with him as our best full back.
06 Dec, 04:30 PM UTC
Carolyn Eastaughffe
turn back boats;BILLNS used to buy Bigots votes could fund many servic es being cut;espec if Refugees had been accepted in Aus,would have been hard working taxpayers+children be proud Aussies+YES!I WOULD be willing to give up services like
06 Dec, 03:54 PM UTC
RHYTHM 'N' TRAVEL: New movie inspires Aussies to discover America's Musical Journey #rhythmnblue #music @BrandUSA #brandusa #americasmusicaljourney #music #travel #tourism #travelling #inspiration #travelinspiration KARRYON's photo on aussies
05 Dec, 11:59 PM UTC
Jayesh Paliwal
@TheLyrebird1001 Maybe I m too optimistic but I get the feel that Aussies will be bundled out fr 220 odd
06 Dec, 04:53 PM UTC
@munin Well, at least “people in Australia” as even foreign nationals in that jurisdiction can be forced to comply with TAN/TAR/TCNs. It’s not safe to use Au sourced soft/hardware now: Aussies outside au, like me, will fight fight fight. I will never let these fuckers backdoor my code.
06 Dec, 04:29 PM UTC
Dr. Mohammad Kamil
@Shailen68287264 Sledging is Aussies old tact. Sehwag Gambhir Sachin used to give them Bat answer. Why can't Kohli and his group. Don't criticise Pant or KL. Change Coaches. Like it happened in Mithali case. Powar biggest bugger. Mith a legend. Harman unfit
06 Dec, 03:52 PM UTC
Lexi Mitchell
@BeefeaterDave Thank you for the insightful and amusing tour earlier today @BeefeaterDave !! Best wishes from the Aussies 😊
06 Dec, 03:49 PM UTC
Jan Henderson
06 Dec, 10:15 AM UTC
@6raabir_Boubi ha ha I'm glad you exposed this filthy cunt. most Aussies are chill like the guy that filmed this video, I'm sure he kept it all cool for his daughters sake who this cunt freaked out in front of but if it were a one on one and no cameras rolling, she would be KO'd
06 Dec, 03:31 PM UTC
India is nothing outside India. It has shown in South Africa, England and now in Australia.Terrific bowling from the Aussies.#AUSvIND
06 Dec, 03:25 PM UTC
@Patterrz Us Aussies are willing to let you in with open arms. No need to worry, we're not as scary as we look
06 Dec, 03:14 PM UTC
Obi #FBPE #ProtectEUCitizens- Reperio veritatis
@VesperUK @mrjamesob @GarethRic And here is the proof..
06 Dec, 04:58 PM UTC
Samarth Bhardwaj
Rohit Sharma has learnt brainfade from Aussies 😂😂
06 Dec, 04:51 PM UTC
Harsh Gundhar 🇮🇳
@UPStatsman 95 is par with bowlers of West Indies, Aussies, english and pakis..... Virat at 105 shows the legend he is was and will be!!
06 Dec, 04:50 PM UTC
Arunabh Lahiri
The first test match with the Aussies at Melbourne may be remembered as Pujara's Test as he singlehandedly put us in a respectable position with his century. While the T20 stars like Rohit & Rahul fell to indiscreet shots, Rahane and Vijay proved their selection was unjustified.
06 Dec, 04:50 PM UTC
heathersucks 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿👏🏳️‍🌈
@jumpsuitcoverme Wait thats not me its aussies but still wtf what type of a name is that for them
06 Dec, 04:48 PM UTC
@NfinityBL @JoshhhJ7 Woah. I thought they were automatically put into pools. Now I’ve conflicted interest between the aussies and the europeans🤔
06 Dec, 04:28 PM UTC
Richie Merzian
78% of Aussies are concerned about increasing drought and water impacts from climate change and it's great to see Kushla Munro from Australian Dept of Environment (middle of pic) fronting the Water and Climate Event at the French Pavilion #COP24 #climateimpacts Richie Merzian's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 04:28 PM UTC
asim hafeez
@Imsaadfarrukh @AsharJawad @sfurqan92 Well i talk on reality and someone mocked me alot and threatened me but i have been proved right. I knew calibre of my team which couldnt whitewash weakest Aussies team ever. Now we are on the verge of losing a series in 49 years to Kiwi which didnt play brilliantly till today
06 Dec, 04:27 PM UTC
India were 5-86 at one stage in 1st Test against @CricketAust . Was it poor short selection OR exceptional bowling by Aussies? Become part of discussion on @Cricistan at #AUSvsIND #AUSvIND #INDvsAUS #BCCI #cricketaus #IPL #IPL2019
06 Dec, 04:26 PM UTC
Today’s production process Cleaning and priming 3d models I have added a new mini (cough cough) for scale - slight super 15mm British infantry man (Malaysia) and 1:100th scale vehicles Think the scaling works nice British will come with Aussies and Indonesians ....
