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bader al motawaa
شكرا للجميع على التهنئة بمناسبة الترقية و نسأل الله التوفيق🤲 @bader_almotawaa's photo on Bader
27 Jul, 01:24 PM UTC
جمهور النصر بالكويت🇰🇼
بأسمي وأسم متابعيني الغالين نهنئ الكابتن بدر المطوع لاعب #النصر السابق بمناسبة ترقيته الى عقيد في حرس مجلس الأمه 💛💙 @bader_almotawaa
27 Jul, 03:55 PM UTC
Jim Hayes
Bader is on fire. Last 13 games, 20 for 42 with 7 extra base hits. #STLCards
27 Jul, 11:41 PM UTC
برنامج الديربي || ALDERBY SHOW
ترقية بدر المطوع الى رتبة عقيد. #الديربي @MarzouqAlghanim @bader_almotawaa @ALDERBYSHOW's photo on Bader
27 Jul, 11:08 AM UTC
Katie Woo
Help, I'm running out of creative ways to write how good Harrison Bader has been.
28 Jul, 01:38 AM UTC
Bally Sports Midwest
Harrison Bader: 🔒ed in. #STLFLY @BallySportsMW's photo on Bader
28 Jul, 01:38 AM UTC
عبدالعزيز أحمد بغلف🇸🇦
أهداء ،، — 200 جوآل آيفون 12 بدون شروط فقط ريتويت وأسأل الله ان يجعل لكم منها نصيب باذن الله..🌹💛💙🙏🌹
27 Jul, 07:50 PM UTC
Drew Silva
With a homer and two doubles tonight, Harrison Bader is now slashing .301/.368/.548 in 163 plate appearances this season.
28 Jul, 01:41 AM UTC
Bally Sports Midwest
Harrison Bader is just unstoppable right now. His solo homer gives the #STLCards the first lead of the night. TV: Bally Sports Midwest App: Bally Sports app #STLFLY @BallySportsMW's photo on Bader
27 Jul, 11:42 PM UTC
Katie Woo
High-fives and handshakes. The Cardinals come from behind and roll to a 4-2 win over Cleveland. DeJong homered. Bader homered and went 3-for-4. Wainwright improves to 8-6. Save No. 24 for Reyes. The real winner though? The 2:51 game time. 1:10 ET/12:10 CT tomorrow.
28 Jul, 02:04 AM UTC
Cards Convo ™
With that double, Harrison Bader is now batting over .300 for the year. #STLCards #STLFly
28 Jul, 01:40 AM UTC
Lars Nootbaar Enthusiast
Need an apology from every single person who gave up on Bader at any point in the last three years
27 Jul, 11:43 PM UTC
نادي القادسية الرياضي
استلام، مراوغة وتسديد.. 🚀 درس في التهديف من الأسطورة @bader_almotawaa #القادسية_مدرسة فن ولعب وهندسة 💛
27 Jul, 06:53 PM UTC
Bally Sports Midwest
Paul DeJong on Harrison Bader: "He's pretty dynamic. He can do it all. He's a five-tool player, and you've seen all the tools today on display. ... He's just a true competitor, and he loves playing this game." #STLFLY @BallySportsMW's photo on Bader
28 Jul, 02:13 AM UTC
وجية #النصر
@bader_almotawaa @_hatm2 تستاهل كل خير يابدران💙💛💪🏻
27 Jul, 02:12 PM UTC
Cards Convo ™
That was our best team win in awhile. Waino continues to amaze us. Clutch hits from Bader and DeJong. One game at a time. Let's get a 2 game sweep tomorrow. #STLCards #STLFly
28 Jul, 02:06 AM UTC
STL Cardinals Nation
REDBIRDS TAKE GAME 1 Waino was dealing. Gio and Alex get it done. Bader and PDJ come up big. Good, clean game. Let’s do it again tomorrow. Back to over .500. 61 to go. Keep chippin’! #THATSAWINNER #STLFLY
28 Jul, 02:04 AM UTC
The Dude
Waino goes 7 strong, Bader stays hot, and #ThatsAWinner! #STLFLY
28 Jul, 02:02 AM UTC
لأجل #سلطان_بن_عبدالعزيز
وعلى قبر #سلطان_بن_عبدالعزيز يارب العِباد أرسِل بردًا وسلامًا وأعطِه الرحمة التي ينام معها طويلا واعطه الأمان إلى يوم يُبعثون إنك انت القادر على ذلك وحدك سبحانك لا إله الا انت يا رب العالمين ومالك الارض والسموات يا رحيم الارض ورحمانهما ارحمه فليس له الا انت . #شهرين_العفو_الملكي
27 Jul, 10:38 PM UTC
تيرني المفروض الموسم الماضي عنده +٢٠ اسيست ..
28 Jul, 02:43 AM UTC
Elitsa Krumova
US seeks more time to refile #Facebook antitrust case 👉🏽 By @techxplore_com v/ @globaliqx #CyberSec #CyberSecurity #DataScience #IoT #IoTPL #wearables @tlloydjones @enilev @gerald_bader @RagusoSergio @Corix_JC @jeancayeux @pchamard @Xbond49 @JeroenBartelse
27 Jul, 07:55 PM UTC
Lucas Smith
Harrison Bader is seeing fewer pitches per plate appearance (3.89) than he ever has before. Attacking hittable pitches early, not letting himself get behind too often and it’s paying off big time. #STLFLY
28 Jul, 02:34 AM UTC
Rob Rains
DeJong's seventh-inning homer helps Wainwright, #STLCards rally to defeat Indians. Details in the Game Report, plus notes on another 3-hit game from Bader, Molina returns, Flaherty makes rehab start and more.
28 Jul, 02:55 AM UTC
Supreme Ambitions
Alexandra Shapiro (@Alex_S_author) was in Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's first class of #SCOTUS clerks. Check out Alex's forthcoming novel, which sounds like a great read that also raises important issues about the justice system.
28 Jul, 02:34 AM UTC
raymond lewis
@RedbirdsReject Or how a out this bader coming up often in rbi spot in 5 hole instead of yadi?
28 Jul, 02:50 AM UTC
@Bader_Allhaid صباح الحب والتفاءول والطمانينة والرقي منك ولله💕
28 Jul, 02:36 AM UTC
Depressing Cardinals
Bro, Mike Trout is actually Harrison Bader, bro
28 Jul, 02:36 AM UTC
Jace Peterson Truther 🙈
@HarisonBaderFan Bader is Elite so idk what you’re trying to prove
28 Jul, 02:35 AM UTC