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NEWS: Ayanna Pressley breaks with "The Squad," endorses Elizabeth Warren, her longtime ally. Probably Warren's most high-profile endorsement yet, even if it is in-state.
06 Nov, 05:29 PM UTC
The New York Times
Rep. Ayanna Pressley endorsed Elizabeth Warren, her home state senator and longtime ally, for president. It's Warren's most high-profile congressional endorsement to this point. https://t.co/UDvqO7MEm1
06 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Katherine Miller
New: Ayanna Pressley is backing Elizabeth Warren https://t.co/riDWgFIvzf
06 Nov, 05:30 PM UTC
Lee Fang
Is there any surprise Ayanna Pressley, who served as a moderate, pro-business voice on the Boston City Council, then served as a Hillary Clinton surrogate, defending Clinton's record on criminal justice & attacking Bernie on Medicare for All... didn't endorse Bernie? @lhfang's photo on Ayanna Pressley
06 Nov, 06:22 PM UTC
Squad split will get national headlines, but this isn't surprising. Pressley was Clinton surrogate in 16, never the same origin story as AOC/Omar/Tlaib This is about Mass., and will aid speculation that Pressley is heir apparent for Warren Senate seat https://t.co/7C7aOt4z1z
06 Nov, 05:35 PM UTC
Emma Vigeland
Ayanna Pressley is from Massachusetts, so this makes sense. And despite being a member of the "squad," it seems like her political roots aren't based in leftist activism/organizing in the same way that Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib's roots are. https://t.co/upYmVZdxeH
06 Nov, 05:49 PM UTC
Darren Sands
NEW and HUGE: Ayanna Pressley is endorsing Elizabeth Warren in the 2020 race for president. "This election is a fight for the very soul of this nation." https://t.co/9jMkpXTLTD
06 Nov, 05:31 PM UTC
Meagan Day
Ayanna Pressley hasn't been consistently aligned with the rest of The Squad. For example in July AOC, Omar and Tlaib voted no on a resolution to condemn the civilian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel. Pressley voted yes https://t.co/qiNiVDR4Yf
06 Nov, 05:49 PM UTC
Liz Bee
I really don't want to see ANY Bernie supporters going after Ayanna Pressley today over this endorsement. Why? 1. It doesn't matter. It won't make a difference in the race 2. It makes Bernie & his supporters look bad 3. This endorsement was expected- bc both are from mass
06 Nov, 06:27 PM UTC
Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Ayanna Pressley has endorsed her home-state Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president. https://t.co/XLsTpgDBO8
06 Nov, 06:59 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
The Berniecrats now dissing Ayanna Pressley have very little faith in the political maturity of the rest of the Squad. All four members are smart enough not to let this split their group.
06 Nov, 06:09 PM UTC
e-Boy with Chinese Characteristics
The same Ayanna Pressley that split with The Squad to support an anti-BDS bill? Shocking https://t.co/GIOJa4R5e2
06 Nov, 05:55 PM UTC
NPR Politics
Breaking From 'The Squad,' Ayanna Pressley Endorses Elizabeth Warren For President https://t.co/2249FPIy7L
06 Nov, 06:31 PM UTC
Candice Aiston
There are good reasons for Ayanna Pressley to endorse Warren, and I respect it. Also, I feel gleeful that she didn't endorse an 80yo man with very few accomplishments who just had a heart attack.