06 Dec, 04:24 PM UTC
A ♛
@muftimads yeah I know I heard the spiders are hugeeee. worth it tho I love aussies :(
06 Dec, 04:23 PM UTC
@IOL So they don't get along with the Aussies and now want to colonize Canada hehehehehe ku'bad marrr ku'lit tltltltltlt
06 Dec, 04:21 PM UTC
Karishma Sarkari
#GoldenGlobe Nominations: 2 Aussies up for gongs - #NicoleKidman & #HandmaidsTale star Yvonne Strahovski. Huge congrats to #BradleyCooper for nabbing a Best Director nod on his directorial debut for #AStarIsBorn which has 3 noms. Complete list: v @variety
06 Dec, 04:20 PM UTC
Suyash Thakur
#INDvAUS Boom boom & bang ready for day 2 Bumrah , Shami & Ishant will shut up the Aussies
06 Dec, 04:14 PM UTC
@GoJackslash just something about a sprint car still sporting full nerfs #warmandfuzzy feelings - those #aussies and #kiwis still know how to do it right 😎 JoeRansom's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 04:11 PM UTC
liza’s daughter
Adding the Aussies to this. I’m so jealous 😩
06 Dec, 03:54 PM UTC
Annu Upadhyay
This should be the playing XI of #TeamIndia. No clue how the current team will win series in #Australia. #IndvsAus #AUSvIND #TestMatch @BCCI @Australia #Cricket #AustraliavsIndia #IndiavsAustralia Great first day play by #Aussies Annu Upadhyay's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 03:53 PM UTC
Robert Erskine Childers
#Aussies: U2FsdGVkX18EezFeQ9FEhaup4/EM2EZKo3Wla9miCM4FPiV942shPB1hbJ4gDx1+q+wEF7JYbBs7rp65OUFlSAQDZe535CJZdbCQAxZM4yDalyJRZ374RN+cIgPpYLpIXexVF+wnW7c3suuWd5lQq6gFB4akuYlqSNSi9Xk1bMF9KKMYCXartNY0rxy/HrBOaBH3igB2crFN+1O5C8oSzK/DmJT57xTU8cxW5EaH67DgMKX8n2o0Q1vIR3Hh4iWf2oV++x5FM9Y=
06 Dec, 03:51 PM UTC
Manthan Kansara
Mr Cheteshwar dependable Pujara!!!once again he stood like a wall and secured his 16th 💯 and 5000 test runs #wellplayedchamp it would be a fascinating day two if Indian bowers able to restrict Aussies under nose....we would be a exciting contest to watch!!! Manthan Kansara's photo on aussies
06 Dec, 03:51 PM UTC
the hate you give
InshAllah Aussies 🎉
06 Dec, 03:50 PM UTC
Ed Atkinson
@MichaelVaughan @FoxCricket Do you think the Aussies were missing David Warner’s “sledging” when India were 4-35 and Kohli back in the hutch?!
06 Dec, 03:49 PM UTC
ANGIE - Bubbly Aussies don't get much more fun . Busty, tall and a real fun lass to while away
06 Dec, 03:48 PM UTC
Deplorable Aussie
@the1race @AuConservatives @matthewhayden @corybernardi What is more important? My privacy when I'm doing nothing wrong or illegal or my life which could be damaged or taken by someone with bad intentions. I'll prefer my life and the life of my friends family and fellow Aussies. Free speech doesn't kill people.
06 Dec, 03:48 PM UTC
@TheShastriWay To confuse Aussies #AUSvIND
06 Dec, 03:43 PM UTC
@SriniMaama16 It's Aussies tour mama what else do you expect? 😉
06 Dec, 03:43 PM UTC
Leaps of faith help the Aussies, via @australian
06 Dec, 03:43 PM UTC
Liberty Prime
@NEgense They do say that the Aussies hate their politicians, which is amazing because voting is mandatory.
06 Dec, 03:42 PM UTC
Boycott Australia
Aussies know kangaroo meat is FILTHY & UNSAFE, so they export it to naive countries!! #Tweet4Taiji #BoycottAustralia
06 Dec, 03:42 PM UTC
Saikat Bhowmik
Aussies..Are you still doubting?
06 Dec, 03:38 PM UTC
@ForzaIrlandia @PatrickMinogue6 Don't play IR coz their bullying will get snuffed out by the Aussies. I rem bully-boy Ryan barely opening his mouth on an IR field.
06 Dec, 03:37 PM UTC
@arunausteres1 @BCCI Just see his performance in last 15 international outings and judge by his form. Not by what he was capable of. Further Aussies have played him a lot and he is a spent force now. U need someone who is new and has a surprising element
06 Dec, 03:30 PM UTC
Umang Rawat
@PastyPirlo @DeadpoolSrkian @Ironman014 @sportsbetcomau So conveniently deleted my reply u cheat aussies
06 Dec, 03:27 PM UTC
@HomerOpines To give confidence to aussies that they can win even without sandpaper 🤣
06 Dec, 03:23 PM UTC
@TheKarthik5 Drop chances will be there obviously Whereas Aussies are right on money from ball 1 took stunner of Kohli and Pujara runout
06 Dec, 03:21 PM UTC
Keith Williams
@RickyHarries Would hardly call all of them posh. Some notable Welsh internationals have played for them. Andy Moore, @Jamiehuwroberts to name a few. And a fair few Aussies. You can barely call them posh!!
06 Dec, 03:19 PM UTC
@vikrantgupta73 Love watching Sports Tak. Tell me one thing are the Aussies guys idiot? Mitch Marsh was dropped & directly send to play Sheffield Sheild cricket whereas our Indian players are busy holidaying & partying. Was Rishab Pant playing test cricket or mocking himself?
06 Dec, 03:19 PM UTC
ravio 🐰
@zerowondering hey. I live in australia too. bless the aussies
06 Dec, 03:18 PM UTC
Chetan Kapania
Many many happy returns of the day @Jaspritbumrah93 Hope you give a great birthday present to yourself tomorrow by bagging all 10 wickets of Aussies.
06 Dec, 03:17 PM UTC
Keshav Jha
This 4 pics sum up the whole Day 1's Play. ▪What a wonderful day it was for the Aussies. ▪ And a Repeat telecast of the Indians Batting throughout the overseas tour this year. Pitch had no demons, only Poor Shot selection. #AUSvIND #INDvsAUS @cricketcomau @BCCI @espn
06 Dec, 03:15 PM UTC
Nasty, nasty aussies
06 Dec, 03:09 PM UTC

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