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'Bad Decisions' Lyric Video (https://t.co/iwJJClxrjk) #BadDecisions #BTS @ItsBennyBlanco @SnoopDogg
06 Aug, 04:00 AM UTC
benny blanco
im back on @MostRequestLive with @OnAirRomeo saturday august 20th for my @iHeartRadio @AskAnythingChat. ill be answering your questions about my new track #BadDecisions featuring @bts_bighit and @SnoopDogg. send your questions here https://t.co/pOWvsReMp3
06 Aug, 10:00 PM UTC
World Music Awards
#BadDecisions by #bennyblanco, #BTS & #SnoopDogg rockets to #1 on the Worldwide & #EuropeaniTunesSongchart after topping iTunes in 77 countries including all the major markets and going straight to #1 on US iTunes upon its release!💪💥🥇🎵🌎🌍🇺🇸➕7️⃣7️⃣🌎👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤️‍🔥💜 https://t.co/T6XchsFRUw
06 Aug, 02:54 AM UTC
BTS Charts Daily⁷
📊| Biggest debut (unfiltered) by Korean Act on Spotify in 2022! #1 — Yet To Come 9.18M #2 — Left and Right 8.72M #3 — Run BTS 5.94M #4 — Stay Alive 5.62M #5 — MORE 5.42M #6 — #BadDecisions 5.40M (NEW) #7 — Arson 3.88M #8 — For Youth 3.88M #9 — Born Singer — 3.55M
06 Aug, 06:08 PM UTC
BTS Charts Daily⁷
Don't Forget to Buy #BadDecisions on iTunes 🚨 https://t.co/Ccvy34RaPo
06 Aug, 03:39 PM UTC
Most Requested Live
Which new track do u wanna hear @OnAirRomeo play MOST tonight on #MostRequestedLive??? 😎 🎧 #BennyBlanco #BTS #SnoopDogg - #BadDecisions #JacksonWang - #Cruel #CharliePuth x #JUNGKOOK - #LeftandRight #Anitta - #Gata
06 Aug, 11:03 PM UTC
BTS Trend Songs
RT AND REPLY WITH BTS FANCHANT! I completely addicted with #BadDecisions by #BennyBlanco with #BTS and #SnoopDogg! @BTS_twt.
06 Aug, 01:27 PM UTC
World Music Awards
#BadDecisions by #BennyBlanco, #BTS & #SnoopDogg lands at #7 on the #GlobalSpotifyChart with 4.157 Million Streams, the top new entry!💪🔝💥7️⃣🌎🎧📈👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑❤️‍🔥💜 🎧:https://t.co/W2OcM2bHn7 https://t.co/uOtKYaaZ2w @WORLDMUSICAWARD's photo on #BadDecisions
06 Aug, 03:51 PM UTC
Most Requested Live
For the first time EVER, the Most Requested Song of the Hour goes to @ItsBennyBlanco with @bts_bighit & @SnoopDogg #BadDecisions and it's #NowPlaying for you on #MostRequestedLive with @OnAirRomeo! 💜💜💜 Let us know where you're listening from tonight #BTSARMY! @MostRequestLive's photo on #BadDecisions
07 Aug, 12:01 AM UTC
🧸🍓Carterrr⁷ Bad Decisions 🍊 🃏
Bad Decisions is currently #2 on US iTunes charts, spread the message to other US/PR armys lets get it back to #1!!! #BadDecisions
06 Aug, 10:52 PM UTC
— BAD DECISIONS STREAM PARTY! ARMY, comenten sus capturas usando↓ META -> 500 CAPTURAS🔥 🔑 LETS MAKE BAD DECISIONS #BadDecisions #BTS https://t.co/lgGhTrHFgn
06 Aug, 09:28 PM UTC
ベニー・ブランコさんの #BadDecisions 発売によせてのコメント、日本語メモ📝 ベニーさんは本当に音楽を愛して楽しんでいる人だと感じるコメントです。#BennyBlanco 、#SnoopDogg、#BTS、音を楽しむ人達、一生懸命生きてる人達は、同じ心で通じ合うんだなと感じました☺️ ベニーさん、ありがとう🫰 https://t.co/sCMVVixauK https://t.co/5Q86zbBIyL
06 Aug, 06:23 PM UTC
¡No te pierdas lo mejor del pop 🎙️! Escucha la playlist "Pop Hits" de @DigsterMusica y disfruta de grandes éxitos como #BadDecisions de @ItsBennyBlanco x @SnoopDogg x @bts_bighit 💣💥. https://t.co/RTqCBvyOAN @UniversalMusicE's photo on #BadDecisions
06 Aug, 02:00 AM UTC
Only BTS Stream
🔥BAD DECISIONS PARTY🔥 🎯 META: Logremos entre todxs llegar a 100 comentarios con las capturas de nuestro stream a los trabajos grupales y/o individuales de @BTS_twt 🔑Usa la palabra clave LETS MAKE BAD DECISIONS Listen to #BadDecisions by #BennyBlanco #BTS & #SnoopDogg https://t.co/PV7RXgW8vN
06 Aug, 10:34 PM UTC
دارین 🦋
A Palestinian teen cries in pain as his father was murdered by an Israeli airstrike on Gaza. #GazaUnderAttack #Cheating #BadDecisions #BaniGala #GazaUnderAttack #AhadRazaMir #PreyMovie #OhmNanon1stFM #ShehnaazGill #BreakingNews #PreyMovie #TaiwanStraitsCrisis https://t.co/BSzcNRNuaU
