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Ewart, Dave
Far right activists Rita Panahi and Avi Yemini have been called on to apologise to Victorian Premier Dan Andrews
24 Jun, 07:24 AM UTC
So PRGuy is a normal person, and Avi Yemini is a wife basher with issues? Who knew? #IStandWithDan #ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer. #PRGuyUnmasked
24 Jun, 07:20 AM UTC
Politic@l Spinner
Wonder what fukwit Avi Yemini is doing today after being left red faced late yesterday ? 🤔 @PRGuy17, power to you buddy 😅
24 Jun, 09:47 PM UTC
Breaking: Avi Yemini has not forced a "Dan Operative" to unmask and has won nothing. Meanwhile, Jeremy aka PRGuy17 reaches Folk Hero status. 😍 #PRGuyUnmasked #ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer #auspol
24 Jun, 07:39 AM UTC
PRGuy wakes up this morning to “legend” status while Avi Yemini wakes up as still a four foot nothing wife beating loser. #ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer #TakeTheBetAvi #ChoppingBoardAvi @PRGuy17 #PRGuyUnmasked
24 Jun, 11:02 PM UTC
PRClown and his supporters claiming some kind of victory for being forced into the open by Avi Yemini is peak spin. Lol
24 Jun, 10:26 PM UTC
Sky News and Murdoch numptie Rita Poonani has been left red faced after the unmasking of PRGuy. Poonani and convicted wife beater Avi Yemini were convinced PRGuy was actually Dan Andrews. 😂🤡👏 #ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer @SkyNewsAust #AviYemini #RitaPanahi #MurdochGutterMedia https://t.co/Q8NkwNwXBk
24 Jun, 09:58 PM UTC
Sky News Australia
The man behind the high-profile Twitter account PRGuy17 was forced to go public after right-wing commentator Avi Yemini threatened to pursue defamation action against him. https://t.co/GWxRslE6a4
24 Jun, 10:51 PM UTC
Dave Earley
In video with @Friendlyjordies, @PRGuy17 reveals himself as Jeremy Maluta https://t.co/kE3Bp0ZtXT
24 Jun, 08:20 AM UTC
💧Dead Parrot Society
This Avi Yemini character should be deported.
24 Jun, 10:57 AM UTC
Alternate Media Watchers
Day 2 of Avi Yemini failing to cope! https://t.co/XIcXMBypc3
24 Jun, 11:26 PM UTC
Vaxatious Litigant 💉
Oh the irony! Avi Yemini is suggesting that Jeremy Maluta is lying & he’s not the real PRGuy. Sounds potentially defamatory to me! If Avi proceeds w/ his defamation suit, he better be careful that Jeremy doesn’t counter sue with a defamation claim of his own 😂
25 Jun, 03:16 AM UTC
@OzraeliAvi You are right Avi. . Not much on Google about Jeremy Maluta. But there’s lot of information on Google if you search for Avi Yemini, including https://t.co/gi8eYYKUju
24 Jun, 10:07 AM UTC
Eternal Optimist
Avi Yemini is trending and for all the right reasons. #DontCryAvi
25 Jun, 01:43 AM UTC
Media Guardian
PRGuy17 unmasks himself in video with Friendlyjordies after legal threat by Avi Yemini https://t.co/gump0uEeYU
24 Jun, 08:02 AM UTC
@friendlyjordies In a bizarre twist, as PRGuy17 suddenly unmasks himself, anti-masker Avi Yemini uses the block function to slowly mask himself from the general public... https://t.co/t2QapjAgiQ
24 Jun, 10:19 AM UTC
Beer Nun
@SkyNewsAust Avi Yemini was wrong about PRGUY being a Dan’s staffer. Will he apologise for wasting everyone’s time? #DontCryAvi
25 Jun, 02:21 AM UTC
💧🐀🕯Libby Daly 💉💉💉
@SkyNewsAust This Avi Yemini? https://t.co/JtcflpNvHM
25 Jun, 12:15 AM UTC
DeusExMachina AKA PRGuy💉x3🍉🐀🍞🌹
lol Keep on sooking, Avi Yemini, you sad little wanker. #DontCryAvi https://t.co/YlACVAFMT0
25 Jun, 01:27 AM UTC
CJ Murrumbeena
The whole PRGuy stuff would be funnier if Avi Yemini was wasting his own money on the endeavour, but he's ripping off idiots in his grift. It's really just sad that so many fools fall for his grift. #ICantBelieveItsNotAStaffer
24 Jun, 10:40 AM UTC
Politic@l Spinner
fukwit Avi Yemini must have blocked a few thousand peeps on twitter recently wow! 🤔
25 Jun, 06:02 AM UTC
Steve Watson
@SkyNewsAust Here is your typical hateful Avi Yemini follower. Shame in you @SkyNewsAust for promoting this grifting troll @OzraeliAvi https://t.co/nVaEC5ppLN
24 Jun, 11:03 PM UTC
Phillip Molly Malone
@SkyNewsAust a) I think you mean Convicted Wife Beater Avi Yemini! b) Why didn't you include a picture from the announcement of @Prguy17's identity? https://t.co/It7sgogEFD
24 Jun, 11:33 PM UTC
Calvin Bartlett
@DifficultNerd @OzraeliAvi @PRGuy17 a Mr Nobody fooled your tool into thinking he was Dan Andrews PR Machine... Avi Yemini the Wife Basher got taken for a ride and showed himself for the tool with a little dick complex he is
25 Jun, 01:14 AM UTC
Thorn In Bureaucrats Ass
@SkyNewsAust "Twitter troll PRGuy17 reveals himself" Slandering PR Guy are you SKY NEWS? The only TROLL is your mate Avi Yemini, FULL name AVRAHAM YEMINI. Here's a sample of this sooks lawless interactions taunting police who are just doing their job!! https://t.co/coJwkB5riy
25 Jun, 12:59 AM UTC
Matthew Rimmer
PRGuy17 unmasks himself in video with Friendlyjordies after legal threat by Avi Yemini https://t.co/uENQdB0TN3 #auslaw #socialmedia #defamation #anonymity
24 Jun, 09:05 AM UTC
And if I might add, the news for Avi Yemini just gets better and better - https://t.co/2Xenp29OwE
25 Jun, 05:29 AM UTC
Alison Eden #ThatWitch!
Avi Yemini wanted to unmask PRGuy17 and I think it's only fair that we help spread awareness by putting PRGuy17's likeness on t-shirts. #ThatWitch! #WritingCommunity https://t.co/Qpm85z2ETj
25 Jun, 04:28 AM UTC
💧Terry Davoren
@bennoba @BillyJimothy @edward_vh @OzraeliAvi @SkyNewsAust I just find marketing fascinating. I can’t believe #PRGuy17 and FJ have made Avi Yemini and Sky “News” look like mugs. At a fraction of the cost! I mean, everyone now knows Avo assaulted a woman with a chopping board. #PRGuyUnmasked #auspol
25 Jun, 04:37 AM UTC
Lisa Gee 68 😻😻
This is definitely the NEWS OF THE DAY… PR Guy identifies himself before the troubled Avi Yemini does : love it! 😍 #PRGuyUnMasked #NewsOfTheDay #PrGuy https://t.co/WDoVQl5v3p
24 Jun, 09:08 AM UTC