06 Nov, 05:51 PM UTC
Adam Best
Ayanna Pressley is a massive endorsement for Warren. If Warren is the nominee, Pressley is the smartest pick for the special election to fill Warren’s seat. She’d make an incredible Senator. https://t.co/vOlyZs0rrE
06 Nov, 06:41 PM UTC
Charles P. Pierce
God love him, Joe Biden is going to ride this dinosaur until it drops dead underneath him. Which of "his" Republican colleagues is going to have this "epiphany"? Mitch McConnell? Tom Cotton, who, on Wednesday, started pitching for the next Mexican War? https://t.co/4MHvTSp3TK
06 Nov, 10:27 PM UTC
Camonghne Felix
Ayanna Pressley means the world to me. When I see her, when I hear her, I see myself, I see my friends, I see my future. I am so so proud to stand with her in the fight for big, structural change. Welcome to #TeamWarren, queen @AyannaPressley https://t.co/YqVCLq6qt9
06 Nov, 05:36 PM UTC
Massachusetts Rep. Ayanna Pressley endorsed Elizabeth Warren for president today, making Pressley the only member of the liberal freshman “Squad” to back a 2020 candidate other than Bernie Sanders https://t.co/rp9gYIceeT
06 Nov, 07:28 PM UTC
Erik Loomis
Ayanna Pressley, NEOLIBERAL!!!!!!! I love how the narrative about this very good lefty congresswoman goes from hero and member of THE SQUAD to NEOLIBERAL DNC HACK overnight based on endorsing that noted NEOLIBERAL DNC HACK BELOVED BY WALL STREET, Elizabeth Warren. https://t.co/MSKA578ARJ
06 Nov, 08:22 PM UTC
Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson
YES‼️ “We find ourselves in a fight for the soul of our nation, and I know ⁦@ewarren⁩ can win it.” - ⁦@AyannaPressley⁩ (I only have one “n” but I am also on #TeamWarren.) https://t.co/uZpip1l1yF
06 Nov, 06:09 PM UTC
Tim Black ™
Ayanna Pressley endorsing Elizabeth Warren over Bernie Sanders is very consistent with her brand. In 2016 Ayanna sounded more like Zerlina Maxwell than Ilhan Omar. At least she's consistent. @RepPressley @RealTimBlack's photo on Ayanna Pressley
06 Nov, 11:02 PM UTC
Just A Lisa 🌹🐰
So ayanna pressley endorsed @ewarren. It wasn't a surprise. She was a Hillary supporter and naturally went with Warren. That's what Centrists do. 🤷‍♀️ I am amused however by the Warren supporters going off on this after saying @AOC & @Ilhan endorsing Bernie was a nothing. 😏
06 Nov, 07:11 PM UTC
Jason Johnson
I there any surprise Lee Fang from the Intercept always finds a way to attack black women who don't conform to his thinly veiled racist alt-left orthodoxy? To be fair, he probably can't tell the difference between Ayanna Pressley and Stacey Abrams so.... @DrJasonJohnson's photo on Ayanna Pressley
06 Nov, 08:26 PM UTC
Rep. Ayanna Pressley has endorsed Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president, splitting from her fellow far-left "Squad" members.....😬 I wonder if AOC will turn into what Hillary is when people betray her....😱 Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself
06 Nov, 11:16 PM UTC
Kaitlin Byrd
Just proving again that to the “progressive left,” WOC aren’t people with agency and nuance but dolls for them to play with. That’s why Ayanna Pressley is with Warren over St Bernie. https://t.co/qliQ8QV6Gr
06 Nov, 07:23 PM UTC
🇺🇸🙏🏻✝ Linda Liberty ✝🙏🏻🇺🇸 ⭐⭐⭐
Ayanna Pressley breaks with sqaud endorces Warren over Bernie. Both are worthless. Both support high taxes high regulations and healthcare for all which would bankrupt the nation and wipe out the middle class. A vote for either would destroy America. https://t.co/Ax3Cf73TGV
06 Nov, 10:06 PM UTC
⚡"The SQUAD" FRACTURES ⚡ Ayanna Pressley Breaks with ‘The Squad’ to Endorse Warren over Sanders https://t.co/4Bmcc9GH18
06 Nov, 08:14 PM UTC
Rep. Ayanna Pressley's endorsement is a major one for @EWarren’s campaign — perhaps the most high-profile yet. https://t.co/tplkiQsRhp
06 Nov, 09:25 PM UTC
Erik Loomis
Ah, I was waiting for the "Ayanna Pressley is a sellout" take after she endorsed Warren and here comes the most shameless hack of 2019 to fill the gap. I await the "Pressley is actually a neoliberal" move tomorrow. https://t.co/ckXD8zRQfr
06 Nov, 07:48 PM UTC
Ragnarok Lobster
The white gentrifiers turned on Ayanna Pressley real quick, didn't they
06 Nov, 11:08 PM UTC

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