06 Aug, 04:29 PM UTC
INFO📈 @BTS_twt 'Bad Decisions' de BTS junto a Benny Blanco y Snoop Dogg pasa por 2do día consecutivo en la posición #1 en los charts de Worldwide y European iTunes Song y en Music Videos Trending Worldwide 🔥 ~Sigamos reproduciendo y comprando 💪🏼💜 #BadDecisions Mili🍀 https://t.co/CzvrgAJnv4
06 Aug, 09:24 PM UTC
Rafranz ⁷
Minimally, let’s buy the song on iTunes! #BadDecisions (a sale is a quick and easy way to support a song in addition to streaming as it takes around 150 streams (or slightly less if premium) to create a song unit)) https://t.co/liCbzlXKfn
06 Aug, 10:40 PM UTC
Hello @OnAirRomeo/ @MostRequestLive! May I request #BadDecisions by @ItsBennyBlanco × @BTS_twt x @SnoopDogg to be played on #MostRequestedLive next hour please 😊? Would love to hear this awesome summer bop on your radio! https://t.co/NL7NMXedwK https://t.co/8lEylYgS8d
06 Aug, 11:31 PM UTC
[#BadDecisions PARTY] Comenzamos 🥳 usa la palabra clave 🔑 LETS MAKE BAD DECISIONS STATIONHEAD: https://t.co/a9hr5N2SOp PLAYLIST 📍 SPOTIFY 1- BD https://t.co/uuI7INka4l 2- BD https://t.co/hpXskNSNWm 3- BD https://t.co/GyOOhKvqZ8 https://t.co/A8hHwCe8GC
06 Aug, 09:02 PM UTC
I will be distributing itunes and Amazon giftcard codes tonight at midnight EST In a few minutes Helen will be over at @WAB_ARMY funding Please do request and help us support @BTS_twt and #BadDecisions
06 Aug, 11:51 PM UTC
5.4M SIN FILTRAR - 4.15M FILTRADOS = 1.25M de streams filtrados,, no es mucho así que vamos mejorando army! Aumentemos ese stream en #BadDecisions, no lo suelten por nada en esta primera semana por favor 🙏
06 Aug, 09:15 PM UTC
📻| 𝗕𝗮𝗱 𝗗𝗲𝗰𝗶𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻𝘀 na FM NATAL Para animar esse sábado vamos ouvir juntos Bad Decisions ✌ 💬100 comentários 🔁15 rt's Opa, @96fmnatal. Eu ia amar ouvir #BadDecisions, novo lançamento do Benny Blanco × @BTS_twt × Snoop Dogg.Toca, por favor? ~Rj🌹 https://t.co/PHywW6bh52
07 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
This is not good ARMY I will not lie. We can do and should be doing better! It is only day 2 and #BadDecisions has dropped on both Amazon and iTunes We really need to get that hunger back! Bad Decisions https://t.co/qpChZj8ur8 https://t.co/FLupjdZ9iU
06 Aug, 11:55 PM UTC
D2A Micro-Funds⁷
We are now open for funding #BadDecisions on @D2A_Buyers! 👇👇👇 https://t.co/ftfZnNtSxQ
07 Aug, 12:03 AM UTC
📻#BadDecisions na Encontro das Águas. Boa noite gente! Vamos começar nossa meta fazendo bonito, ok? Pedidos + Fanchant. 💬 110 Coments. 🔁 10 Rts. Oi @Radioencontroag toca #BadDecisions Benny Blanco × @BTS_twt × Snoop Dog na programação por favor🥰! Obgda. |• Thor¥🌸 https://t.co/xICNDFqkqs
07 Aug, 12:05 AM UTC
Leigh ⁷ ( Bad Decisions)IA🍊💫🧚‍♀️🌻💜
Guys join here!!💜 Streaming the summer hit #BadDecisions   by #BennyBlanco   with #BTS and #SnoopDogg! it’s so addicting ♥️ @BTS_twt https://t.co/FevgqchDTc
06 Aug, 03:07 AM UTC
Back to the city😊 Stream the new summer hit #BadDecisions  by #BennyBlanco  with #BTS and #SnoopDogg! @BTS_twt https://t.co/8HEAunKmFK
06 Aug, 10:34 AM UTC
Have you shazamed #BadDecisions? https://t.co/a3yNttMqce
07 Aug, 12:09 AM UTC
I can’t wait to hear the new summer hit #BadDecisions     by #BennyBlanco     with #BTS and #SnoopDogg! @BTS_twt + RT
06 Aug, 11:36 PM UTC
Bangtan Galaxy BR⁷ 📌
< PROJETO: Right Decisions - ENCERRADO > ARMYs e FBs, agradecemos muitíssimo a presença de vocês! Ter vocês conosco durante este tempo prestigiando #BadDecisions e consumindo o trabalho do @BTS_twt foi excelente. NINGUÉM SOLTA A MÃO DE NINGUÉM!! 💜 🔥 B-ARMY UNIDO VENCE 🇧🇷 https://t.co/SSJeTQM4MI
07 Aug, 12:11 AM UTC