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IT'S A DRAW! The Aussies hang on! Unbelievable Test cricket in Dubai! #PAKvAUS's photo on Aussies
11 Oct, 01:23 PM UTC
Michael Vaughan
Some Draw by the Aussies .... !! #PakVAus
11 Oct, 01:35 PM UTC
Rob Oakeshott
Non-fundamentalist Church Leaders in Australia need to be clear and loud NOW. Religious belief, in any form, is not a ticket to care less about fellow Aussies (ie sacking teachers, rejecting students). Fundamentalism in all forms should be rejected.
11 Oct, 08:21 PM UTC
That's lunch! Super session for the Aussies as Khawaja (82*) and Head (70*) bat through the morning session to be 3-215: #PAKvAUS's photo on Aussies
11 Oct, 08:02 AM UTC
With a little help from Mom & Dad 😍🐾🐶 #Aussies #Dogs ❤️CORY™❤️'s photo on Aussies
12 Oct, 01:43 AM UTC
Ricky Buchanan
This is a huge deal for #homebound and #bedridden Aussies too. It’s almost impossible not to end up socially isolated when your disability causes so much physical isolation.
11 Oct, 04:32 AM UTC
Dyl // Mother of Snakes
Now that voting is open, it's time for the aussies to show our love and support our girl by tweeting #ARIAsTaylorSwift
11 Oct, 12:07 PM UTC
Herald Sun
Aussie tourists in major bus crash in Germany: Herald Sun's photo on Aussies
12 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC
Nick Welch
@DanielCherny Probably didn't phrase it the best. The performance by the Aussies was one of the best, the test yeah not so much.
12 Oct, 01:51 AM UTC
🌹Jinny Jick🌹
Hello ❤Aussies Swifties!!! ❤ This is your chance to go all out to vote for @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 #ARIAsTaylorSwift Vote #TaylorSwift #TheFemaleArtist #PCAs 🌹Jinny Jick🌹's photo on Aussies
11 Oct, 05:50 AM UTC
Nicholas Blackmore
@Aussies_Abroad Three weeks until my trip to Denver: seeing @Joeingles7 and @daanteee in the NBA on the Saturday, then @gotsis96 on the Sunday in the NFL. Just ordered this bad boy - with respect to @gotsis96, I doubt there'll be too many of these at the tailgate party! Nicholas Blackmore's photo on Aussies
12 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC
@caitie_ts13 I honestly cannot wait! I know my aussies are gong to lose their shite when they see this tour for the first time
12 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Katrina Mathers
Oooh ooh ooh, I'm so excited about this news. Congrats to Bruna, the producer and also to Holly, the writer. Yay. Go Aussies.
12 Oct, 01:52 AM UTC
Shabir Tantray
@atul_you @ICC Admit it.... But more than happy to see Aussies putting up some show in these conditions !
12 Oct, 01:59 AM UTC
You Aussies get things done right quick don’t ya?#CongratulationsShazza
12 Oct, 01:58 AM UTC
cody hill
@Cory_1077 Aussies are the best. Stairs will continue to be their nemesis.
12 Oct, 01:58 AM UTC
Ian Gorton ⭕
#PAKvAUS I don't want to sound like a nark but had the Aussies not crashed and burned in the first innings they wouldn't had to fight to save the test match. Mind you having said that I will give credit where it's due. Got a little nervous when the 6th wicket fell.
12 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC
@MarquisO Ah bugger. More aussies here is the best plan, that or I really need to go home
12 Oct, 01:56 AM UTC
3Novices Australia
#3Novices Turnbull’s son taking down Libs for dad #OnlineMedia #News #Sydney
12 Oct, 01:55 AM UTC
No one you know
@TheCalebBond “Fair dinkum Aussies” would probably only do this on holidays Caleb. So assume that’s what ScoMo sees his accidental PM’ship as? A short stint until he had to go back to work as a shadow minister for fucking things up.....again.😂
12 Oct, 01:54 AM UTC
Own your own happiness
OMG how entertaining are us Aussies Totally funny as
12 Oct, 01:48 AM UTC
Neha Saeed
@ZAbbasOfficial Our boys need take a lesson from the Aussies. The way their middle order batted throughout the second innings is just amazing. Our batsmen lack the confidence to play shots. Most of them are either doing tuk tuk or loosing their wickets at the wrong time @TheRealPCB
12 Oct, 01:46 AM UTC
laura behr
@slimjimtx OK, so I had these Australian musician friends who told me that in Aus, you said "Up Yours" and so I would always say 'up yours' when I was with the band.A few years later I found myself at a bar with some Aussies and said up yours and ...The musicians were totally shitting me!
12 Oct, 01:45 AM UTC

See top twitter trends from Australia.

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