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Big Cat
This is such a classic stupid Evanston game. Badgers lost. Game over
21 Nov, 08:55 PM UTC
Wisconsin Football
‼️TOUCHDOWN, WISCONSIN‼️ @GrahamMertz5 airs one out and finds @chimdk11 in stride for the 49-yard touchdown pass! #OnWisconsin » #Badgers @BadgerFootball's photo on Badgers
21 Nov, 09:07 PM UTC
Brian May's Save Me
Badgers culled is to date is 102,334. Bovine Tb is still as prevalent in the herd as it was prior to culling starting in 2013. #teambadger #wakeupdefra We are calling for an audit Sign and share our petition here:
21 Nov, 10:00 PM UTC
Scary Alvarez
🎵 Hello darkness my old friend I've come to talk with you again 🎵 #Badgers
21 Nov, 11:35 PM UTC
Dave Revsine
2 crazy stats out of Northwestern win. They have been the underdog 27 straight times vs. Wisconsin and won 13 of the games outright. NU has now beaten UW 4x since the East-West split (4-3). The other 5 West teams combined have beaten the Badgers 3x (3-28).
22 Nov, 01:03 AM UTC
🦃Bucky’s 5th Quarter🦃
After the Badgers game can we even take joy in Rutgers taking a first quarter lead on Michigan.........yes.
22 Nov, 01:09 AM UTC
Scary Alvarez
Let it not be lost in wake of that shitshow just how game-changingly atrocious the refs were It was an appalling display #Badgers
22 Nov, 01:19 AM UTC
Benjamin Worgull
Graham Mertz: Northwestern is a great veteran defense. They knew what was coming with our progressions. Obviously something I love to get back but take it as a learning experience and hope to grow from it. #Badgers
22 Nov, 01:02 AM UTC
Ron Clements
#Wisconsin should not concede this loss. Challenge the officiating and turnovers in court. The #Badgers won the game. Clearly. #Northwestern had fraudulent players and coaches and the #B1G officiating was rigged.
21 Nov, 11:55 PM UTC
LHS Badger Tracks
About an hour and a half from kickoff for the Area championship and round 2 of state playoffs. Badgers 🦡 vs Buccaneers 🏴‍☠️ at 8pm in San Antonio! Let’s go Badgers 🦡! #txhsfb #txhsfbplayoffs Photo by @AdamArt93869707
22 Nov, 12:29 AM UTC
Doomy McSludge
Stole this but it’s 1000% accurate. Every. Single. Year. #Badgers
22 Nov, 12:13 AM UTC
Andrew Fenichel
Northwestern has the best defense in college football. They just held Wisconsin to 7 points after the Badgers came in averaging 47ppg. The secondary dominated the first half, the DLine dominated the 2nd half. No further questions.
22 Nov, 12:09 AM UTC
Evan Flood
Notes: Despite Saturday's loss, the #Badgers defense continues to shine. @Evan_Flood's photo on Badgers
22 Nov, 01:10 AM UTC
@SparkyRadio @GaryEllerson Badgers 2021 Football Schedule (H)Penn State- W (H)Eastern Michigan-W (N)Notre Dame-W (H) Michigan-W (A) Minnesota-W (H) Army-W (A) Illinois-W (H) Northwestern-W (A) Rutgers-W (H) Purdue-W (A) Nebraska-W (H) Iowa-W This is setting up to be either run the table or 1 loss season
22 Nov, 12:25 AM UTC
Northwestern suffocates Wisconsin offense in 17-7 win:
22 Nov, 12:16 AM UTC
George Balekji
#Badgers linebacker Jack Sanborn "Now we just gotta come together as a team and we can't let Northwestern this week beat us again next week. We got a big game next week for the axe." @GeorgeBalekji's photo on Badgers
22 Nov, 01:14 AM UTC
George Balekji
#Badgers Graham Mertz on the team's focus moving forward "I'm excited to see where this team takes the next step. It's going to be a great team from this point on. We're gonna go get the axe. We're gonna keep the axe." @GeorgeBalekji's photo on Badgers
22 Nov, 01:09 AM UTC
FOX 32 News
Peyton Ramsey threw two touchdowns to lead the Northwestern Wildcats to a 17-7 victory over the Wisconsin Badgers.​
22 Nov, 01:25 AM UTC
Dave Heller
The #Badgers never got into the red zone on a drive.
22 Nov, 01:20 AM UTC
Trevor Homan
Northwestern didn't upset the Badgers at home like they always do did they? I. Am. Shocked.
22 Nov, 01:06 AM UTC
The 10th-ranked University of Wisconsin football team struggled to find offensive consistency Saturday as the 19th-ranked Northwestern Wildcats emerged as the final undefeated Big Ten West Division team with a 17-7 victory at Ryan Field in Evanston,...
22 Nov, 01:07 AM UTC
The hell happen to the Badgers today???
22 Nov, 01:20 AM UTC
Tyler Hodgson
@Messerli_Bryce @IKE_Badgers We have a young qb who needs to have these games to grow. Our best rb is a true freshman. It's VERY hard to win in Evanston. This northwestern team has a good chance of going undefeated this year. Were okay, and shouldn't overreact over one poor performance.
22 Nov, 01:20 AM UTC
Phillip David Void
@LucasAtLarge I could find 2 wr down at the park that would be more of a threat than badgers wr other than Dike. Pathetic. Fitzgerald owns Chryst. Plain and simple.
22 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Mark Jacobs
Two great defenses. Great game to watch! Still love the Badgers
22 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
Chris Janusek
@TheBadgerNation Berger needs the majority of snaps. He is the Badgers future. Dike too.
22 Nov, 01:12 AM UTC
at least drake and josh doesn’t break my heart like the Badgers did today
22 Nov, 01:05 AM UTC
100 more yards, 5 more first downs, and 14 mins more time of possession... and a 10 pt loss. #badgers
22 Nov, 01:05 AM UTC

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