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Austin FC
It's time to #GrowTheLegend, Austin. Reserve your spot in line for #AustinFC season memberships by making your deposit for the 2021 season! Bypass the website here 👉🏼 https://t.co/i6zMT9gbqo @AustinFC's photo on #AustinFC
12 Jun, 03:11 PM UTC
Austin FC
Tomorrow's the big day! #AustinFC season ticket membership deposits are available starting at 10am. #GrowTheLegend @AustinFC's photo on #AustinFC
12 Jun, 12:47 AM UTC
Austin FC
When you wake up and realize it's Membership deposit day. #AustinFC #GrowTheLegend @AustinFC's photo on #AustinFC
12 Jun, 01:00 PM UTC
Austin Anthem
So y'all like that soccer thing? May we suggest this super cool link to the #AustinFC deposit page while the site servers get doused with fire extinguishers? https://t.co/N61KN9ztgs
12 Jun, 03:12 PM UTC
Sarah Beauchamp
Guess what day it is!?!? Yes, it’s hump day. But, it’s also the day that I put in a bid for Austin FC tickets! Excitement! Ready to hit that button, kids! 🌳⚽️🌳⚽️🌳⚽️🌳 #AustinFC #AustinAnthem
12 Jun, 12:55 PM UTC
Chris Bils
Just spoke to #AustinFC president Andy Loughnane, who apologized to fans for the site being down but said it was due to “unprecedented traffic.” Deposit numbers growing by the minute, and the link to bypass the site is working well.
12 Jun, 03:40 PM UTC
Jacob Nagy
Well, we broke the Website guys #AustinFC @AustinAnthem
12 Jun, 02:58 PM UTC
Austin Anthem
AuStIn iS nOt A sOcCeR tOwN. Good luck with your dental visit, cricketspin! #AustinFC #GrowTheLegend #GrowTheServerBill https://t.co/rG1XFmsiHQ https://t.co/CpIXSWfgno
12 Jun, 04:00 PM UTC
Sergio Trist10
Happy Father’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, and any other holiday to me. Officially Official @AustinFC season ticket member. #GrowTheLegend #AustinFC #MiEquipo https://t.co/N6AInNRlIl
12 Jun, 02:04 PM UTC
Kevin Lyttle
@shawncollins @AustinFC Bypassing the #AustinFC website by using the twitter link is the answer. Problem solved. I've made my ⚽ deposit ...
12 Jun, 03:30 PM UTC
Capital City Soccer
Time to put our money where our mouth is #AustinFC fans. No doubt season tickets will sell out for 2021‼️ Like this tweet if you made a ticket deposit. #GrowTheLegend #TakeMyMoney https://t.co/nWdLZW0t9J
12 Jun, 02:14 PM UTC
Capital City Soccer
Proud to be a part of #AustinFC history! #GrewTheLegend ⚽️🎟⚽️🎟⚽️ https://t.co/LjBdHaDFsp
12 Jun, 03:40 PM UTC
Senor Sosa
When you are so excited about getting a spot in line for @AustinFC you work it into an augmented reality lesson with your summer school kiddos. @quivervision #ar #growthelegend @AustinAnthem #austinfc https://t.co/yVIXHPDMHY
12 Jun, 03:27 PM UTC
Sweet Daddy Cornbread
Got our tickets early thru @AustinAnthem . We will be there. Can't wait. Cool to be a part of the inaugural season, #AustinFC #growthelegend https://t.co/p5UnMZzZZu
12 Jun, 03:56 PM UTC
Chris Bils
Here’s a link to place deposits until the #AustinFC site is back up and running: https://t.co/mKPrqdMTa2
12 Jun, 03:22 PM UTC
Gary V
First one on me! #AustinFC #ATXFC #GrowTheLegend https://t.co/nsYYstmrdr
12 Jun, 04:36 PM UTC
Talk Austin FC
If you still need to make a deposit follow the link!! Austin loves soccer so much we crashed a whole website.. what a moment! #GrowTheLegend #AustinFC https://t.co/Tg6ATrZJZi
12 Jun, 03:55 PM UTC
Luis Ward
@AustinFC Got my deposit in to help #GrowTheLegend!! #AustinFC https://t.co/DiHVeAKI7h
12 Jun, 03:51 PM UTC
Chris Bils
Will do my best to get numbers by the end of the day. The way things seem to be going, I wouldn’t rule it out. #AustinFC https://t.co/Tfm1yaqxmp
12 Jun, 03:47 PM UTC
Nicole Forbes 🤖💃🏼
If you're having trouble getting @AustinFC tix (deposit) - you can bypass the site and go directly to their ticketing site here https://t.co/F9oIB6Wv6k #austinfc
12 Jun, 04:03 PM UTC
Rod Mercado #CLUS
It's gonna be EPIC! #AustinFC ⚽️🏟️⚽️🏟️⚽️ https://t.co/Q7S8RWRZKE
12 Jun, 03:31 PM UTC
Kevin Lyttle
Bypassing the #AustinFC web site works ... https://t.co/nRuDCtd2cj
12 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
Susan Rico
@AustinFC Just got mine! Can’t wait for 2021! #cultivalaleyenda #GrowTheLegend #AustinFC #AustinAnthem https://t.co/5Tkvh0EzWL
12 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
Southern Yankee
Okay!!!! I’m really loving that the #AustinFC colors are the same as Slytherin House!! I knew this was the right team for me 🐍 🐍 🐍
12 Jun, 04:41 PM UTC
Jeremy B. Mazur
The Totally Cool #ATX Experience in Year 2022... 1. Chill out (in a line) at ABIA! 2. Try being interested in soccer with the #AustinFC! 3. Dodge abandoned scooters on @EvilMopacATX! 4. Eat at the Chilli's where Hut's used to be!
