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Quentin Kenihan ♿️
I’m extremely lucky to have Mike Willesee as part of my extended family. He is my friend & mentor whom I love dearl… https://t.co/M3d8DLBrTn
13 Nov, 10:18 AM UTC
Australian Story
Of all the stories Mike Willesee has told, this one affect him the most. More on his stellar 50-year career TONIGHT… https://t.co/JFEOBxOzY2
13 Nov, 02:48 AM UTC
Troy Bramston
Today, John Hewson laughs off the birthday cake interview. “I should have just told Willesee to piss off,” he says… https://t.co/Tgm2kFqjtS
13 Nov, 09:11 AM UTC
Australian Story
The family support that’s providing strength to Mike Willesee in his battle with throat cancer #AustralianStoryhttps://t.co/TD2nbQ5BiK
13 Nov, 12:00 AM UTC
Australian Story
Overseas viewers can watch tonight's #AustralianStory on our website https://t.co/PaaNKr4yD8
13 Nov, 09:59 AM UTC
Bryan Martin OAM
Fight hard Mike Willesse fight hard friend #australianstory
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
Brendan Tohill
Great insight into Mike Willesee @AustralianStory one of the very best journos. #australianstory #goodman
13 Nov, 09:27 AM UTC
Australian Story
Mike Willesee faces up to the fight of his life | ‘Behind the Mask’ continues on #AustralianStoryhttps://t.co/0ShL3xRzyn
13 Nov, 09:31 AM UTC
Sandy Hunter 🌈
Wonderful & emotional part 2 of #MikeWillesee so very well done @AustralianStory lovely insight into his journey to… https://t.co/WSraauFxHU
13 Nov, 09:32 AM UTC
Australian Story
It was not until his 50s that Mike Willesee rediscovered his Catholic faith. https://t.co/2KFhtZutZkhttps://t.co/p9zOKJuH9f
12 Nov, 10:00 PM UTC
Peter Lloyd
Can we please go back to #StuartLittlemore putting the boot into Mike Willesee on #AustralianStory. Far more interesting #mediawatch
13 Nov, 10:27 AM UTC
🌈Christine Whybrow, & YES, I AM an engineer!
I'm here on #4corners, but finding myself enthralled by next week's #AustralianStory! I HOPE we find out what motiv… https://t.co/2rjGCLJkdY
13 Nov, 09:32 AM UTC
Shane McInnes
Loving hearing Mike Willesee reminisce. The epitome of a brilliant reporter and journalist. #australianstory
13 Nov, 09:14 AM UTC
Petra Campbell
A leech did exactly that to a bleeding wound on my foot last year while I was swimming in a creek. Sucked it totall… https://t.co/OWnQ4mBgPM
13 Nov, 09:21 AM UTC
Scott Jenkins 🐤
.@AustralianStory If I could be half the journalist Mike Willesee is, I'd still be happy with that embarrassment of… https://t.co/gvBAqN4pxX
13 Nov, 09:12 AM UTC
🌈Christine Whybrow, & YES, I AM an engineer!
THIS, is a MUST WATCH #AustralianStory! Part 2 of Mike Willesee's fight against cancer! I have my tissues at the ready.
13 Nov, 09:02 AM UTC
steve taylor
Big life. Complicated soul. #willesee #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 09:33 AM UTC
Melissa Hoyer
Tuning in @AustralianStory #AustralianStory . . . Part 2 on the Mike Willesee story. . . 🙏🏻👌
13 Nov, 09:03 AM UTC
Mr TV 🇦🇺
TONIGHT on 📺 • #InstantHotelAU: 7 • #Liar: 7 • All Star #FamilyFeudAU: 10 • #AustralianStory: ABC • #4Corners:… https://t.co/0EPBJCvleP
13 Nov, 08:08 AM UTC
Guy Forshaw
#AntiBullyingWeek I am happy to be supporting a major initiative in #Australia https://t.co/pcktpWU6Gn A great succ… https://t.co/D47R4vWAUr
13 Nov, 09:39 AM UTC
🌈Christine Whybrow, & YES, I AM an engineer!
