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Ryan Saavedra
BREAKING: Obama admin secretly agreed with then-Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull to relocate 2 Rwandan terrorists — who had been in US custody for murdering Americans in Uganda — to the streets of Australia and the US agreed to take 1,250 migrants in return
16 May, 05:13 AM UTC
Leigh Sales
PM @ScottMorrisonMP statement re #hawke Bob Hawke was a great Australian who led and served our country with passion, courage, and an intellectual horsepower that made our country stronger. He was true to his beliefs in the Labor tradition (1/2)
16 May, 10:32 AM UTC
Senator Murray Watt
I was 10 when Bob Hawke was elected PM. I watched a Labor Govt do great, big, bold things through my teenage years - at home and abroad. And win the Australian people’s support over and over again. What an inspiration. Rest In Peace, comrade.
16 May, 10:53 AM UTC
Mark Dreyfus
One of Bob's many achievements was being a tireless advocate for the release of Soviet Jews, just as he fought for many persecuted minorities around the world. The Jewish community mourns with Australia today.
16 May, 09:09 PM UTC
Amy McQuire
Hawke failed to deliver a treaty and scuttled national land rights by bowing to pressure from the mining lobby. . But I can't imagine an Australian PM being so open about how racist this country is today.
16 May, 08:13 PM UTC
💧Aaron Dodd
I arrived in Australia in 1991 after 2 yrs living in Thatcher's (and Major's) UK. #BobHawke was the first Australian PM I knew. After the stiflingly vicious austerity of London his style and vision were a breath of fresh air. He was inspirational. #auspol #BringItHomeForHawkie
16 May, 10:38 AM UTC
Josh Gerstein
Australian PM Scott Morrison tells @abcnews the pair were 'cleared of those particular matters.' Indeed, the criminal charges against them were dropped back in 2007.....but US immigration judge denied them asylum due to their role in persecution in Hutu-Tutsi conflict
16 May, 12:02 PM UTC
RunningTheRace ⭐️⭐️⭐️
BREAKING: Obama admin secretly agreed with then-Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull to relocate 2 Rwandan terrorists — who had been in US custody for murdering Americans!! @realDonaldTrump @SmallCaps14
16 May, 07:41 PM UTC
Mark Peasley
Even the death of a great Australian prime minister is just another political opportunity for Tony Abbott to snipe and smear . There is a reason that you only lasted 2 years as PM Mr Abbott and why there wont be a great outpouring for you when its your time.
16 May, 10:45 AM UTC
Michael Miller
Today's front pages pay tribute to a larrikin, leader and legend. Australia's longest serving Labor PM has left a real and large legacy. Vale Bob Hawke. @australian @dailytelegraph @theheraldsun @couriermail @theTiser @themercurycomau @TheNTNews #BobHawke Michael Miller's photo on Australian PM
16 May, 10:44 PM UTC
Hardy World
Time to vote out Abbott. Abbott’s media Statement about Bob Hawke reveals the knee high stature Abbott has as an ex-PM. Abbott could not hold a candle to Hawke, nor any other Australian PM. Tony Abbott -Australia’s most small minded, pathetic ex-PM #DoItForBob #Warringahvotes Hardy World's photo on Australian PM
16 May, 12:24 PM UTC
bill adams
I'am Hawke's successor bleats Teflon Bill Shorten who would not make Hawke's bootlace.This lowlife idiot who accuses the Libs of disinterring John Howard has the temerity to liken himself to a great Australian and grab an opportunity to use his death to promote himself as PM.YUK!
16 May, 11:30 PM UTC
Steve Robinson AO
Aussies in the Philippines - you can still vote at the Australian Embassy in #Manila tomorrow 17 May from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM (closed on Saturday 18 May). Sorry #democracysausage not included! #ausvotes #ausvotes19 Steve Robinson AO's photo on Australian PM
16 May, 09:09 AM UTC
💧Leo Jai
A beautiful video tribute to the memory of the great man. Bob Hawke: key moments in the life and career of Labor's longest serving PM – video
16 May, 11:35 PM UTC
Jake Challenor
Great yarn by Christie Eliezer on @themusicnetwork this morning about the now late, but forever great, Bob Hawke. The former PM once graced the cover of Juke Magazine in 1990. #RIPHawkie
16 May, 11:53 PM UTC
Don Gordon-Brown
Tony Abbott's tasteless comments on Bob Hawke call for a comparison of their prime ministerships. Hawke was a much-loved PM who modernised the Australian economy and heralded in significant social changes. Abbott was a much loathed PM and a laughing stock. Hawke and Cheese.
16 May, 10:54 PM UTC
Manjula O'Connor
Bob Hawke: tributes flow after death of former Australian PM – as it happened RIP I admired your grit intelligence
16 May, 11:40 PM UTC
Bob Hawke, ex-Australian PM and advocate for refuseniks, dies at 89 | The Times of Israel ⁦@TimesofIsrael⁩ #BobHawke
16 May, 07:30 PM UTC
Scott Maxworthy
Vale Sir Bob. I took this pic a few years ago in Bradman Bar @scg 150th Annvrsry @UniofOxford @vincentsclub (when Bob earned world recrd 1954 2.5 pints 11 secs. Loved sport, the Australian life, union man, Rhodes Scholar, economist, PM & Statesman w/ the common touch. #RIPHawkey Scott Maxworthy's photo on Australian PM
16 May, 11:38 PM UTC
Daily Nation
Australian former PM Bob Hawke dies
17 May, 12:00 AM UTC
Irish Echo Australia
Bob Hawke was first Australian PM to address Dáil #auspol #bobhawke
16 May, 11:54 PM UTC
Pat Hall
@australian Yeah Yeah, we get it, you don't want him as our next PM.
16 May, 11:53 PM UTC
I remember receiving a letter from Bob Hawke PM after I wrote to him as a primary school student. I was doing a project on Australian Prime Ministers. Blew me away that someone with the most important job in the country had time to reply. #LifeLesson #Thanks #Legend #RIP
16 May, 11:49 PM UTC
Uyghurs Awareness
@TurnbullMalcolm , I salute you Sir! No wonder you were gone from the Australian politics! What do you do about #Huawei Mr. @ScottMorrisonMP and @billshortenmp if any of you become a PM? #auspol
16 May, 11:49 PM UTC
Upul Chandana
RIP Prime Minister Bob Hawke! 9/12/1929 - 16/05/2019. The man who understood everyday Australian ❤️ Term as PM: 11 March 1983 – 20 December 1991 🇦🇺
16 May, 11:44 PM UTC
Justin Blake
Former Australian Prime Minister #BobHawke has passed away. Compliments are rolling in from all sides but let's not forget that he co-operated with the #CIA in a coup to oust a democratically elected previous Australian PM.
16 May, 11:42 PM UTC
I Eat Adelaide 🍽
VALE BOB HAWKE | flags at half mast this morning over University of Adelaide’s Bonython Hall in honor of a great SA born Australian PM. Thank you for your service. #RIPBob @ The University of Adelaide
16 May, 11:35 PM UTC