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Saj Sadiq
Apart from Iftikhar Ahmed, that was one of the poorest batting displays you will ever see in a T20I #AUSvsPAK #Cricket
08 Nov, 10:07 AM UTC
Saj Sadiq
61 dot balls in the Pakistan innings during the 3rd T20I #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:27 AM UTC
Abdul Ghaffar
Chief Selector Failed Head Coach Failed Batting coach Failed. 3 in 1 #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 09:38 AM UTC
Abdul Ghaffar
Except Babar & Iftikhar no one deserve place in T20 Squad. Terrible Terrible team Selection to Start later worst possible ways to use ODI players in T20s. Pakistan Cricket getting worst by every passing day. Missing Sarfaraz + Mickey Arthur in T20s #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 09:50 AM UTC
M Furqan Bhatti
People says what @SarfarazA_54 has done for Pakistan? Answer: Even if Pakistan losses today, they will still remain on number 1 in the ICC T20 Rankings. #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:13 AM UTC
Abdul Ghaffar
PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani & Chief Executive Wasim Kham must be asked for their decision to remove Sarfaraz as T20 Captain & Let Misbah hold almost every role in Pakistan Cricket. Decision clearly Backfired. Pakistan Cricket in TROUBLE. #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:53 AM UTC
Abdul Ghaffar
World #1 T20 Cant bat Cant bowl Cant catch Cant run out Cant Keeps wicket #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:30 AM UTC
Danyal Rasool
I know this is Pakistan, but the speed with which they've gone from invincible in T20Is to utterly, depressingly abject is truly stunning. Almost impressive, actually. Heroic, even. #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:13 AM UTC
Head Coach Misbah Ul Haq isn't happy with Chief selector Misbah Ul Haq why he selected Fakhar Zaman, Sir Rizwan,Haris Sohail and Asif Ali and position of batting coach Misbah Ul Haq is in danger after poor display of batting by team #AUSvsPAK #PAKvsAUS https://t.co/3Ty47Pi2be
08 Nov, 09:40 AM UTC
Wajahat Kazmi
The performance of the selector and the selected team has been miserable. They must be sent back to home. Instead of making progress, the team has been going downhill since the new management took over - #AUSvsPAK #AUSvPAK #MisbahulHaq
08 Nov, 11:35 AM UTC
Zee News Hindi
पाकिस्तान की एक और करारी शिकस्त, इस बार ऑस्ट्रेलिया ने 10 विकेट से पीटा #AUSvsPAK https://t.co/nZA8StL2qB
08 Nov, 11:43 AM UTC
Pakistan's Last 15 T20I Series Won vs Eng Won vs WI Won vs WI Won vs World XI Won vs SL Won vs NZ Won vs WI Won vs Scot Won vs Aus, Zim Won vs Aus Won vs NZ Lost vs SA Lost vs Eng Lost vs SL Lost vs Aus* #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 11:19 AM UTC
کرکٹ کا جنازہ ہے زرا دھوم سے نکلے مسلسل دوسرا T20کلین سویپ کرکٹ کے ارباب اختیار نے بالاخر کرکٹ کو بھی ہاکی بنا دیا مسلسل شکستوں سےلوگوں کی دلچسپی اتنی واجبی ہوگئی ہے کہ لوگ پورا میچ دیکھنے کےبجاۓ آخرمیں پاکستان کی شکست کا مارجن چیک کرلیتے @TheRealPCB @ImranKhanPTI #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 12:35 PM UTC
S O H A I L👓 ( سہیل)