With great talent, comes great hubris, but not always responsibility! THAT child interview, should NEVER have been done! #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 09:16 AM UTC
Cathy Thomson
#australianstory The famous GST birthday cake interview. I remember it well. Sad to see Mike Willesee so unwell.
13 Nov, 09:09 AM UTC
🌈Christine Whybrow, & YES, I AM an engineer!
Mike's signature voice! It is breaking my heart hearing the 'croak' in his voice! #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 09:07 AM UTC
Sandra K Eckersley🔹
@GregBarila Yes. So it seemed. #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 10:15 AM UTC
Tony Anstatt 🌈
2nite’s #AustralianStory is part 2 of #MikeWillisee.
13 Nov, 10:06 AM UTC
Mike Willesee. A piece of history. #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
Cathy Thomson
#australianstory Don't smoke. You pay the price eventually.
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
🌈Christine Whybrow, & YES, I AM an engineer!
Once your cancer, has metastasised, to other organs(stage four); it becomes VERY much an uphill battle! #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 09:26 AM UTC
🌈Christine Whybrow, & YES, I AM an engineer!
Mike's foray into 'religious' fanaticism, reminded me IMMEDIATELY of Brock's 'magic polariser' rubbish! Sometimes p… https://t.co/6cmKWwJOf7
13 Nov, 09:22 AM UTC
Shane B
Bloody hell i'd forgotten that #australianstory
13 Nov, 09:15 AM UTC
Tony Tea
Keating's win in 1993 is the reason Howard got 11 years. #AustralianStory
13 Nov, 09:11 AM UTC
Ingrid Harrison
@LeonCompton Enlighten me, Leon. Can’t work out where he stands despite his claims of being a moderate. Watching Wi… https://t.co/tS1xzy9WFS
13 Nov, 10:34 AM UTC
Brad McMahon
Hard not to be moved by the @AustralianStory piece on Mike Willesee. Giant of journalism. Fighting throat cancer he… https://t.co/s3WQzfFvHn
13 Nov, 10:33 AM UTC
@AustralianStory Part 1 really interesting and relevant. Part 2 a big let down, with god making an unedifying entrance. #australianstory
13 Nov, 10:31 AM UTC
Peter Moore
nice episode of #australianstory My mum's going through cancer treatment and it's been a multi-year battle.
13 Nov, 09:31 AM UTC
Mr TV 🇦🇺
Classic #NCIS is NOW on @ONE_tv 📺 >Season 1 | Where it all began, including Alan Dale & Sasha Alexander 🙌… https://t.co/wnbEm309UA
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
Mr TV 🇦🇺
#HYBPA is NOW on @ChannelTen 📺 >Australia's #1 regular post 8:30pm program. Hosted by Tom Gleisner. #abc730https://t.co/bi80O56YUz
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
Mr TV 🇦🇺
#CrazyStupidLove is now on @Channel7Flix 🎬 📺 [2011, M (L S),--, Rpt, Julianne Moore; Steve Carell; Emma Stone;]… https://t.co/8mWUVzbF6t
13 Nov, 09:30 AM UTC
Dave Mulqueen
Australia... A 90s classic 👌 WHAT: #TheSixthSense WHEN: Now WHERE: Eleven #abc730 #AustralianStoryhttps://t.co/zqJ8d9CdTi
13 Nov, 09:29 AM UTC
Just Susan
I know I'll upset numerous people by saying this but Mike Willesee #australianstory No thanks
13 Nov, 09:03 AM UTC
♡✝️ChRiSt LoVeR♡✨♡
All Jesus Christ wants to do is to give you life.He is knocking at the door o your heart. Open it❤️ #Usahttps://t.co/rmZHjniNET
13 Nov, 07:17 AM UTC
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