12 Jun, 04:19 PM UTC
Alastair MacPhail
Website for @AustinFC blows up after season ticket deposits go on sale. While I appreciate the enthusiasm of the fans, it's disappointing nonetheless. I expected better IT from an MLS club with experienced ownership #austinfc https://t.co/Ly7MbD1tZ9
12 Jun, 03:58 PM UTC
Damon Clinkscales
if any of y'all are wanting to #GrowTheLegend with #AustinFC, season ticket reservations are on sale this morning https://t.co/L73xUMivfl
12 Jun, 03:37 PM UTC
Kevin Lyttle
@jacobngy @AustinAnthem Yeah, on one level it's a good problem to have. Still, not a great rollout technically speaking. #AustinFC ...
12 Jun, 03:34 PM UTC
Diane Nanez
Austin FC soccer fans. Bypass the website to make ur deposit. Use the link below. @AustinFC @andyloughnane #AustinFC https://t.co/vgbh6HCcYZ
12 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
Gary V
Bypass the website here 👉🏼 https://t.co/Dp5i2Blv2M #AustinFC #ATXFC https://t.co/KCzqwAWFiY
12 Jun, 03:27 PM UTC
Sarah Walters Vollentine
Football is coming to Austin, y'all! #AustinFC #GrowTheLegend #LosZanates https://t.co/6eVABdz9Tb
12 Jun, 04:42 PM UTC
Arturo M. Aviles
-#AustinFC : You have my season ticket deposit. Commence design of Sweeto-Tito’s seat delivery system.
12 Jun, 04:35 PM UTC
Monica Escobedo
https://t.co/niWtgbHCYL #CultivaLeyenda #AustinFC
12 Jun, 03:45 PM UTC
💕⚽Mayra Flores♌️
¿Quién hizo depósitos para la sección de hinchas, taquilla general y premium? 😂🤪🙊 #TakeMyMoney #AustinFC @AustinFC
12 Jun, 03:39 PM UTC
Derek Cox
Alright, alright, alright, alright Austin, FC #AustinFC #GrowTheLegend https://t.co/ZPHweMC06N
12 Jun, 03:30 PM UTC
Brian K
@weswilson4 @AustinFC @KXAN_News Yeah man! #GrowTheLegend #austinFC
12 Jun, 03:28 PM UTC
shayna bright
See Hamilton ✔️ Purchase ACL ✔️ Reserve Austin FC ✔️ #treatyourself #AustinFC
12 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Already reserved! #AustinFC #cultivalaleyenda #growthelegend https://t.co/zzyV1P36Ah
12 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Gary V
Be a good neighbor and Retweet #AustinFC #ATXFC https://t.co/r8MjFiDYRY
12 Jun, 03:25 PM UTC
Rod Mercado #CLUS
It is so great to see so many of my friends putting money down for deposits now... 2021 can't get here soon enough! 🏟️⚽️🙌 #AustinFC #LosZanates #FearTheGrackle https://t.co/DBhFW9JtXe
12 Jun, 03:22 PM UTC
Steven Hunt
I got mine! I am #DTID but I have to support my new home team. My kids will bleed #AustinFC black and green from the start. https://t.co/dTC9HcVXkY
12 Jun, 03:21 PM UTC
@tacosandfaygo I'm Hufflepuff. *looks at @MLS teams to see who wears yellow and black.... *quickly petitions @FIFAcom for a one-time switch to Slytherin... #austinfc #austinanthem
12 Jun, 04:46 PM UTC
Chris Figat
In 👍 #growthelegend #AustinFC https://t.co/DnYnVV9dlv
12 Jun, 04:22 PM UTC
If anyone needs to access @AustinFC #GrowTheLegend #AustinFC #AustinAnthem #LosZanates Use the link below to put in your deposits: https://t.co/b4uuOkFx7V
12 Jun, 04:01 PM UTC
Gabriel Escobar
@AustinFC What a cool thing to be apart of! #AustinFC #Austin #Texas #soccer https://t.co/DV9kO83KLu
12 Jun, 03:35 PM UTC
Juan J. Gómez
@AustinFC Ready! #AustinFC 💯
12 Jun, 03:26 PM UTC
Soccer in Austin ⚽️🌳
The @AustinFC site is down from too much traffic trying to make season ticket membership deposits, but you can go to https://t.co/wxpiapQnxV and make your deposit now. #austinfc #growthelegend #atxfc #mls #soccer #austin #atx
12 Jun, 03:24 PM UTC
Mark Couvillion
Want them #austinfc memberships and can’t get through? https://t.co/hAoXLP2Jng HT @cloudwranger
12 Jun, 03:21 PM UTC