WE WANT MICKY and SARFRAZ #AUSvsPAK https://t.co/55yQXibhBu
08 Nov, 10:06 AM UTC
*Me to Pakistan Cricket Team* #AUSvsPAK https://t.co/ypt6RvqxAO
08 Nov, 10:52 AM UTC
Iqrar Ali Ameer
Can u imagin 61 Dott Balls 🎾 in T20, such a bloody hell situation. It took Sarfraz ahmed 2 years to make this team a World Class team, Misbah just took 6 matches to destroy all his efforts 💔🙄 #PAKvsAUS #AUSvsPAK #misbahulhaq #sarfrazahmed https://t.co/GTPe1dfdQB
08 Nov, 10:24 AM UTC
- Sack Misbah from one position - drop Wahab & Irfan for good - never think about Malik, Hafeez, Akmals & Shahzad - Shadab Khan too should be dropped from all formats - try some new players in top order, Haris Sohail doesn't look a T20 player @TheRealPCB #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:48 AM UTC
Syed Aoun
08 Nov, 09:55 AM UTC
Two back to back comprehensive series wins at home for Australia. #AUSvsPAK @Cricketracker's photo on #ausvspak
08 Nov, 12:02 PM UTC
Shuaib RehmanⓂ
شاباش مضباح اپنے مشن میں کامیاب ہونا ہے، نمبر 1 سے نمبر 6 پر لانا ہے ٹیم کو جہاں تم نےچھوڑا تھا ٹی ٹونٹی میں #AUSvsPAK #misbahulhaq
08 Nov, 08:57 AM UTC
61 dots balls in a T20 match About 10 overs What a team👏 #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:10 AM UTC
🔶️So PAK Have Lost the Series 2-0. They've Now Lost 4 Series In a Row ( RSA/ENG/SL & AUS ) 🔶️PAK Still Are No.1 In T20I RanKings Despite Losing 4 Series On the Trott.Thanks to #SarFarazAhmed For that. #AUSvsPAK #PAKvsAUS #Cricket
08 Nov, 11:18 AM UTC
Omer Choudhary
One of my friend from Australia has sent me this. 🙏 #AUSvsPAK https://t.co/bXqcIrGnG5
08 Nov, 01:01 PM UTC
Nikhil Bhute
Trending in India #DevendraFadnavis #AajTak_दंगाई_है #Boycott_KBC_SonyTv #BlackDay #FridayFeeling #आओ_मोदी_चौराहे_पर #ShivSena #DeMonetisationDisaster #Rajinikanth #demonetization #NotebandiSeMandiTak #AUSvsPAK #Moodys #JaiPhuleJaiFatimaJaiBhim #Mastodon #Singappenney
08 Nov, 12:52 PM UTC
King Captain Sarfaraz 🇵🇰💪
Sir Rizwan missed his century by just 100 runs 😥 Aur Misbah in sahab ko 12 T20 series jitwanay walay Sarfaraz ki replacement par laye hein.. #AUSvsPAK #SarfarazAhmed https://t.co/0IDEvcwXPC
08 Nov, 11:42 AM UTC
Ali Hasan
Cricket legends @captainmisbahpk and @waqyounis99 honored Musa Khan And Khusdil Shah by giving them green caps #cricket #cricket_love #Pakistan #AUSvsPAK #PakistanZindabad https://t.co/f0qszce7u8
08 Nov, 08:30 AM UTC
ARY News Urdu
پاکستان نے آسٹریلیا کے خلاف سیریز میں کتنی ڈاٹ بالز کھیلیں؟ مزید پڑھیں: https://t.co/FipC6GRqk7 #ARYNewsUrdu #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 01:53 PM UTC
Stùpíd 420 😈
Dear Coach Misbah bhai: Is Bar kis ki ghalti hai & Captain toh change nahi krogy ? #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 11:30 AM UTC
Rashid Majeed 🇵🇰
نام..: مصباح الحق عہدے..: ہیڈ کوچ, چیف سلیکٹر اور بیٹنگ کوچ ماہانہ تنخواہ...: 33 لاکھ پرفارمنس...: پانچ میچ پانچوں میں شکست #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:31 AM UTC
Ibrahim Hanif
Now I completely agree with Rohit Sharma that bumrah Is world class while amir is ordinary bowler he was shit before world cup he is shit after world cup again #AUSvsPAK
08 Nov, 10:49 AM UTC

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