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Kristina Schulman
And here we have our next #TheBachelor Derek, who is level headed, emotionally intelligent, sensitive, sweet, and understanding. Raise your hand to cast your vote 🙋🏻‍♀️ #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:36 AM UTC
Blake met more people at stagecoach than I have in my entire life #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 12:34 AM UTC
Everyone’s focused on Demi’s girlfriend coming in but I can’t stop thinking about Hannah carrying Dylan around in the pool #bachelorinparadise #BIP @eringrace432's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:13 AM UTC
Brett S. Vergara
The Stagecoach social media manager seeing yet another mention of Stagecoach this week #BachelorInParadise @BrettSVergara's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 12:36 AM UTC
Nick Viall
Demi seeing Kristian is a real genuine moment and first mutual connection I’ve believed all season. Good for the show for making it happen. #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:24 AM UTC
Stagecoach in Paradise
DEREK FOR BACHELOR. Who’s with me? #BachelorInParadise @harrison4bach's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:32 AM UTC
Carly Waddell
Can we send in like 10 girls just for @PethDerek now??? Cuz this SUCKS FOR HIM!!! #bachelorinparadise
21 Aug, 01:50 AM UTC
Kristen Baldwin
Hi this is happening on a mainstream American reality TV dating show NOT EVERYTHING IN THE WORLD IS A GARBAGE FIRE. #BachelorInParadise @KristenGBaldwin's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:16 AM UTC
A better outcome of tonight. Send Demi and Kristian home if you want pay for the vacation somewhere else and Give Dereck the date card so he can open up to other relationships #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 02:32 AM UTC
Chloe Rose
I’ve seen this before #BachelorinParadise https://t.co/IGK3MTQodm
21 Aug, 01:54 AM UTC
Shady Blondes
Excited for the newest addition to The Bachelor franchise. #BachelorinParadise @ShadyBlondes's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:38 AM UTC
Brett S. Vergara
For anyone who can’t appreciate what a beautiful, emotional, genuine, and important moment it was when Demi saw Kristian walking down those stairs... who hurt you? #BachelorInParadise https://t.co/SWM9dQKY5V
21 Aug, 02:32 AM UTC
me on my way to audition for derek’s season of bachelor #BachelorInParadise @CreedLos's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:49 AM UTC
Brett S. Vergara
Bachelor nation on their way to Derek’s DMs #BachelorInParadise @BrettSVergara's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:36 AM UTC
Bachelor in Paradise
You got this, @demi_burnett! ❤️ #BachelorInParadise @BachParadise's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:14 AM UTC
I just honestly don’t see how what Demi did to Derek is any different than what Jed did to Hannah, yet Demi is being praised for it. If she had been in a relationship with a man, this would have turned out completely different. #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 02:39 AM UTC
jess fisher
Every word out of Blake’s mouth has been about why he deserves Hannah and not about who Hannah is or what she deserves. Dylan let Hannah decide what she wanted because he genuinely wanted what’s best for her. Girls, find yourself a Dylan. #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 02:28 AM UTC
Evan Bass
So crazy how much #BachelorInParadise has broken its own 4th wall this season. Stuff from the outside was rarely let in and now we are just gonna let our precious Saint Derek get steamrolled. I’m super pissed for my friend so Demi this better freakin work out!
21 Aug, 01:39 AM UTC
Jamie Klunk
Thoughts on tonight’s episode; just really not impressed with how things went down #BachelorInParadise @cash4KLUNKers's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 02:09 AM UTC
Bachelor in Paradise
.@therealDBcoop must be protected at all costs. #BachelorInParadise @BachParadise's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 03:00 PM UTC
The Lorax
Did Chris just say he's gonna change the rules?? 👀 #BachelorInParadise @alcassoi's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 01:59 AM UTC
Bachelor Bob
Derek is great. He really is. I am a fan. But don't let this all distract you from the fact that THIS MAN is our next Bachelor. #BachelorInParadise @BachelorBob_'s photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 02:15 AM UTC
okay correct me if i’m wrong- blake met tayshia, caelynn, and caitlin at stagecoach. he slept with kristina one night and caelynn the next. he did NOT hook up with caitlin. but he went to alabama for hannah. and he was talking to jen? #BachelorInParadise https://t.co/s8tjmoRzhY
21 Aug, 04:13 AM UTC
Blake wondering why he didn’t see this girl at Stagecoach... #bachelorinparadise https://t.co/Sglz0OZNf1
21 Aug, 01:43 AM UTC
Hollywood Reporter
Why #BachelorinParadise broke its rules for first same-sex romance https://t.co/MIyenZ9ns0 @THR's photo on #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 02:00 AM UTC
what i’ve learnt from this season of #BachelorInParadise is that legend states if you go into the stagecoach bathroom and spin three times, Blake Horstmann will appear to tell you you’re the only one he’s interested in
21 Aug, 06:02 PM UTC
Bailey Fouché
Nicole talking about her spicy new fling with Christian: “There’s just this chemistry with him that honestly was never there with Clay” Nicole after 2 of her 3 boyfriends get sent home: “It was always Clay” #BachelorInParadise https://t.co/9l3uLZDvYD
21 Aug, 05:35 PM UTC
I used a literal facemorph app to prove that Caitlin IS Caelynn and Hannah G put together 😳 #BachelorInParadise https://t.co/P5pVOLTS3u
21 Aug, 05:43 PM UTC
Whitney Solik
Nicole’s song was about 1,000 times easier to watch than anything Jed ever sang. #BachelorInParadise
21 Aug, 06:10 PM UTC
Bachelor in Paradise
Chris and Jen get closer, but Katie is spiraling... Where does his heart lie? #BachelorInParadise @BachParadise's photo on #BachelorInParadise
22 Aug, 12:02 AM UTC